Windsor Park (Dominica)

Windsor Park


Town: Roseau

Capacity: 12000

Team: Dominica National Cricket Team

Field Size: 165 x 137 Metres

Windsor Park, situated in the capital city of Roseau, Dominica, is a multifaceted sporting facility that has evolved into a pivotal destination for cricket within the Caribbean region. The commencement of this stadium in the early 21st century marked a significant and favorable expansion to the West Indies’ array of cricketing arenas, as it accommodates Tests, One Day Internationals, and Twenty20 matches.

The stadium exemplifies a fusion of contemporary architectural elements and cultural artistic features, encapsulating the distinctive Caribbean essence that permeates West Indian cricket. The aesthetically pleasing environment and incredibly adaptable amenities establish a captivating and animated ambiance that captures the interest of both players and enthusiasts.

The subsequent sections of this scholarly article will examine various facets of Windsor Park, encompassing its development, architectural intricacies, and the notable cricketing occurrences that have transpired on its premises. By means of a thought-provoking analysis, this investigation will unveil the significance of Windsor Park in bolstering Dominica’s athletic terrain and its contribution to the wider fabric of cricket culture in the Caribbean, where the sport transcends mere recreation and becomes an integral part of daily existence.

Windsor Park (Dominica) History

The aforementioned geographical location known as Windsor Park, situated on the eastern region of Roseau in Dominica, was christened in deference to its English namesake, Windsor, located in the United Kingdom. The terrain bears historical significance due to its genesis from a prior waste disposal site called Cow Town. Before its conversion into a cricket stadium, Windsor Park served as a favored site for diverse sporting events, carnival gatherings, horse and donkey races, state parades, and constituted a pivotal entity in the social life of the island.

In the year 1999, blueprints were established for the development of a national stadium at the designated location. Nonetheless, subsequent to the dismantlement of pre-existing stands and adjacent edifices, encompassing a previous educational institution that was formerly employed as a facility for patients under the care of the Roseau Hospital, the venture was terminated, resulting in the location remaining vacant until 2005.

The construction of the new stadium commenced on March 23, 2005, which notably aligned with the first anniversary of diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and Dominica. The establishment of a stadium in Dominica was among the “Four Pillar Projects” pledged by China as an element of a memorandum of understanding agreed upon during the initiation of diplomatic relations between the two nations. The government of China bestowed upon Dominica a stadium valued at EC$33 million (equivalent to US$17 million or €12 million) as a gesture of philanthropy.

Following its construction on February 7th, 2007, the Windsor Park Stadium remained unused until May of the same year, thus precluding its use as a venue for any events associated with the Caribbean-based Cricket World Cup in 2007. On 23 March, the formal transition of power from Chinese officials to Dominica took place, which notably aligned with the celebratory occasion of the third anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two nations. On 24 October 2007, the inaugural ceremony of the national sport stadium at Windsor Park was conducted. The stadium’s inaugural occurrence was marked by the 11th edition of the renowned World Creole Music Festival (WCMF), which transpired from October 25 to October 27.

Windsor Park Records

The Windsor Park stadium has served as the site for numerous cricket matches of diverse formats, comprising One Day Internationals (ODIs), Twenty20s (T20s), and Ten Overs (T10s). The terrain has borne witness to exceptional feats while establishing multiple benchmarks. In the context of One Day International (ODI) cricket, it has been observed that the pinnacle team score attained at Windsor Park amounts to 304 runs. By contrast, the minimum score recorded at this venue stands at 157 runs. Within the context of T20 cricket matches, the maximum team score achieved is presently established at 194 runs, while the minimum score garnered is presently documented at 129 runs. Furthermore, it has been observed that in T10 matches, the utmost team score recorded is 153 runs, whereas the minimal score attained is restricted to 48 runs. The aforementioned records serve to underscore the dynamic and competitive essence that characterizes the game of cricket as it is played at Windsor Park.

Windsor Park T20 records

Windsor Park has played host to three T20 matches, wherein the team batting first emerged victorious in two instances, whilst the chasing team won one match. During the aforementioned matches, a cumulative sum of 891 runs was recorded from 673 deliveries, leading to an arithmetic mean of 297. 00 runs per contest and a strike rate of 132. At Windsor Park, the pinnacle team score attained in a Twenty20 cricket match is 193 runs, whereas the nadir score totals to 117 runs.

At Windsor Park, a total of 99 boundaries have been struck, encompassing 39 sixes and 60 fours. The examination of scores indicates the presence of three occurrences where teams achieved a score in the range of 100 to 149 runs, alongside three instances of scores ranging between 150 and 199 runs. Nevertheless, it was noted that no scores reaching 200 or above were documented at Windsor Park.

Regarding wicket analysis, a multitude of methods were employed to terminate the innings of batsmen at Windsor Park. There were a total of 2 dismissals due to leg before wicket, 8 due to being bowled, 26 from being caught, and 3 resulting from run-outs.

The bowlers exhibited noteworthy competence with a strike rate of 17. 25, and demonstrated proficiency with an average of 22. 84 In terms of bowling statistics, it was observed that the total number of wickets taken amounted to 36, with a distribution of 17 and 19 for left-arm and right-arm bowlers, respectively. The present study reports that the cohort of left-arm bowlers attained a total of 17 wickets, comprising 14 wickets as fast-medium bowlers, 1 wicket as a medium bowler, and 2 wickets as slow bowlers. Conversely, right-arm bowlers were able to attain a single wicket as a fast bowler, five wickets as fast-medium bowlers, an additional five wickets as medium bowlers, and a notable eight wickets as slow bowlers.

The proficiency of the bowlers was evident in their ability to dismiss numerous batsmen during matches played at Windsor Park. Of those dismissed, 29 batsmen batted with their right hand, while 10 batted with their left. In the subset of right-handed batsmen, one player was dismissed through lbw, five players through being bowled, and twenty players through catches. The data gathered from the reviewed matches indicated that among the left-handed batsmen, there were one instance of dismissal due to leg before wicket (lbw), three cases of bowled dismissal, and six instances of dismissals attributed to catches.

The fielding performance exhibited at Windsor Park encompassed the securing of 26 catches, executing one direct throw leading to a run-out, and making two throws resulting in run-outs. However, no instances of stumpings were noted.

Windsor Park ODI Records

The Windsor Park stadium orchestrated a total of four One Day International (ODI) matches. The initial batting team attained victory in two instances while the chasing team emerged victorious in two matches. In four One Day International (ODI) matches, comprising of both innings runs, a total of 1978 runs were scored against 2268 delivered balls. The average runs scored per match stands at 494. 50 and the strike rate is recorded at 87. These statistical measures are indicative of the performance of the teams in the four ODI matches. The highest recorded score in One Day International (ODI) cricket at Windsor Park is 304, while the lowest score is 157. There are a total of 113 boundaries scored on Windsor Park, consisting of 17 sixes and 96 fours. The score analysis conducted on the cricket ground at Windsor Park revealed that within the observed sample, scores ranging from 100 to 149 Runs were not achieved at all. However, scores falling within the range of 150 to 199 Runs were observed twice, as were scores within the ranges of 200 to 249 Runs and 250 to 299 Runs. Further, the observed scores between 300 to 349 Runs and 350 to 399 Runs were both recorded twice. Scores exceeding 399 Runs were not observed within the sample. The analysis of the batsman’s performance at Windsor Park reveals that they were dismissed from play through the mode of lbw on 5 occasions, bowled out 10 times, stumped out once, caught out 21 times, and accounted for in run outs on 4 occasions. On Windsor Park, the total wickets taken by left arm bowlers are 12 and those taken by right arm bowlers are 25. The analysis of the left arm wicket taker reveals that on Windsor Park, the fast bowler claimed no wickets, while the fast-medium bowler secured four wickets. Likewise, the medium bowler did not achieve any wickets, whereas the slow bowler managed to claim eight wickets. The present analysis of the performance of left-arm bowlers in taking wickets of batsmen at Windsor Park reveals that the mode of dismissal predominantly observed was lbw, accounting for a total of four wickets. Additionally, four wickets were taken via the bowled method, while stumped method resulted in a single wicket, and three wickets were taken by means of catching the batsman. The statistical analysis of wickets taken by the right-arm bowlers showcases a notable distribution on Windsor Park. Specifically, the fast bowler secured 7 wickets, the fast-medium bowler claimed 8 wickets, the medium bowler earned 4 wickets, while the slow bowler procured 6 wickets. The analysis of wicket-taking events of batsmen by right-arm bowlers in Windsor Park reveals that the recorded instances are as follows: lbw accounted for one wicket, bowled accounted for six wickets, stumped accounted for zero wickets, and caught accounted for 18 wickets.

During the course of four One Day International (ODI) matches, the bowlers were able to amass a total of 70 wickets at Windsor Park. The strike rate for these successful bowling efforts was measured at 37. 18, while the average wicket-taking rate reached 32. 42 At Windsor Park, a total of 26 batters who exhibit right-handedness and 15 batters with left-handedness succumbed to the bowler’s skills. According to the ODI outtype analysis, the right-handed batsman was recorded as having been dismissed via LBW three times, bowled on eight occasions, stumped once, and caught 11 times, while playing at Windsor Park. The present study reveals that the left-handed batsman, during One-Day International (ODI) matches, has been dismissed through various modes such as Leg Before Wicket (LBW) on two occasions, being bowled out twice and never being stumped, whereas he was caught out ten times at Windsor Park.

The fielding analysis of the team reveals that a total of twenty-one catches were made, one stumping occurred, and three instances of direct throw (run out) were recorded, along with one instance of run out through throw on Windsor Park.

Windsor Park T10 Records

Windsor Park has served as the venue for a cumulative total of sixty-four T10 matches, wherein the team batting first claimed victory in forty-one instances, while the team chasing the target emerged victorious in twenty-three matches. During the aforementioned matches, a combined total of 12,070 runs were tallied over 7,375 deliveries, equating to an average of 188. 59 runs per game and a strike rate of 163. 6 At Windsor Park, the pinnacle recorded team score attained in a T10 encounter stands at 153 runs, whereas the nadir score is noted at 48 runs.

The cricket stadium at Windsor Park has witnessed a total of 1,849 boundary hits, comprising 818 sixes and 1,031 fours. According to the analysis of scores, it was found that there were a total of 54 occasions on which teams scored between 100 and 149 runs, while no instances were recorded in the category of 150 to 199 runs or above.

Regarding the analysis of wickets at Windsor Park, it was observed that the batsmen were dismissed through diverse means. Furthermore, it should be noted that a total of 69 run-outs were registered.

The proficiency of the bowlers was demonstrated through the attainment of 70 wickets throughout the 64 T10 matches held at Windsor Park. The bowlers exhibited a notable strike rate of 12. 47 and a mean of 20. 42. Out of the total number of wickets, it is reported that left-arm bowlers took 42 wickets while the remaining 358 were taken by right-arm bowlers. The cohort of left-arm bowlers procured a total of 12 wickets while operating as fast-medium bowlers, and amassed a count of 30 wickets whilst executing their skills as medium bowlers. Conversely, right-arm bowling techniques have yielded a total of 29 wickets via the fast-medium approach, 317 wickets through the medium approach, and 12 wickets with the slow technique.

The efficacy of the bowlers was manifested through the dismissal of batsmen, as substantiated by the fact that 473 right-handed and 53 left-handed batsmen were dismissed at Windsor Park. In the cohort of right-handed batsmen, the mode of dismissal for 26 individuals was being adjudged leg before wicket (lbw), 117 individuals were dismissed by means of being bowled, 21 individuals were stumped, and 245 individuals were dismissed due to catches. Amongst the left-handed batsmen, there were a total of five dismissals based on leg before wicket (lbw), 17 dismissals based on being bowled out, and 31 dismissals based on catches.

The fielding display exhibited at Windsor Park comprised 308 catches, 24 stumpings, 22 instances of direct throw resulting in run-outs, and 47 instances of run-outs accomplished through throws.

Windsor Park Events

Windsor Park has played host to a plethora of unforgettable events throughout its past, thus effectively exhibiting the fervor and exhilaration surrounding cricket in Dominica. From international fixtures to domestic competitions, the arena has borne witness to exhilarating contests and notable displays of athleticism. The stadium’s designation as one of the ‘Four Pillar Projects’ by the People’s Republic of China has resulted in an enhanced stature as a leading cricket destination.

Windsor Park has emerged as a prominent locus of bustling activity, precipitating a flourishing congregation of cricket aficionados and admirers globally. The cricket ground has been the site of fiercely contested matches between the opposing teams, wherein the participants have engaged in an arduous struggle, aiming to emerge victorious on the revered playing surface. The accomplished feats and historic benchmarks established at Windsor Park serve as a demonstration of the aptitude and prowess possessed by the athletes who have had the privilege of playing on its grounds. The events that have taken place at Windsor Park, whether they involve high-scoring contests or tense finishes, have made a lasting impact on the cricketing history of Dominica.

Windsor Park Famous matches

The Windsor Park stadium has served as the venue for a plethora of noteworthy cricket matches, which have firmly entrenched themselves in the chronicles of the sport’s history. A notable instance entailed an exhilarating One Day International (ODI) contest marked by a historic pursuit, where the chasing side effectively overtook a daunting objective in a tension-filled climax. The interspersed event demonstrated the fortitude and tenacity of the athletes, presenting onlookers with a mesmerizing exhibition of proficiency and physical prowess.

During a notable T20 match that was conducted at Windsor Park, two dominant teams confronted each other in a thrilling encounter that extended until the final moments of the game. The game was characterized by remarkable displays of batting prowess, as a plethora of boundary shots inundated the field, arousing intense excitement among the spectators who were perched at the precipice of their seats. The formidable ambiance and exceptional cricketing prowess showcased on the field rendered the match an unforgettable affair, leaving an enduring impression for years to come.

The matches held at Windsor Park have gained recognition not only among avid cricketing enthusiasts, but also for the historical moments and impressive encounters between esteemed cricketing nations that have occurred at this venue. As such, this has served to reinforce the ground’s prominence and repute.


Windsor Park can be found in Roseau, the capital of Dominica, a Caribbean island country.
Windsor Park is mainly recognized as a versatile stadium. The venue welcomes various events of great importance such as cricket matches, football games, cultural festivities, concerts, and similar gatherings.
In October 2007, Windsor Park was inaugurated as a public space.
Windsor Park can accommodate around 12,000 individuals in its seating area.
Windsor Park serves a purpose beyond sports activities. This versatile venue facilitates a wide range of events, including cultural exhibitions, musical performances, and political assemblies, among various other activities.
Windsor Park has been the venue for numerous international events, particularly in the domain of cricket matches. In 2009, the hosting of its inaugural Test match was accomplished as West Indies played against Bangladesh. This place frequently hosts local soccer competitions.
Parking is offered at Windsor Park, but it could be restricted during significant occasions. It is recommended to either arrive ahead of time or think about using public transportation or taxi facilities.
There are typically food and drink vendors available at events with a diverse range of choices.


In summary, Windsor Park is deemed as a highly adaptable and multifaceted location situated within the central region of Roseau, the principal city of Dominica. This facility is not solely designated for athletic events; instead, it functions as a focal point of social, artistic, and civic pursuits, with the capability to house approximately 12,000 individuals. Since its establishment in 2007, Windsor Park has played host to a diverse array of both domestic and international events, with a particular emphasis on high-profile cricket and football matches. Parking facilities are accessible on the premises, although they can potentially become congested during significant activities. Hence, it is advised to explore alternative modes of transportation. During various events, sustenance and beverages are frequently provided to guarantee a gratifying encounter for attendees. Windsor Park stands as a testament to Dominica’s effervescent communal life and profound passion towards sports and cultural expression, rather than a mere stadium.

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