DY Patil Stadium (DY Patil Sports Stadium)

DY Patil Stadium


Town: Navi Mumbai

Capacity: 55000

Team: Pune Warriors India

Field Size: 80 x 80 meters

The DY Patil Stadium, alternatively referred to as the DY Patil Sports Stadium, holds a distinguished reputation as a versatile stadium situated in the suburban region of Nerul in Navi Mumbai, India. Named after the renowned scholar, Dr. Mr Patil, the pioneering proponent behind the establishment of D.Y institution, laid the foundation for the organization with an unwavering commitment towards academic excellence. The Patil Group is credited with the development of a state-of-the-art stadium which serves as a remarkable reflection of the nation’s burgeoning adoration for sports and its burgeoning emphasis on providing exceptional amenities to athletes and audience members alike. The stadium boasts an impressive seating capacity of 55,000, positioning it as one of the most noteworthy stadiums in India in terms of size. Since its inception, this venue has been utilized for a diverse array of events, spanning from cricket and football matches to musical performances and cultural festivals, thereby exemplifying the multifariousness of its design and utility.

The establishment is widely recognized for its cutting-edge amenities, comprising a superior playing field, training grounds, locker rooms, and broadcasting infrastructure. The facility is outfitted with a cantilever roof, which serves to optimize the spectator experience by providing an unobstructed view of the field from every seating location. The integration of contemporary technological advancements and architectural elements in the development of sports stadia has established innovative benchmarks in India, consequently paving the way for a surge in sports sector infrastructure advancements.

History of DY Patil Stadium

The origins of the DY Patil Stadium can be traced back to the onset of the 21st century, when the D. Y The Patil Group made the decision to embark upon the construction of a stadium of world-class standards with the primary objective of advancing the promotion of sports in India. The construction of the stadium, spanning from 2005 to 2008, involved the expertise of Hafeez Contractor - a distinguished architect within India’s architectural community. The inauguration of the stadium occurred on the 4th of March, 2008, and was shortly followed by the staging of its maiden cricket match. This landmark event heralded a significant turning point in the annals of Indian sporting history.

Since its inception, the DY Patil Stadium has played host to a plethora of noteworthy events. The stadium was utilized as a venue during the 2008 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and was responsible for hosting the opening fixture featuring the Mumbai Indians and the Royal Challengers Bangalore. This globally-viewed occurrence served to establish the stadium’s international prominence. The stadium has subsequently evolved into a conventional venue for the Indian Premier League (IPL), wherein it accommodates a multitude of matches per season.

The DY Patil Stadium has served as a site for global soccer matches. The aforementioned location was designated as one of the six official sites for the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup that was conducted in India. It was granted the privilege of hosting the championship’s ultimate match. The aforesaid instance constitutes a pivotal point in the chronicles of the stadium, thus accentuating its proficiency in accommodating events bearing international prominence.

The historical narrative of the DY Patil Stadium extends beyond its sporting significance. Furthermore, the locality has accommodated numerous cultural gatherings and musical performances that exemplify its aptitude as an adaptable venue. The stadium has gained recognition as a distinguished entertainment hub in India, with the presence of celebrated international artists such as Hardwell and Armin van Buuren, who have drawn extensive audiences through their performances.

The history of the DY Patil Stadium is an account of persistent expansion and progress. The facility in question has undergone a transformative evolution, transitioning from a recently established entity within the realm of sports infrastructure to a highly esteemed and distinguished location in India. The stadium’s imminent contribution to India’s athletic and cultural realm is poised to heighten, as it accommodates an eclectic assortment of events.

DY Patil Stadium Records

The DY Patil Sports Stadium, officially recognized as the DY Patil Stadium, has played host to a multitude of noteworthy cricket matches, with several unprecedented records being established at its premises. The aforementioned edifice, serving a multitude of functions and situated in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, was crafted by the esteemed architect Hafeez Contractor and ceremoniously opened on March 4th, 2008. In addition to cricket, the venue has facilitated numerous sporting events, such as the Indian Super League and the FIFA U-17 World Cup, in addition to presenting performances by esteemed artists such as Rahman, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and U2.

DY Patil Stadium T20 Records

The DY Patil Stadium has witnessed the establishment of numerous noteworthy records in the T20 format. The recorded highest team total to date in the Indian T20 League 2022 was achieved by Team Chennai at a remarkable score of 216/4 against Bangalore. The aforementioned achievement may be attributed predominantly to the prodigious performances of Shivam Dube and Robin Uthappa, with the latter registering an impressive score of 88 runs off a mere 50 deliveries while the former exhibited an astonishing and undefeated innings of 95 runs off 46 balls.

On the other hand, Team Deccan had registered the minimum total at the DY Patil Stadium of only 82 runs during an Indian T20 League play-off confrontation against Team Bangalore in 2010, resulting in their dismissal. Anil Kumble, the leg-spinner representing Team Bangalore, played an instrumental role in attaining this achievement, as he secured an impressive four wickets for a total of 16 runs across 3. 3 overs

The most exceptional figures in T20 cricket at the said stadium have been achieved by Jasprit Bumrah, the fast bowler representing Mumbai, as he secured a record of five wickets while conceding a meager ten runs during a league match contested against Team Kolkata in the year 2022. Despite displaying an impressive performance, the team from Mumbai ultimately suffered a defeat in the match, losing by a deficit of 52 runs.

In April of 2022, a notable achievement was witnessed at the stadium in the form of the breaking of the record for the highest partnership. This achievement was accomplished by Robin Uthappa and Shivam Dube from Chennai. The pair collaborated to produce 165 runs in a mere 74 balls, with Uthappa amassing 73 runs and Dube adding 80 runs to the team’s score, as per the 13th cited reference. Regarding individual performance, Robin Uthappa, a former player of Team Mumbai, has achieved the highest number of runs at the stadium, accumulating a total of 359 runs (source: 14). In terms of bowling statistics, Dwayne Bravo, the all-round cricketer hailing from the West Indies, currently holds the record for the highest number of wickets taken. His tally amounts to nine wickets, which he has acquired at a commendable economy of 9. 57 and an impressive strike rate of 15. 11

DY Patil Stadium IPL Records

With a particular focus on the Indian Premier League (IPL), the DY Patil Stadium recorded the highest team total of 216 runs in a match between Team Chennai and Team Bangalore in 2022. In contrast, the minimum cumulative score achieved by a team during an IPL match at this location stood at 82 runs, an accolade possessed by the Deccan Chargers in their encounter with Team Bangalore in the year 2010.

Robin Uthappa presently holds the distinction of being the primary run-scorer in IPL matches conducted at the DY Patil Stadium, having accumulated a cumulative tally of 359 runs. The player at the forefront of the batting statistics is trailed by noteworthy performers such as JC Buttler, who has accumulated a total of 228 runs, followed closely by M Marsh with 225 runs. Q de Kock and Yuvraj Singh have exhibited a similar level of performance, both accumulating a net total of 224 runs. Within the sphere of cricket bowling, DJ Bravo is distinguished for having obtained the highest number of wickets captured at the stadium during Indian Premier League (IPL) encounters, manifesting as a grand total of nine wickets. SL Malinga, DE Bollinger, T Southee, and JJ Bumrah have accumulated a total of eight wickets each.

The DY Patil Stadium has witnessed the attainment of the highest individual score in an IPL match, credited to Q de Kock. In the year 2022, de Kock impressively accumulated an undefeated tally of 140 runs off 70 deliveries against Kolkata Knight Riders. The subsequent achievements of AC Gilchrist’s unbeaten 109 off 47 balls against Mumbai Indians in 2008, and JC Buttler’s 100 off 62 balls against Mumbai Indians in 2022, are noteworthy instances within the realm of cricket.

With regards to bowling displays, Jasprit Bumrah has exhibited the most remarkable figures at the DY Patil Stadium during an IPL encounter, having claimed 5 wickets for a paltry 10 runs against the Kolkata Knight Riders in 2022. AD Russell admirably displayed his exceptional bowling skills, achieving an impressive record of 4 wickets for a mere 5 runs against the Gujarat Titans in 2022. Notably, DE Bollinger and A Kumble also demonstrated their prowess on the cricket pitch, recording remarkable figures of 4 wickets for 13 runs and 4 wickets for 16 runs, respectively, in a match against the Deccan Chargers in 2010.

The DY Patil Stadium boasts a noteworthy past of accommodating Indian Premier League (IPL) matches, as it acted as the home ground for Mumbai Indians in 2008 and 2010, and for Pune Warriors in 2011 during the IPL season. Remarkably, it served as the site for the initial Indian Premier League championship match in the year 2008. After a period of dormancy spanning ten years, the stadium has been chosen as one of the four impartial locations for the 2022 Indian Premier League (IPL) campaign.

DY Patil Stadium ODI Records

Located in Maharashtra’s Navi Mumbai, the DY Patil Stadium serves as a versatile sporting arena with multiple uses. The architectural design of the establishment was developed by Hafeez Contractor. It was officially inaugurated on March 4, 2008, and its seating capacity exceeds 55,000 individuals. Whilst the stadium has predominantly served as a venue for T20 cricket fixtures, specifically during the Indian Premier League (IPL), it has also played host to One Day International (ODI) cricket matches.

The DY Patil Stadium has achieved a noteworthy milestone by serving as the venue for the inaugural One Day International match between India and England. However, pertinent information regarding the said match, including the date, score, and noteworthy performances, remains elusive. It is pertinent to acknowledge that the stadium has played a pivotal role in hosting noteworthy cricket events, notably the Indian T20 League finals in 2008 and 2010. This indicates the stadium’s capacity and appropriateness for accommodating noteworthy cricket matches, such as One Day International (ODI) games.

In the year 2023, the DY Patil Stadium served as a venue for the ICC Cricket World Cup. This occurrence constituted a notable accomplishment in the annals of the stadium, as it further solidified its status as a preeminent destination for noteworthy cricket contests. The precise details pertaining to the matches and records established during the World Cup event that took place at the DY Patil Stadium are not immediately accessible. However, it is noteworthy that this stadium was designated as one of the venues for this global cricket tournament, thus underscoring its stature and significance within the realm of cricket.

DY Patil Stadium Matches

The DY Patil Stadium, alternatively referred to as DY Patil Sports Stadium, is a versatile facility situated in the city of Navi Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. It was ceremonially unveiled for public use on March 4, 2008. The aforementioned grandiose stadium was created and constructed by Hafeez Contractor, an acclaimed architect, and boasts an impressive spectator capacity of 55,000.

Apart from cricket, the DY Patil Stadium has also been a venue for football matches. The subject facility served as the official stadium for the Indian Super League franchise known as Mumbai City FC, and also notably served as the venue for the championship match of the inaugural iteration of the Indian Super League. Furthermore, the stadium has been selected as the designated location for hosting the highly esteemed 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup, and is also slated to be the culminating site of the anticipated 2022 FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup.

The DY Patil Stadium has also played host to diverse non-sporting events. Over time, this venue has been graced with the presence of distinguished musicians, such as the esteemed musician A. R Rahman, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and U2 have demonstrated the stadium’s adaptability in hosting diverse events, as evidenced by their respective public performances in the venue.


DY Patil Stadium is located in Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
The stadium has a seating capacity of 55,000.
Pune Warriors India is the home team at DY Patil Stadium.
DY Patil Stadium was inaugurated on March 4, 2008.
The stadium was designed by the architect Hafeez Contractor.
DY Patil Stadium has hosted various events, including cricket matches, football matches, musical performances, cultural festivals, and the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup.
In T20 cricket, the highest team total was achieved by Team Chennai with 216/4, and the lowest team total was 82 runs by Team Deccan. Individual records include Robin Uthappa as the highest run-scorer and Jasprit Bumrah with the best bowling figures.
Yes, DY Patil Stadium has hosted Indian Premier League (IPL) matches, including being the home ground for Mumbai Indians in 2008 and 2010, and for Pune Warriors in 2011.
Yes, DY Patil Stadium has hosted ODI matches, including the inaugural ODI match between India and England. The details of that match are not readily available.


In light of the evidence presented, it can be deduced that the DY Patil Stadium, colloquially referred to as DY Patil Sports Stadium, is a salient and significant quota within the realm of athletics, particularly regarding cricket. The present multi-purpose stadium situated in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra was conceptualized and designed by the renowned architect Hafeez Contractor, and ceremoniously unveiled on the 4th of March, 2008. Ever since its inception, this establishment has garnered a reputation as a favored site for significant cricketing occasions.

The sports venue under consideration possesses a seating capacity of 55,000, thereby rendering it one of the most voluminous stadiums in India. The Wankhede Stadium gained international recognition upon hosting the inaugural Indian T20 League in 2008, with the Mumbai Indians utilizing it as their home venue. The premises of the venue have previously served as the concluding stage for the Indian T20 League tournaments in the years 2008 and 2010.

Regarding records, the DY Patil Stadium has borne witness to a multitude of noteworthy performances. During the Indian T20 League of 2022, the highest T20 team total of 216/4 against Bangalore was achieved by Team Chennai at a specific venue. Notably, this feat was largely attributed to the pivotal contributions made by Robin Uthappa and Shivam Dube. Conversely, in a playoff match of the Indian T20 League held in 2010, Team Deccan succumbed to a dismal performance, manifesting as the lowest team total of 82 runs at the current ground, with the opposing Team Bangalore claiming victory through an effective bowling attack.

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