Karen Rolton Oval

Karen Rolton Oval


Town: Adelaide

Capacity: 5000

Team: Australian Cricket Academy

Field Size: No Available Data

Karen Rolton Oval, arranged in Adelaide, South Australia, stands as a image of both innovation and respect to one of Australia’s cricketing legends, Karen Rolton. Named after the previous captain of the Australian women’s cricket group, the stadium encapsulates a modern period of acknowledgment and improvement for women’s cricket in Australia and past.

Built up as a critical cricketing scene, Karen Rolton Oval serves as a center for both state-level and worldwide matches. With top-tier offices outlined to cater to the requirements of players and onlookers alike, the oval is significant of a commitment to greatness and the development of cricket. Its part in sustaining ability and facilitating crucial matches includes to its reputation as a point of interest within the Australian cricketing scene.

The resulting points of interest of this article will investigate the different measurements of Karen Rolton Oval, from its beginning and plan to the occasions and points of reference that have molded its character. The story will reveal the subtleties that make the stadium a uncommon put in cricket, reflecting not as it were the bequest of its namesake but too the dynamic future of the wear within the locale.

Karen Rolton Oval History

The Karen Rolton Oval, which pays homage to one of Australia’s highly acclaimed female cricketers, Karen Rolton, is a cricket field situated in Adelaide, South Australia. This site occupies a distinctive position in the chronicles of Australian cricket owing to its linkage with women’s cricket, a sports discipline that has frequently been relegated to the periphery in domains conventionally dominated by male athletes.

The Oval is located in the eastern region of Park 25 of the Adelaide Park Lands, in close proximity to the intersection of West Terrace and Port Road. Of note, it is directly opposite the recently constructed Royal Adelaide Hospital. The strategic positioning of the facility avails it the advantage of easy accessibility, rendering it a preeminent sports venue in the metropolis.

The historical legacy of The Oval is comparatively recent when juxtaposed with other enduring cricket venues in Australia. The infrastructure has been developed with the intention of playing cricket matches whilst also providing exceptional amenities for both participants and onlookers.

One of the noteworthy events in the history of the Oval was the staging of a Women’s One Day International (WODI) cricket match on 24th February 2019 featuring Australia and New Zealand. A crowd of cricket enthusiasts densely populated the pitch, bearing witness to a riveting match played between two fierce competitors, thus highlighting the burgeoning prominence of women’s cricket.

Following the successful hosting of the Women’s One Day International (WODI), the Karen Rolton Oval achieved yet another significant milestone. On the dates of March 20th to March 23rd, 2019, the inaugural first-class cricket match was held at a specific location. The match was contested between South Australia and Victoria in the culminating phase, signifying the final round of the 2018-2019 Sheffield Shield season. Hosting a premier cricket match provided tangible evidence of the venue’s capacity to accommodate top-tier cricket, thus emphasizing its pivotal contribution to the advancement and cultivation of the sport in the locale.

Henceforth, the Karen Rolton Oval has sustained its reputation as a bustling and renowned site for cricket contests. The history of The Oval, while succinct, is imbued with fervor and unwavering dedication to the sport of cricket. The aforementioned assertion manifests itself through the example of Karen Rolton, who enjoyed a distinguished career in the field of international cricket. The Oval holds great significance in terms of its representation of progress made in the domain of women’s cricket, along with being a vital element of the historic cricketing legacy of South Australia. Karen Rolton Oval remains a prominent cricket venue in the state of South Australia. The historiography of this subject is in a state of ongoing development, and it is highly likely that it will continue to serve as the venue for numerous noteworthy sporting events in the coming years.

Karen Rolton Oval Records

The Karen Rolton Oval, which is named after the esteemed Australian cricketer Karen Rolton, has established itself as a prominent arena for women’s cricket in Australia. Located in Adelaide, South Australia, this cricket venue has served as a noteworthy setting for numerous noteworthy matches, encompassing Women’s One Day Internationals (WODIs), Women’s Twenty20 Internationals (WT20Is), and Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) fixtures.

Karen Rolton Oval has witnessed a myriad of exceptional performances, ranging from teams amassing remarkable scores to bowlers delivering outstanding displays and fielders executing breathtaking catches on its verdant expanse, amidst enthusiastic crowds. The Oval has served as a venue for numerous exhilarating chases and tense finishes, thereby contributing to its illustrious chronicles.

In the present discourse, we undertake an in-depth exploration of the notable achievements that have been established at Karen Rolton Oval. Our analysis will encompass a wide range of statistical data, including, but not limited to, the scoring patterns, wicket distribution, fielding performances, and additional relevant metrics. The aforementioned data points not only serve to illustrate the crucial significance of the ground in the history of women’s cricket but also offer an all-encompassing perspective on the performances of various teams and players at this location across time. The Oval has borne witness to a multitude of remarkable moments, from the utmost pinnacle of outstanding performances to the nadir of excruciatingly low scores. In the following exposition, we shall endeavor to uncover and elucidate these notable occurrences.

Karen Rolton Oval WODI Records

The Karen Rolton Oval has served as the venue for two Women’s One Day International (WODI) matches, wherein the team that batted first emerged victorious in both instances. Across the aforementioned matches, the cumulative sum of runs tallied reached a count of 870, achieved through the delivery of 1093 balls. The statistical mean of runs scored per match is calculated to be 435, while the strike rate, a measure of the ability of a batsman to score runs per balls faced, is determined to be 79. The maximum score achieved in a Women’s One-Day International game at this venue is documented as 266, whereas the minimum score is stated as 152. The collection of offensive strokes during the match amounted to a total of 88, encompassing 7 shots attributed as sixes and 81 designated as fours.

The distribution of scores is as follows: there were no scores recorded between the range of 100 to 149, a solitary score within the range of 150 to 199, two scores within the range of 200 to 249, one score recorded within the range of 250 to 299, and no scores exceeding 300.

The present investigation entails a thorough analysis of the modes of dismissal in a particular cricket match, wherein 9 batsmen were adjudged out by means of Leg Before Wicket (LBW), 5 were bowled, 1 was stumped, 19 were caught, and 2 were run-out. Both left-arm and right-arm bowlers were responsible for taking the wickets, with the right-arm bowlers claiming a notable majority of 26 wickets while the left-arm bowlers secured merely 6 wickets.

An analysis of the left-arm bowlers reveals that the slow bowlers were responsible for the capture of 5 wickets, while the medium pace bowlers accounted for only 1. The batsmen were dismissed through two instances of leg-before-wicket, one instance of being bowled, and three instances of being caught. In contrast, the right-arm bowlers exhibited a broad distribution of their wickets amongst fast-medium (8), medium (8), and slow bowlers (10). The aforementioned individuals asserted their acquisition of wickets by means of six leg before wicket (LBW) decisions, four bowled dismissals, a sole stumping, and a tally of fifteen successful catches.

During the two Women’s One Day International (WODI) matches held at Karen Rolton Oval, an aggregate of 70 wickets were taken by the bowlers, exhibiting a remarkable strike rate of 30. 36 and a commendable average of 24. Out of the total number of dismissed batsmen, 31 were identified as right-handed, while only 5 were categorized as left-handed. The eliminations of right-handed batsmen were accomplished through 8 leg before wicket decisions, 5 bowled dismissals, 1 stumping, and 16 catches. The group of left-handed batsmen were subjected to dismissals comprising of 1 leg before wicket and 3 catches.

With regards to fielding, the team was able to secure a total of 19 catches, one stumping, and two run-outs through direct throws.

Karen Rolton Oval WBBL Records

The Karen Rolton Oval has been the venue for 24 Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) matches. Of the total number of matches played, 23 in all, the team that batted first emerged victorious in 14 of them, whereas the team that chased was able to secure a win in 9 matches. In the context of all applicable games, a grand total of 6886 runs were successfully scored from a total of 5312 balls, thereby resulting in an average runs per match of 286. 91 and a strike rate of 129. 6 The maximum score registered in a WBBL contest held at this location is 207, whereas the minimum tally is a paltry 21. A cumulative count of 861 boundary hits has been recorded, comprising of 137 occurrences of six runs scored and 724 instances of four runs scored.

The scoring records reveal that there are twenty-one documented instances of scores falling between the range of 100 to 149, while twenty-two instances of such scores were recorded in the range of 150 to 199. Furthermore, there exists only one documented instance of a score falling within the range of 200 to 249. As per available records, no instances of scores exceeding 250 have been documented.

The manner in which the batsmen were dismissed encompassed a range of modes: specifically, 17 legal dismissals due to leg before wicket (LBW), 46 bowled dismissals, 17 stumpings, 154 catches, and 29 run-outs. The analysis indicated that the right-arm bowlers displayed a dominant performance by securing 209 wickets, whereas the left-arm bowlers recorded a comparatively lower tally of 20 wickets.

The distribution of wickets among left-arm bowlers is as follows: one wicket has been taken by a fast-medium bowler, two by medium bowlers, and 17 by slow bowlers. The termination of their innings was achieved through three leg before wicket (LBW) decisions, four instances of being bowled out, one stumping, and a total of twelve catches. The findings indicate that among right-arm bowlers, fast-medium bowlers accounted for 43 wickets, medium bowlers for 100 wickets, while slow bowlers claimed 66 wickets. The dismissal of their team members transpired via 14 leg before wicket rulings, 42 deliveries hitting the stumps, 16 stumpings, and 137 catches.

The text creates an initial impression that the number of wickets taken in 24 WBBL matches at Karen Rolton Oval amounts to 70. However, upon closer scrutiny of the detailed description, it becomes apparent that the actual figure is greater than the one initially suggested. This highlights the importance of thoroughly examining the available information before arriving at conclusions. The statistical analysis reveals that the bowlers achieved a strike rate of 20. 19 and an average of 26. 18, resulting in the dismissal of 230 right-handed batsmen and 33 left-handed batsmen. The analysis of dismissals for cricket players who are right-handed revealed 15 instances of dismissal by way of Leg Before Wicket (LBW), 43 instances of bowled, 15 instances of stumpings, and 133 instances of catches. Comparatively, left-handed players were dismissed through 2 instances of LBWs, 3 instances of bowled, 2 instances of stumpings, and 21 instances of catches.

Regarding the facet of fielding, a total of 154 catches, 17 stumpings, 14 run-outs executed through direct throws, and 15 run-outs achieved through throws have been recorded.

Karen Rolton Oval WT20 Records

Karen Rolton Oval has functioned as the venue for a total of five Women’s Twenty20 (WT20) matches. Throughout the observed games, the victorious team batting first prevailed on two occasions, whereas the team in pursuit claimed triumph in three instances. Throughout the course of these matches, a cumulative total of 1370 runs were tallied from 1140 individual deliveries. This resulted in an average score of 274 per match and a strike rate of 120. The Oval has registered a maximum score of 194 and a minimum score of 105 in the context of the World Twenty20 tournament. This information is of academic significance due to its value in the analysis and evaluation of cricket matches held at this venue during this competition. Throughout the aforementioned matches, a cumulative sum of 167 boundaries was achieved, consisting of 144 instances of four runs and 23 occurrences of the maximum six runs.

With regards to scoring, the data was distributed as presented: there were eight occurrences of scores ranging from 100 to 149, two occurrences between 150 to 199, and no occurrences of scores surpassing 200.

The eliminations of the batsmen were distributed among diverse modes of dismissal, namely, 3 LBWs, 12 bowled, 1 stumping, 38 catches, and 5 run-outs. The data indicates that a significant portion (46) of the wickets taken were attributed to right-arm bowlers, whereas only a mere 8 wickets were taken by their left-arm counterparts.

The wickets of the left-arm bowlers were claimed by medium pace bowlers (two wickets) and slow pace bowlers (six wickets), who effectively dismissed the batsmen through a combination of three bowled and five catches. In contrast, right-arm bowlers exhibit a distribution of their wickets amongst fast-medium (10), medium (20), and slow bowlers (16). Such a phenomenon may be presumed to have implications for tactical considerations within the game of cricket. The team successfully obtained wickets by means of three leg-before-wicket dismissals, nine bowled dismissals, one stumping, and thirty-three catches.

At Karen Rolton Oval, the quintet of WT20 matches witnessed 70 wickets being taken, resulting in a strike rate of 19. 32 and an average of 23. 22 Among the lineup of dismissed batsmen, it was observed that 52 possessed right-handed orientation while 7 held a left-handed characteristic. The dismissals of right-handed batsmen were comprised of three instances of leg before wicket (LBW), twelve cases of being bowled out, one instance of being stumped, and thirty-one catches. Conversely, left-handed batsmen were dismissed solely through seven catches.

Concerning the aspect of fielding, a total of 38 catches were executed, accompanied by a solitary stumping, and a sum of 5 run-outs were achieved through direct throws.

Karen Rolton Oval Events

The Karen Rolton Oval has served as a venue for various noteworthy cricket events. This establishment serves as a critical site for Women’s One Day Internationals (WODIs), Women’s Twenty20 Internationals (WT20Is), and Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) contests.

One of its noteworthy occurrences pertained to its inaugural hosting of a first-class match, which transpired from 20 to 23 March 2019, during the culminating phase of the 2018-19 Sheffield Shield season. The match featured a contest between South Australia and Victoria. On 24th February 2019, the Oval hosted a Women’s One Day International (WODI) encounter between Australia and New Zealand.

Moreover, the Oval has emerged as a customary feature in the Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) schedule, accommodating 24 matches thus far. Thus, it has played a pivotal part in endorsing and fostering women’s cricket within the country.

Karen Rolton Oval Famous matches

The Karen Rolton Oval has been the host of numerous noteworthy matches throughout its historical timeline. Nevertheless, a select few games have made a lasting impression on the illustrious legacy of the subject matter at hand.

The women’s cricket match that took place on February 24, 2019 between Australia and New Zealand in the One Day International (WODI) format represents a prime example of such an occasion. The fervor, aptitude, and tenacity exhibited by the teams epitomized the competitive ethos of women’s cricket and contributed to the burgeoning repute of the Oval as a venue for high-stakes encounters.

A significant sporting event of note was the initial first-class match that was conducted at the Oval featuring South Australia and Victoria. This match was held from 20 to 23 March 2019, with the context of the 2018-2019 Sheffield Shield campaign. The magnitude of the contest, conjoined with the significance of the event, rendered it a noteworthy encounter in the annals of the Oval.

During the 24 Women’s Big Bash League matches that occurred on this particular occasion, a number of remarkably memorable encounters transpired, characterized by tense conclusions, exceptional individual displays, and outstanding collective performances. The aforementioned games made a substantial contribution to the proliferation and fervor pervading the Women’s Big Bash League and buttressed the stature of Karen Rolton Oval as a paramount cricketing site.

As the frequency of matches held at the Oval increases, it is highly likely that a multitude of enduring moments will be created in the forthcoming future.


The Karen Rolton Oval is named after Karen Rolton, a former Australian cricketer and one of the greatest female players in the history of cricket.
Karen Rolton Oval is located in Adelaide, South Australia, near the corner of West Terrace and Port Road, opposite the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.
Karen Rolton Oval hosts a variety of cricket matches, including Women's One Day Internationals (WODIs), Women's Twenty20 Internationals (WT20Is), and Women's Big Bash League (WBBL) matches. It also hosted its first first-class match in March 2019.
The first first-class match at the Karen Rolton Oval was held from 20 to 23 March 2019, during the final round of the 2018–19 Sheffield Shield season, with South Australia playing against Victoria.
As of June 2023, Karen Rolton Oval has hosted a total of 24 Women's Big Bash League (WBBL) matches.
The highest score recorded in a Women's Big Bash League match at Karen Rolton Oval is 207 runs.
The Karen Rolton Oval is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including a professional cricket pitch, practice nets, seating for spectators, changing rooms for players, and media facilities. Please check with the official site or local authorities for the most up-to-date information.


In conclusion, the Karen Rolton Oval, which is dedicated to the celebrated Australian cricket star Karen Rolton, represents a significant landmark in the region of Adelaide, located in South Australia. As an important location for women’s cricket, having hosted numerous Women’s One Day Internationals (WODIs), Women’s Twenty20 Internationals (WT20Is), and Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) matches, this ground has served as a platform for exceptional displays, record-setting achievements, and momentous occasions.

The extensive chronicle of memorable matches, outstanding individual achievements, and collective endeavors at The Oval serves as evidence for the flourishing nature of women’s cricket in the nation. Karen Rolton Oval remains an eminent landmark for players and spectators alike, owing to its contemporary amenities and evocative ambiance.

As the Oval continues to expand its prestigious legacy, we anticipate further captivating contests, awe-inspiring displays, and cricket that exudes exceptional caliber. The Karen Rolton Oval has left an enduring imprint on the fabric of cricket, bolstering the ethos of rivalry, fair play, and ardor for the sport.

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