Sylhet International Cricket Stadium (Sylhet District Stadium)

Sylhet International Cricket Stadium


Town: Sylhet

Capacity: 18500

Team: Sylhet Division

Field Size: 87 x 147 meters

The Sylhet International Cricket Stadium is a versatile infrastructure located in the city of Sylhet, Bangladesh. This stadium is renowned for its captivating aesthetics and superior infrastructure, rendering it a prominent destination for cricket enthusiasts in Bangladesh and neighboring regions. Erected in the midst of the mesmerizing verdure of Sylhet, the stadium confers a distinctive allure to the metropolis, frequently lauded for its tranquil atmosphere and scenic environs.

The arena exhibits remarkable amenities that cater to global benchmarks, encompassing a cutting-edge pavilion, expansive electronic scoreboards, and contemporary player facilities. With a seated capacity of approximately 18,500 individuals, it provides a lively ambiance throughout matches, thereby maximizing the overall cricketing encounter. The terrain is characterized by its meticulously tended grassy outfield and superior-quality surface that affords an equitable equilibrium between batsmen and bowlers, thereby intensifying the competitive and exhilarating nature of matches.

History of Sylhet International Cricket Stadium

The trajectory of the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium has been distinguished and noteworthy, symbolizing the fervor and fortitude of the Bangladeshi populace. The objective was to facilitate the development of cricket within the geographic locality and afford indigenous individuals possessing exceptional skills an opportunity to exhibit their prowess on a more expansive platform.

The construction project was initiated in the year 2008, wherein substantial financial support was provided by both governmental as well as private sponsors. Despite encountering several challenges, such as financial constraints and logistical obstacles, the project was accomplished with success in the year 2013, duly demonstrating the collective effort and unwavering perseverance of all the parties involved.

In November 2013, the inauguration of the stadium took place through a domestic league match, signifying a new era in the cricket history of Sylhet. In 2014, the inaugural international match was conducted, thus signifying its induction into the worldwide arena of cricket. Subsequently, the stadium has accommodated a plethora of notable cricket matches, inclusive of the ICC World T20 in 2014, thereby denoting its competency to facilitate significant global occasions.

The historical account of the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium serves as evidence of the escalating significance of cricket in Bangladesh and its capacity to cultivate sports-related infrastructure of superior global standards. The aforementioned entity serves as a emblem of satisfaction and honor for the inhabitants of Sylhet and persistently encourages forthcoming cohorts of sportsmen in the vicinity and beyond the nation’s borders.

Sylhet Stadium Records

The Sylhet International Cricket Stadium boasts a noteworthy inheritance of cricket matches, evident through a multitude of statistical accomplishments which validate the electrifying cricket contests that have taken place within its precincts. Through its extensive history, the stadium has borne witness to an impressive range of exceptional displays, spanning from prodigious displays of batting prowess, scintillating bowling performances, and extraordinary exhibitions of fielding excellence. The aforementioned documentation encompasses collective team accomplishments, remarkable individual displays, and particularized statistical data pertaining to matches, providing a thorough account of the cricketing endeavors at this particular location.

The team and individual records preserved at the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium impart valuable insights into the fluctuations and fluctuations in cricketing performance across a period of time. The stadium has been host to an exciting display of cricketing prowess, evidenced through notable achievements such as the highest team scores, optimal bowling figures, exceptional individual player run tallies, and a plethora of additional records. The variegated records further allude to the altered dynamics of the sport, displaying how disparate teams and individuals have acclimated to the circumstances and exploited their aptitudes to engender noteworthy displays.

Sylhet Cricket Stadium T20 Records

The T20 format, noted for its rapid and volatile nature, has played a noteworthy role in the cricketing events hosted at Sylhet International Cricket Stadium. The data pertaining to T20 International matches conducted at this location presents a captivating chronicle of the intense clashes that have unfolded on this site.

The initial documented T20 International (T20I) encounter at this location occurred on March 17, 2014, and involved the participation of Ireland and Zimbabwe. The contest culminated in a riveting conclusion, wherein Ireland emerged triumphant by a margin of three wickets. On the aforementioned day, a dynamic engagement ensued and culminated in the Netherlands emerging victorious by securing 6 wickets against the United Arab Emirates (U. AE) Subsequently, the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium has emerged as a favored location for T20I fixtures, having hosted a cumulative of 8 T20Is up to December 17, 2018; the most recent contest being one in which the West Indies emerged victorious over Bangladesh with a margin of 8 wickets.

In the context of T20Is’ maximum team totals, Sri Lanka currently holds the record at Sylhet International Cricket Stadium, achieving an impressive score of 210/4 within the allotted 20 overs during their match against Bangladesh on February 18, 2018. The aforementioned innings was a remarkable exhibition of forceful and dynamic batting, wherein the Sri Lankan batters demonstrated a notable level of mastery over their Bangladeshi counterparts. The record for the highest T20I score achieved by the Bangladesh cricket team at the mentioned venue was noted as 135, which was accomplished in a match played against the Sri Lankan cricket team on February 18, 2018. The elevated scores observed indicate the presence of favorable conditions for batting at the respective location and the likelihood of T20 format matches yielding exhilarating matches with prominently elevated run aggregates.

Regarding individual performances in T20Is, the pinnacle score achieved by a batsman at Sylhet International Cricket Stadium is an impregnable 72 attained by TLW Cooper of the Netherlands in opposition to Zimbabwe on March 19, 2014. On February 18, 2018, BKG Mendis, hailing from Sri Lanka, achieved the remarkable feat of registering the second-highest individual score of 70 against Bangladesh. In the context of Bangladesh, it is notable that Shakib Al Hasan achieved the highest individual score at the aforementioned venue on December 17, 2018, through an arduous effort that yielded a total of 61 runs against the West Indies.

Sylhet Cricket Stadium ODI Records

The Sylhet International Cricket Stadium has played host to several One Day International (ODI) cricket matches, with particular eminence regarding fixtures featuring the host nation, Bangladesh. The archival data pertaining to the aforementioned matches offers a compelling perspective on the sporting events that occurred in this location.

The match outcomes at Sylhet International Cricket Stadium demonstrate a substantial performance by the Bangladesh cricket team, particularly in recent fixtures. In March 2023, the most recent One Day International (ODI) games were held at the aforementioned location, featuring Bangladesh and Ireland as competing teams. Bangladesh’s performance during the said matches was particularly noteworthy, as they emerged triumphant in two contests with significant margins of victory, i. e, 183 runs and 10 wickets consecutively. However, a third match had to be deemed inconclusive, owing to unforeseen external factors. During the initial months of the year 2020, Bangladesh achieved a string of triumphs over Zimbabwe, emerging as the victors in matches by margins of 169 runs, 4 runs, and 123 runs consecutively. In 2018, Bangladesh emerged victorious in a conspicuous cricket match against West Indies by a margin of 8 wickets.

Regarding the aggregate number of innings, the maximum recorded total at this particular venue during an ODI game was achieved by Bangladesh, amassing a score of 301/4 against their opponent Ireland on March 23, 2023. Regrettably, the acquisition of further data regarding the most elevated innings aggregates at this venue was impeded by certain complications.

Sylhet International Cricket Stadium Events

In reference to the proceedings conducted at the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium, it is crucial to acknowledge that the aforementioned stadium has not only facilitated a myriad of cricket matches but has also served as a prominent stage for several national and global occasions. Regrettably, it was not possible for me to amass precise information pertaining to the occasions organized at this venue.

The Sylhet International Cricket Stadium boasts a noteworthy heritage of staging challenging cricket matches, particularly One Day Internationals (ODIs), wherein the national team of Bangladesh has demonstrated a formidable display of cricketing prowess in recent times. In order to obtain precise details regarding particular performances and events conducted at the stadium, it is advisable to refer to pertinent sports news websites, the stadium’s official website or cricket data repositories such as ESPNcricinfo.

In T20 International matches, the stadium has played host to various teams such as Ireland, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, West Indies, and the host nation, Bangladesh. On March 17, 2014, the initial T20I encounter between Ireland and Zimbabwe occurred, culminating in a victory for Ireland by a margin of 3 wickets. According to documented records, the most recently played T20 international match was held on December 17, 2018, between Bangladesh and the West Indies. The West Indies emerged victorious by 8 wickets.

The most significant cumulative score achieved by a team in a T20 International match at this particular venue was recorded as 210/4 by Sri Lanka against Bangladesh on February 18, 2018. The pinnacle individual score registered in a T20 International (T20I) contest at the aforementioned site amounted to 72 not out, achieved by TLW Cooper, representing the Netherlands, against Zimbabwe on March 19, 2014.

Regarding One Day International (ODI) matches, the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium has predominantly hosted fixtures featuring the cricket teams of Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and Ireland. Bangladesh has emerged victorious in all One Day International (ODI) matches played at this specific venue, barring an instance where the match yielded no conclusive outcome. On December 14, 2018, the initial One Day International (ODI) match took place between Bangladesh and West Indies, culminating in a triumph for Bangladesh by a margin of 8 wickets. On March 23, 2023, the latest One Day International match was contested between Bangladesh and Ireland, which culminated in Bangladesh emerging victorious by ten wickets.




The Sylhet International Cricket Stadium holds considerable significance as a sporting arena in Bangladesh, notably contributing to the country’s esteemed cricketing legacy. The stadium has served as a venue for a plethora of captivating international cricket matches, specifically in the T20I and ODI formats.

The historical records of T20I matches played at the stadium showcase a diverse range of participating teams, including Ireland, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, U. AE, Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Bangladesh, the host team. The most noteworthy scoring achievement by a team in the aforementioned format occurred at the venue, totaling 210 runs for the loss of four wickets, as was accomplished by the Sri Lankan cricket team against their counterparts from Bangladesh. It is noteworthy to mention that the pinnacle individual score achieved in a T20I match at this venue amounts to 72 not out, which was accomplished by TLW Cooper, a player hailing from the Netherlands.

The stadium has predominantly served as a venue for One Day International cricket matches, primarily featuring the participation of teams from Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and Ireland. Notably, Bangladesh has attained a commendable rate of success, having emerged victorious in all completed matches. The capability of the stadium to host international cricket matches of great significance signifies its superior quality, as well as the profound enthusiasm for the sport among the locals residing in Sylhet.

The Sylhet International Cricket Stadium serves as a prominent manifestation of cricket in Bangladesh, presenting an opportunity for engaging athletic performances and potentially operating as a versatile location for a multitude of events. The pivotal role played by the facility in nurturing cricketing skills, and providing a source of amusement for enthusiasts, serves to underscore its significance not just for Sylhet, but also for the broader community within Bangladesh.

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