Riverside Ground

Riverside Ground


Town: County Durham

Capacity: 17000

Team: Durham

Field Size: No Available Data

The Riverside Ground, recognized colloquially as the Emirates Riverside by virtue of its sponsorship arrangement, is a distinguished cricket facility situated in Chester-le-Street, County Durham, England. The venue was established during the mid-1990s and has since served as the residence of Durham County Cricket Club, hosting a multitude of both local and foreign games throughout its history.

The terrain is situated within the idyllic setting of the River Wear’s natural landscape, thereby deriving its nomenclature. The scenic setting of this locale, along with its contemporary amenities, has rendered it a highly favored location for aficionados of the sport of cricket. The arena possesses a seating capability of approximately 5,000 spectators for county matches and has the potential to host up to 20,000 spectators during international matches, through the utilization of provisional seating arrangements. The Riverside Ground is endowed with floodlighting, augmenting the facility’s capacity to accommodate day-to-night fixtures.

History of Riverside Ground

The Riverside Ground’s historical legacy, while comparatively recent relative to many other esteemed cricketing venues throughout England, is distinguished by a multitude of noteworthy accomplishments and pivotal events. The development of the ground occurred within the context of an era characterized by wide-ranging growth and progress in the realm of English cricket, specifically during the 1990s.

In 1991, Durham County Cricket Club was granted first-class status and required a home ground that would appropriately reflect its elevated position. Henceforth, the club initiated a noteworthy undertaking focused on the development of the Riverside Ground. Despite encountering multiple obstacles, such as monetary limitations and the daunting undertaking of converting a former waste disposal area into a preeminent facility for cricket, the organization was able to triumphantly accomplish the endeavor.

In May 1995, the Riverside Ground inaugurated its first cricket match, signifying a new epoch in the annals of cricketing history in Durham. Subsequently, the terrain has served as a platform for a plethora of noteworthy spectacles and has accommodated an assortment of cricket contests, encompassing regional county tournaments as well as prestigious global encounters.

In the year 2003, the Riverside Ground was bestowed with the privilege of hosting its maiden Test match, involving England and Zimbabwe as the competing teams. The aforementioned occasion concretely solidified the venue’s position in the realm of global cricket. Throughout its history, it has facilitated the staging of numerous Test matches, One Day Internationals, and Twenty20 Internationals, showcasing participating teams from various nations across the globe.

The ground has undergone several enhancements and advancements since its establishment including the installation of floodlights in 2008, thus enabling it to accommodate day/night fixtures. In 2013, an additional stand was erected, thereby augmenting the ground’s seating capacity and improving its amenities.

Riverside Ground Records

The Riverside Ground, which serves as the domicile of Durham County Cricket Club, features a noteworthy compilation of records spanning diverse formats of cricket. Throughout the course of cricketing history, the grounds have borne witness to an array of exceptional achievements, both on an individual level and as a collective team effort, which have left an indelible mark on the sport.

The Riverside Ground has witnessed remarkable Test match performances in the longer format of the game. The Test match at the ground witnessed the attainment of the highest individual score by an England batsman, who scored a double century, attributed to the pitch’s favorable conditions for batting. Nonetheless, the pitch serves not solely as a sanctuary for batsmen; rather, bowlers have also achieved notable success on this terrain. The Riverside Ground has witnessed exceptional bowling figures in an innings during Test matches, exemplified by a remarkable performance by a visiting player who secured eight wickets, substantiating the notion of a well-balanced pitch that provides equal opportunities to both batsmen and bowlers.

Riverside Ground T20 Records

The Riverside Ground has served as a venue for a multitude of Twenty20 cricket matches, encompassing both domestic and international levels. The condensed structure of the cricket game has precipitated a captivating display of the sport, characterized by the obliteration of existing records and the establishment of fresh ones.

The Riverside Ground has witnessed a notable accomplishment in T20 International cricket wherein the team was able to amass a substantial total exceeding 200 runs. This feat serves as a testament to the high-scoring potential and dynamic character of T20 cricket. In terms of individual performance, the Riverside Ground has witnessed a remarkable feat, wherein a visiting player achieved a formidable milestone of scoring a rapid century in a T20 International. This highlights the potential for batsmen to amass runs swiftly at this venue.

The Riverside Ground has witnessed exceptional bowling performances in T20 International cricket, wherein the optimal figures attained are a remarkable five-wicket haul. These statistics underscore the fact that bowlers, despite the T20 format’s acknowledged inclination towards batsmen, can still wield a substantial influence.

The statistics pertaining to the domestic T20 matches held at the Riverside Ground prove to be equally remarkable. The playing field has witnessed numerous exhilarating matches characterized by substantial scoring, wherein teams have amassed formidable totals while individual players have registered rapid-fire centuries. The topmost score achieved by an individual in a domestic T20 match hosted at this venue is a dynamic innings that exceeded 150 runs, indicating the pitch’s propensity to support batting in this format of the game.

Riverside Ground ODI Records

The Riverside Ground has garnered a plethora of notable records in One Day International (ODI) cricket, thereby etching numerous memorable moments into the annals of cricketing history. These records serve as a testament to the captivating matches and exemplary individual performances that have transpired at this venue.

The Riverside Ground has been witness to several impressive innings on the batting front. The most noteworthy individual score achieved in a One Day International match at this venue entails a remarkable innings of 150 runs or more. The aforementioned record bears witness to the adeptness and resilience of the cricketer, who valiantly contested the opposing team’s bowling onslaught to amass the aforementioned runs. The aforementioned statement also serves as a demonstrative indication of the likelihood for the pitch to evolve into an optimal playing surface for batting, affording batsmen the facility to exercise their innate skills and attain substantial run scores.

The accumulation of total scores by teams during One Day International matches at the Riverside Ground has also demonstrated noteworthy prowess. The ground in question has witnessed an impressive and noteworthy ODI team total that exceeds 350 runs, thus emphasizing the enthralling and high-scoring nature of matches frequently played at this venue. This record is indicative of not only the exceptional skill of the batting team, but also the advantageous circumstances for batters commonly offered by the Riverside Ground.

The contribution of bowlers in One Day International (ODI) cricket at the Riverside Ground has also been noteworthy. The most exceptional bowling statistics in a One Day International match at this venue consist of an extraordinary capture of six wickets in a sole innings. This accomplishment illustrates that despite favorable pitch conditions for the batsmen, a proficient and resolute bowler is capable of making substantial progress in dismantling the opposing team’s batting roster.

Riverside Ground Events

The Riverside Ground serves as a central hub of activity and entertainment within the region, not limited to the context of the boundary ropes and cricket matches, as it hosts a range of miscellaneous events. The scenic landscape and contemporary amenities of the grounds render it a suitable venue for diverse events, ranging from musical performances to organizational gatherings.

Over the course of time, the Riverside Ground has been the site of numerous noteworthy musical concerts, showcasing eminent artists hailing from various corners of the globe. The occurrence of these events has resulted in a significant surge in attendance, thereby converting the cricket ground into a lively and dynamic music festival. The unenclosed arrangement of the premises and its inherent acoustical properties have established it as a frequently sought-after location for hosting live musical performances, consequently bolstering the cultural enrichment of the surrounding community.

The Riverside Ground is a widely sought-after location for hosting corporate gatherings and functions. The conference and banqueting capabilities of the establishment are equipped to cater for an array of affairs varying from professional assemblies to expansive corporate affairs. The utilization of the ground as a venue for such events presents a distinctive ambiance, wherein contemporary facilities converge with the timeless appeal of a conventional cricket field.

Moreover, the Riverside Ground has served as a location for communal occasions, philanthropic initiatives, and various regional assemblies. These events serve as a platform for individuals from the local community and beyond to congregate, cultivating a shared sense of companionship and solidarity. Furthermore, these initiatives provide the ground with an occasion to enrich the community by offering support and actively participating in local projects.


The Riverside Ground finds its location in Chester-le-Street, County Durham, England.
The seating capacity of the Riverside Ground is approximately 5,000 spectators for county matches. However, during international matches, this capacity can expand significantly to accommodate up to 17,000 spectators through the use of provisional seating arrangements.
The Riverside Ground serves as the home ground for the Durham County Cricket Club.
The Riverside Ground was established in the mid-1990s, marking its inception as a modern cricket venue.
Throughout its history, the Riverside Ground has been host to a range of significant cricket events. These encompass regional county tournaments as well as prestigious international matches, including Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is). It gained recognition as the venue for England's first Test match against Zimbabwe in 2003.
Indeed, the Riverside Ground has seen a series of enhancements since its establishment. Notable among these upgrades was the installation of floodlights in 2008, a step that added to the ground's versatility for day-night matches. Moreover, the construction of an additional stand in 2013 further improved seating capacity and overall amenities, enhancing the spectator experience.
The Riverside Ground has etched several remarkable individual and team performances in its cricketing history. Among these achievements are the highest individual score by an England batsman in a Test match, reaching the coveted double century milestone. Additionally, the ground has borne witness to exceptional bowling prowess, exemplified by a remarkable eight-wicket haul taken by a visiting player during a Test match.
Within the realm of T20 International matches, the Riverside Ground has seen its share of exceptional moments. Notably, a T20 International match witnessed a team amassing a score exceeding 200 runs, reflecting the explosive nature of the format. Furthermore, a visiting player's rapid century added a significant chapter to the ground's T20 history. Equally noteworthy are instances of outstanding bowling displays, including a remarkable five-wicket haul achieved in T20 Internationals.
In the sphere of One Day Internationals (ODIs), the Riverside Ground has been witness to impressive batting feats. This includes individual scores of 150 runs or more, showcasing the skill and determination of batsmen on this pitch. Team-wise, ODI totals exceeding the 350-run mark have been attained, underlining the ground's potential for high-scoring encounters. On the bowling front, a notable record stands as the capture of six wickets in a single innings, representing moments of excellence in the game.


To summarize, the Riverside Ground, situated in the tranquil municipality of Chester-le-Street, holds pivotal status as both a cricket venue and a center for community engagement within the realm of cricket. The annals of its history, though comparatively modern, are laden with noteworthy accomplishments and significant occurrences, ranging from the conduct of distinguished international matches to serving as the domicile of the Durham County Cricket Club.

The ground boasts a plethora of remarkable achievements across diverse formats of the game, underscoring the exceptional caliber of cricket exhibited at this arena. The archival documents underscore the equilibrium between the roles of the batsmen and bowlers at the Riverside Ground, resulting in stimulating match-ups and remarkable individual accomplishments. The terrain has not only served as the witness to numerous notable moments within the annals of cricket history, but has additionally provided the setting for various career-defining exhibitions from some of the foremost cricket athletes globally.

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