Greenfield International Stadium

Greenfield International Stadium


Town: Thiruvananthapuram

Capacity: 55000

Team: Kerala cricket team

Field Size: 65 square metres

Arranged within the beautiful region of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India, the Greenfield Worldwide Stadium, moreover known as The Sports Hub Trivandrum, may be a advanced wonder of sports design. Reflecting a contemporary vision, the stadium stands as a confirmation to India’s development within the field of sports framework and an exemplification of Kerala’s enthusiasm for cricket.

Introduced in 2015, the Greenfield Universal Stadium has quickly risen to noticeable quality, getting to be a favored scene for worldwide cricket matches as well as other donning occasions. Its state-of-the-art plan, combined with world-class offices, gives an unparalleled encounter for players and fans alike. Prepared with a interesting eco-friendly development approach, the stadium symbolizes a mix of innovative development and natural awareness.

The imminent points of interest in this article will dig into the complicated angles of Greenfield Universal Stadium, investigating its plan logic, development history, and the breakthroughs that have formed its notoriety as one of India’s chief donning scenes. The pith of the stadium, as captured in its design and soul, will be revealed, enlightening its importance within the modern cricketing scene.

Greenfield International Stadium History

The Greenfield International Stadium traces its origins to a contractual accord executed on the 27th of May 2016, between the Kerala Cricket Association (KCA) and Kariyavattom Sports Facilities Limited (KSFL). The grant of the lease to KCA for the stadium shall remain in force until the 18th day of November in the year 2027. In accordance with the stipulated provisions, the KCA enjoys exclusive utilization of the stadium for a period of 180 days within a given year, namely from the 1st of October to the 31st of January and from the 1st of April to the 30th of May. Nevertheless, it is plausible that cricket matches could be arranged on alternative dates.

The responsibility for maintaining the playing area within the stadium is vested in the KCA. Regarding financial arrangements, the Kenya Cricket Association (KCA) remunerates a predetermined sum as compensation and collaborates with the Kenya Sports and Fun Limited (KSFL) by distributing profits when organizing international matches at the stadium. A joint committee comprising of six members, three from each party (KCA and KSFL), has been constituted to supervise the activities over the lease duration. The committee comprises the secretary and president of the KCA.

Although precise information regarding the stadium’s seating capacity, geographical coordinates, and dimensions of its playing surface remains undisclosed within the available data, the provided information illuminates the leasing contract established between KCA and KSFL, elucidating the management and utilization of Greenfield International Stadium. To obtain comprehensive details pertaining to its specifications, it is recommended to consult dependable sources or engage in additional inquiry.

Greenfield International Stadium Records

The Greenfield International Stadium has been the venue for a multitude of sporting events, encompassing matches of the T20, ODI, and SMAT formats. These matches have exhibited captivating moments, outstanding performances, and noteworthy statistical data. The stadium has proven to be a noteworthy platform for enthralling cricketing events, spanning from high-scoring fixtures to exceptional demonstrations of bowling prowess. Within this section, we aim to thoroughly investigate the quantitative data consisting of records and statistics established at Greenfield International Stadium. This will include a comprehensive overview of run tallies, wicket acquisitions, and analytical details regarding both batting and bowling performances, in addition to statistical information pertaining to fielding. Examine the noteworthy accounts that have been inscribed in the annals of Greenfield International Stadium’s history.

Greenfield International Stadium T20 records

During the three T20 matches that took place at the Greenfield International Stadium, several noteworthy statistics and performances were observed. In the initial contest, the team that batted first emerged triumphantly, while in two following matches, the pursuing side claimed victory. Across the aforementioned matches, a cumulative score of 687 runs was obtained from 547 balls, thus yielding an average of 229. 00 runs per match and a strike rate of 125. The maximum team score documented was 173, whereas the minimum score was 61.

The prescribed markings demarcating the perimeter of the Greenfield International Stadium amounted to 80 units, with 34 instances of a ball being hit over the boundary line for six runs and 46 instances of a ball striking the boundary line for four runs. Regarding the distribution of scores, it was observed that there existed two occurrences of scores ranging from 100 to 149, and two instances of scores falling between the range of 150 to 199. None of the matches observed exhibited scores exceeding 200.

Upon analyzing the wicket analysis of the batsmen, it was found that one dismissal was attributed to leg before wicket (lbw), seven dismissals were due to being bowled, one was due to stumping, nineteen were attributed to being caught, and two dismissals were due to run-outs. These findings were observed within the confines of the stadium. The analysis of wicket-taking patterns indicated that left-arm bowlers accounted for 9 wickets while 5 wickets were attributed to fast-medium bowlers, 4 to slow bowlers, and 2 to right-arm medium bowlers.

Among the cohort of right-handed batsmen, one was dismissed by leg before wicket, four by being bowled, and eleven by means of catches. In contrast, it was observed that the group of left-handed batsmen encountered 3 instances of being dismissed by means of a bowled delivery, 1 instance of being stumped, and 8 instances of being caught.

The cumulative tally of wickets taken by the bowlers at Greenfield International Stadium, spanning the course of three T20 matches, amounted to seventy. These figures were achieved at an impressive strike rate of 18. 23, with an accompanying average of 22. 90 The data revealed that there were 18 instances of dismissals among right-handed batsmen, while left-handed batsmen underwent 12 dismissals.

With regard to the fielding aspect of the game, a total of 19 catches, 1 stumping, 1 run-out executed through a direct throw, and 1 run-out accomplished through a throw were recorded.

The presented statistics serve to exemplify the quality of bowling and fielding exhibited at Greenfield International Stadium throughout the T20 matches, contributing to the heightened level of exhilaration and competitiveness inherent in the games hosted at said venue.

Greenfield International Stadium ODI Records

The Greenfield International Stadium has been the stage for two captivating One Day International (ODI) encounters, presenting noteworthy statistics and notable displays of performance. During the aforementioned matches, it was observed that one of the contests was won by the team that performed the initial batting, whereas the latter match witnessed the team that was pursuing the target emerge as the triumphant party. The cumulative number of runs attained from 712 deliveries amounted to 672, giving rise to an average of 336. 00 runs per game, accompanying a strike rate of 94. The team achieved a maximum score of 390, whereas the corresponding minimum score was observed to be 73.

A prominent characteristic of the aforementioned matches was the existence of designated perimeters, with a cumulative tally of 83 such occurrences. Within this aggregate figure, 19 instances of striking the ball for the maximum six runs, along with 64 incidences of hitting a four were recorded. The data on score distribution revealed two occurrences of scores within the range of 100 to 149, and a solitary incidence of a score spanning from 350 to 399. Nonetheless, no scores exceeding 400 were observed in the games held at Greenfield International Stadium.

Upon examination of the batsman’s wicket analysis, a total of two dismissals occurred due to leg before wicket, seven were attributed to being bowled, fourteen resulted from catches, and one was a run-out. The distribution of the total of 9 wickets obtained during the game can be attributed to left-arm bowlers, wherein 2 wickets were secured by fast-medium bowlers, 7 by slow bowlers, and no wickets were claimed by either fast or medium pacers. Among the cohort of left-arm bowlers, a total of two dismissals were secured through leg before wicket, two dismissals through the bails being dislodged, and five dismissals through the act of catching the ball.

The bowlers operating with their right arm were responsible for a total of 14 wickets, of which 3 were secured by fast bowlers and the remaining 11 by fast-medium bowlers. The medium and slow paced bowlers failed to secure any dismissals. In the context of the cricket match under examination, the cohort of right-arm bowlers was observed to have attained 5 bowled dismissals and 9 catches, while there were no recorded occurrences of lbw dismissals or stumpings.

The bowling performance at Greenfield International Stadium during the two One Day International matches resulted in a total of 70 wickets taken, exhibiting a strike rate of 27. 38 and an average of 25. 84 Among the eliminated batsmen, a total of 18 were identified as right-handed, with an additional 6 characterized as left-handed. The data indicates that the right-handed batsmen encountered a total of 5 bowled dismissals along with 12 caught outs, whereas left-handed batsmen were subject to 2 lbw dismissals, 2 bowled dismissals, and succumbed to 2 caught outs.

In regards to the aspect of fielding, the tally comprised of 14 catches and 1 run-out by means of a direct throw, with an absence of stumpings or run-outs achieved through throwing.

The aforementioned statistics underscore the highly competitive character of One Day International (ODI) matches conducted at Greenfield International Stadium, wherein impeccable bowling displays, proficient fielding, and the pivotal contributions of both left-arm and right-arm bowlers in attaining dismissals are conspicuously manifested.

Greenfield International Stadium SMAT Records

The Greenfield International Stadium has served as a host for 13 SMAT (Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy) matches, exhibiting riveting cricketing performances. Amongst the aforementioned matches, the team that assumed the mantle of batting first emerged triumphant in a total of 5 encounters. Conversely, the team that engaged in the process of chasing proved to be successful in 8 matches. The cumulative score of 2971 runs was obtained from a total of 2563 deliveries, thereby yielding an arithmetic mean of 228. 53 runs per match and a strike rate of 115. At the stadium, the maximum score achieved by a team in an SMAT match was 191, whereas the minimum score attained was 42.

Boundaries were found to have played a noteworthy role in the aforementioned matches, as evidenced by the cumulative tally of 339 boundaries scored, comprising 126 sixes and 213 fours. The analysis of score distribution indicates that there were five occurrences of scores falling in the range of 100 to 149, and nine occurrences of scores within the range of 150 to 199. Nevertheless, in the contests conducted at Greenfield International Stadium, no recorded scores surpassed the threshold of 200.

Upon analysis of the wicket performance of the batsmen under consideration, it was observed that a total of 14 dismissals occurred due to leg before wicket (lbw), 26 dismissals by means of the bowled delivery, 8 dismissals as a result of the stumped delivery, 100 dismissals due to catches, and 18 dismissals owing to run-outs. The present study reveals that among the total wickets taken in the given span of time, the left-arm bowlers accounted for 56 wickets. Further analysis of the data indicated that the fast-medium bowlers were responsible for 31 wickets, whereas the remaining 25 wickets were taken by the slow bowlers. Of the cohort of left-arm bowlers considered, there were recorded four instances of lbw dismissals, ten instances of bowled dismissals, five instances of stumpings, and 37 instances of catches.

In the observed dataset, a total of 93 wickets were attributed to right-arm bowlers, consisting of 28 wickets secured via the deployment of fast-medium techniques, 34 through the utilization of medium bowling styles, and 31 through the application of slow bowling methodologies.

The Greenfield International Stadium saw a cumulative count of seventy wickets taken by the bowlers during the thirteen Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy (SMAT) matches. These bowlers accomplished a notable strike rate of 15. 34 accompanied by an average of 17. 79 During the observed period, a total of 130 dismissals were recorded for right-handed batsmen. Among these were 11 lbw dismissals, 20 bowled dismissals, 5 stumpings, and 78 catches. In the domain of cricket, the subset of southpaw batsmen suffered a total of 37 dismissals, comprising 3 dismissals by leg-before-wicket, 6 dismissals effected by a bowled delivery, 3 dismissals through stumping, and 22 dismissals executed via catches.

In regards to the aspect of fielding, the recorded statistics include 100 instances of catches, 8 occurrences of stumpings, and 18 instances of run-outs through direct throws. It should be noted that there were no recorded instances of run-outs through throwing.

The aforementioned data draws attention to the highly competitive essence of the SMAT competitions hosted at Greenfield International Stadium, emblematically exhibiting praiseworthy bowling displays, exceptional fielding skills, and noteworthy input from both left and right-arm bowlers in obtaining wickets and curbing the adversary’s scoring.

Greenfield International Stadium Events

The Greenfield International Stadium has served as a venue for diverse sporting events, facilitating stimulating contests and unforgettable experiences. The stadium has served as a central location for exemplary athletic performances, spanning various sporting events from cricket matches to other competitive competitions. The stated facility has functioned as a platform for diverse domestic and international competitions, providing athletes with a conducive atmosphere to exhibit their proficiencies and engage in competition at the zenith of the sport. The Greenfield International Stadium, renowned for its contemporary amenities and lively ambience, has emerged as a coveted location for sport-related competitions, garnering the attention of athletes and spectators alike.

Greenfield International Stadium Famous matches

The Greenfield International Stadium has been a venue for a significant number of renowned cricket matches that have had a lasting impression on the cricketing domain. The aforesaid matches have been characterized by exceptional exhibitions, tension-fueled conclusions, and unprecedented achievements. The stadium has borne witness to sporting history, encompassing a wide range of events, from high-scoring encounters to tightly contended battles.

Although precise information regarding the renowned contests that took place at the Greenfield International Stadium is not furnished, it is imperative to examine noteworthy occurrences throughout the stadium’s history. The aforementioned matches have witnessed the players demonstrating exceptional performances, exhibiting their proficiency and proficiency, thereby constructing valuable reminiscences for the enthusiasts. The incomparable ambiance and fervency exhibited by the onlookers have augmented the magnificence of these notable contests, rendering them indelible occasions for all participants.

To procure comprehensive details pertaining to the notable matches held at Greenfield International Stadium, it is recommended to consult credible sources or conduct meticulous research.


Greenfield International Stadium has hosted diverse matches, including T20 matches, ODI matches, and SMAT matches.
As per the settlement, the Kerala Cricket Association (KCA) is responsible for the maintenance of the playing area inside Greenfield International Stadium.
The seating potential of Greenfield International Stadium is not provided within the given records.
Yes, the KCA can hold cricket matches on other days if the stadium is available, as noted in the settlement with Kariyavattom Sports Facilities Limited (KSFL).
Yes, a joint committee comprising six members, three each from KCA and KSFL, is responsible for managing and monitoring the activities at Greenfield International Stadium during the lease duration.
Yes, international matches are held at Greenfield International Stadium, and revenue sharing agreements are in place between the KCA and KSFL for such matches.
Greenfield International Stadium has hosted T20 matches, ODI matches, and SMAT matches, providing a diverse range of cricketing action for fans to enjoy.


The Greenfield International Stadium has assertively established its reputation amongst prominent wearing locations, with a notably robust cognizance on web hosting cricket fits. In conclusion, it’s far obtrusive that this venue has successfully placed itself as a leading location for numerous athletic sports. The stadium, endowed with contemporary amenities and an energetic environment, has borne witness to riveting showdowns, great shows of athletic prowess, and ancient times of putting new benchmarks.

The accord set up between the Kerala Cricket Association (KCA) and Kariyavattom Sports Facilities Limited (KSFL) guarantees the effective administration and renovation of the sports activities venue. The KCA asserts responsibility for the upkeep of the playing location while also protecting the rights to the stadium for a predetermined variety of days yearly. In addition, the KCA keeps the choice of scheduling cricket fits on supplementary dates, contingent at the availability of the venue.

The sports arena has served because the venue for various cricket tournaments regarding T20, ODI, and SMAT codecs, catering to a huge spectrum of aggressive events spanning both neighborhood and worldwide spheres. The Greenfield International Stadium has borne witness to a number stimulating cricket performances, from high-scoring affairs to tightly contested battles, which are certain to be endeared through aficionados of the game.

The stadium has witnessed noteworthy feats in terms of runs scored, wickets taken, and fielding accomplishments. The statistical information illustrates the surprisingly aggressive nature of the suits, highlighting the tremendous contributions made by both batsmen and bowlers.

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