Multan Cricket Stadium

Multan Cricket Stadium


Town: Multan

Capacity: 35000

Team: Pakistan national cricket team, Southern Punjab cricket team, Multan Sultans

Field Size: 60 x 80 meters

The Multan Cricket Stadium holds a significant place in the extensive cricketing legacy of Pakistan. Located within the central core of the historic urban center of Multan, which is colloquially referred to as the “City of Saints”, the stadium presents a captivating fusion of contemporary cricketing amenities fused with the dynamic local cultural and historical heritage. The venue is widely recognized for its exceptional playing surface and contemporary infrastructure, rendering it a preferred location for domestic as well as international fixtures.

The stadium is encompassed by a verdant foliage, which augments its visual allure. The magnitude of the aforementioned venue, evidenced by a capacity exceeding 30,000 attendees, serves as a testament to both its grandeur and the regional affection for cricket. The facility is outfitted with flood lighting, which provides the capacity to facilitate day and night matches. As a consequence, cricket sports events have expanded in the region.

History of Multan Cricket Stadium

The historical narrative of the Multan Cricket Stadium is closely linked with the development of cricket in Pakistan. Erected in the initial years of the 21st century, the stadium expeditiously assumed a representational significance for Pakistan’s profound affection and fervent commitment to the sport. In 2001, the inaugural test match between Pakistan and Bangladesh was hosted at this stadium, signifying a seminal milestone in the development of Pakistani cricket.

The Multan Cricket Stadium has borne witness to several significant events in the realm of cricket. This sports venue has had the privilege of serving as a host for a multitude of international matches, encompassing Test, One Day International (ODI), and Twenty20 International (T20I) contests. Several of the most remarkable moments in cricket history have transpired on this particular field, featuring both record-breaking feats and edge-of-the-seat endings. The aforementioned stadium is reputed for its propensity for high-scoring pitches, subsequently giving rise to numerous exhilarating run chases.

Throughout the years, various renovations have been executed on the stadium to align with global standards and proffer enhanced amenities for both athletes and audience members. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, such as intermittent periods of international cricket in Pakistan, the Multan Cricket Stadium has remained a symbol of perseverance and fervor for the sport.

Multan Cricket Stadium Records

The Multan Cricket Stadium has played host to a multitude of historic and surpassing achievements within the realm of cricket. These archival materials extend across a diverse range of formats within the game, comprising Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is). These aforementioned records can be regarded as a reflection not only of the proficiency of the athletes, but also of the specific attributes of the playing field and the distinctive circumstances present at the site.

Several salient records incorporate significant individual achievements in both batting and bowling abilities. There have been occurrences of batsmen attaining exceptional scores, thereby establishing vivid memories of exceptional aptitude and perseverance. Conversely, the bowlers have made notable impressions through mesmerizing performances, thus guiding their respective teams towards pivotal triumphs. Furthermore, the stadium has witnessed a considerable number of team accomplishments, including notable performances in terms of achieving substantial scores and executing triumphant pursuit of targets.

The plethora of documented statistics at the Multan Cricket Stadium serve as a testament to the exceptional caliber of cricket performances exhibited at this venue. These observations also serve as evidence of the dynamic progression of the sporting discipline, as novel benchmarks are consistently established and pre-existing ones are contested. Every entry provides a narrative, capturing a moment of victory, showcasing aptitude, or attesting to the fortitude of a collective. The aforementioned records constitute an integral component of the multifaceted cricketing legacy associated with the Multan Cricket Stadium.

Multan Cricket Stadium T20 Records

The emergence of Twenty20 cricket has instigated a novel aspect to the game, and the Multan Cricket Stadium has contributed significantly to this progression. The stadium has played host to a substantial number of T20 cricket matches, inclusive of both international events and domestic tournaments, such as the Pakistan Super League (PSL). The dynamic and thrilling characteristics of T20 cricket have resulted in a plethora of captivating records being established within the cricketing realm.

In the context of T20 cricket, the Multan Cricket Stadium has garnered distinction for its potential to break records related to the highest individual scores, the fastest centuries, and the highest number of wickets taken during a single match. Teams have established records for surpassing the highest innings totals and achieving the most significant margin of triumph. The aforementioned records bring to forefront the exhilarating characteristic of T20 cricket, whilst also attesting to the proficient ability of the players to conform to the unique demands of this particular game format.

The phenomenon of T20 cricket at the Multan Cricket Stadium transcends beyond the realm of mere power hitting and rapid scoring. The said occurrence has furthermore served as a demonstration of adept strategic cricket tactics, as evidenced by the attainment of records for achieving parsimonious bowling performance and efficacious safeguarding of modest score formats.

Multan Cricket Stadium ODI Records

The One Day International (ODI) format has been a significant and notable fixture within the cricketing schedule at the Multan Cricket Stadium. The stadium has been the venue for an extensive array of One Day International (ODI) matches, featuring teams and players hailing from all corners of the world, partaking in fiercely contested battles. The ODI cricket matches have yielded a substantial array of documented evidence that highlights the fervent rivalry and exceptional aptitude demonstrated by the players.

The Multan Cricket Stadium has witnessed several remarkable displays of skill and prowess throughout its history of hosting One Day International (ODI) cricket matches. In the annals of cricketing history, there exist instances where batsmen have achieved the feat of scoring centuries and double centuries, thereby etching their names onto the illustrious records of the sport. There has been a notable elevation in the performance of bowlers, who have demonstrated their prowess through the accomplishment of five-wicket hauls, as well as through the delivery of decisive spells that have ultimately secured victories for their respective teams.

The team’s performances have been noteworthy, as evidenced by their setting of records for both the highest total team scores and the most successful run chases. The aforementioned records not only depict the outstanding prowess of individual players, but also serve to showcase the collaborative endeavors and strategic expertise of teams. The synergistic amalgamation of individual aptitude, collaborative tactics, and the distinctive contextual circumstances prevailing at the Multan Cricket Stadium furnish each One Day International match a probable prospect for establishing exceptional feats.

The statistical records of One Day International (ODI) matches held at the Multan Cricket Stadium hold significant value as notable benchmarks in the annals of cricketing history in Pakistan. The aforementioned provide insights regarding the developmental trajectory of the activity in question, as well as the modulatory tendencies inherent in One-Day International cricket. As the sport of cricket undergoes further development and progression, the standing records are poised to be persistently contested, thereby ushering in stimulating prospects for forthcoming encounters at the Multan Cricket Stadium.

Multan Cricket Stadium Events

In addition to serving as a distinguished setting for cricket matches, the Multan Cricket Stadium has played host to a diverse range of events that transcend the confines of athletic pursuits. A diverse range of events, encompassing cultural festivities and musical performances, have taken place at the stadium, effectively establishing it as a central hub for communal festivities and gatherings.

The cultural festivals conducted within the stadium provide a platform for displaying the lively customs and inheritance of the locality. Typically, these festivals encompass customary musical and choreographed exhibitions, food vendors catering to indigenous gastronomy, and exhibitions showcasing the arts and crafts. The Multan Cricket Stadium provides an arena for cultural exchange and amplifies local traditions to a broader populace through its hosting of festivals.

Music concerts held at the stadium have showcased the artistry of both regional and global performers, catering to the amusement of a vast populace of attendees. The stadium’s expansive capacity and contemporary infrastructure render it a highly suitable location for hosting extensive gatherings. The aforementioned concerts serve not only as a source of entertainment but also as a means of enhancing the dissemination of the city of Multan as a prominent cultural center.

Furthermore, the Multan Cricket Stadium has served as the venue for an assortment of sports-oriented occasions, inclusive of cricket training camps and physical exercise marathons. These activities foster community involvement in athletic pursuits and cultivate wellness within the local populace.


The Multan Cricket Stadium is located on Stadium Road, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.
The stadium has a seating capacity of 35,000.
The Pakistan national cricket team, Southern Punjab cricket team, and Multan Sultans play their home matches at the Multan Cricket Stadium.
The field size at the Multan Cricket Stadium is 60 x 80 meters.
The stadium has hosted international cricket matches including Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is). It has also hosted cultural festivals, music concerts, and sports-oriented occasions such as cricket training camps and marathons.
The stadium played host to the inaugural Test match between Pakistan and Bangladesh in 2001, marking a milestone in the development of Pakistani cricket. It has witnessed several significant events in cricket history and has undergone renovations to align with global standards.
The stadium has witnessed records in batting, bowling, and team performances across Test matches, ODIs, and T20Is. It is known for high-scoring pitches and has seen notable achievements like highest individual scores, fastest centuries, five-wicket hauls, highest team totals, and successful run chases.
Yes, the Multan Cricket Stadium has played host to a substantial number of T20 cricket matches, including international events and domestic tournaments like the Pakistan Super League (PSL).


In conclusion, the Multan Cricket Stadium holds a prominent and influential position, not only within the city of Multan but also on an international level within the realm of cricket. The historical account at hand entails a fascinating narrative that is intricately interconnected with the progression of cricket in the nation of Pakistan. The stadium has played host to a plethora of noteworthy feats, effectively breaking several cricketing records across diverse formats of the game. This has contributed significantly to the intricate tapestry of the sport’s history that the facility ardently preserves.

The Multan Cricket Stadium fulfills a purpose that extends beyond its defined function as a site for athletic competition. This establishment functions as a central point for dynamic involvement of the community, a platform for cross-cultural dialogue, and a focal point for musical presentation and leisurely entertainment. The stadium’s multifarious role in the community and its aptitude to bolster Multan as a center for both cultural and sporting activities is manifest via the eclectic array of events it accommodates.

Amidst the fluctuations of temporal events, the stadium persists as a symbol of enduring strength, intense passion, and unwavering commitment to the game of cricket. As the sport of cricket continues to evolve and make progress, it is inescapable that the Multan Cricket Stadium will serve as a venue for novel and noteworthy advancements within its annals. It is reasonable to anticipate with assurance the emergence of novel milestones and records that will be established within its confines. Undeniably, the Multan Cricket Stadium is primed to endure as a quintessential stronghold of cricket in Pakistan, esteemed as a venue of great reverence among cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

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