Dehradun Cricket Stadium (Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium)

Dehradun Cricket Stadium


Town: Dehradun

Capacity: 25000

Team: Uttarakhand Cricket Team

Field Size: 25 Acres

The Dehradun Cricket Stadium, colloquially referred to as the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, is a superior-grade cricket arena located in Dehradun, the administrative hub of Uttarakhand, India. This remarkable edifice has been specifically crafted with a primary emphasis on endowing optimal amenities for both participants and onlookers, thereby cultivating an authentically engaging cricketing encounter.

The stadium exhibits a notable seating capacity of around 25,000 individuals, thereby facilitating the venue to conduct expansive international competitions. The seating configuration has been strategically devised to guarantee unimpeded sightlines of the cricket pitch from all areas of the stadium, thereby ensuring a complete and satisfying viewing encounter for all spectators. Additionally, the stadium boasts cutting-edge amenities, consisting of first-rate dressing rooms, training grounds, and press rooms, effectively meeting the requirements of athletes, coaches, and reporters.

The Dehradun Cricket Stadium is renowned for its equitable pitch, which facilitates a justifiable competition between the batting and bowling aspects of the game. The implementation of this practice notably guarantees that cricket matches hosted at this particular venue are imbued with high levels of competitiveness and stimulation, thus attracting ardent cricket aficionados from diverse geographical locations across the globe. The venue is equipped with an advanced drainage system of superior quality intended to reduce the negative impact of rain and prevent any potential disruptions to the scheduled matches. This feature significantly contributes to the maintenance of the regularity of the matches.

History of Dehradun Cricket Stadium

The Dehradun Cricket Stadium, also referred to as the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, boasts a profound historical background that contributes to its inherent appeal. Situated in Dehradun, the administrative capital of Uttarakhand in India, the construction and design of this sports facility was undertaken with the intent of facilitating international cricket competitions. The site was christened in remembrance of Rajiv Gandhi, the deceased former Prime Minister of India.

The chronicle of the stadium stands as a demonstration of the profound affection and admiration for the sport of cricket within India. In 2016, the inception of the stadium’s construction efforts commenced and culminated in its finalization two years later in 2018. The inception of its construction was a constituent component of a larger strategy implemented by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The overarching objective of this initiative was to establish an array of cricket venues, commensurate with international standards, throughout the nation. In view of its captivating natural surroundings and fervent local passion for cricket, Dehradun was singled out as a prime destination.

The Dehradun Cricket Stadium has made a significant contribution towards enhancing sports infrastructure in the region. The provision of a platform for the local talents to display their abilities and garner recognition at both national and international levels has resulted in the promotion and expansion of cricket in the state of Uttarakhand. The establishment of the stadium has been significantly influential in cultivating and cultivating the community’s involvement in cricket. Its impact has been evident in inspiring numerous young individuals from the area to pursue the sport fervently and with earnest dedication.

The stadium has been witness to a plethora of significant occurrences since its establishment. In 2018, Afghanistan made its entrance into international cricket through its inaugural Test match against India. Subsequently, the venue has been the site of numerous prominent cricket matches, among them One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is), thereby solidifying its position in the global cricket schedule.

Over time, the Dehradun Cricket Stadium has evolved into a multifaceted entity, transcending its mere purpose as a site for cricket contests. The emblematic significance of Dehradun as a representation of advancement and athletic excellence has not only been limited to the city itself but has extended throughout the state of Uttarakhand. Presently, the stadium serves as a testament to the locality’s profound affinity towards the sport of cricket, and its rich heritage endures through each encounter held on its premises.

Dehradun Cricket Stadium Records

The Dehradun Cricket Stadium, commonly referred to as the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, has been the venue for numerous cricket encounters which have resulted in notable achievements. The stadium, possessing a modernized infrastructure and comprehensive amenities, has served as the venue for an extensive range of both national and international cricket encounters, thereby augmenting the diverse and storied cricketing legacy of India. The field has borne witness to the prowess of countless cricket teams and has played host to exhilarating matches that have made an enduring impact in the chronicles of the sport.

The records of the Dehradun Cricket Stadium serve as a testament to the commendable display of sporting prowess exhibited on its pitch. From matches characterized by high-scoring feats to those characterized by tense and nerve-wracking finishes, the stadium has been a spectator of diverse competitive outcomes. The stadium’s archives hold significant value in enhancing its allure, which attracts cricket enthusiasts hailing from various parts of the world. The documented records serve to portray not solely the aptitude of the players, but also the temperament of the playing field, in conjunction with the prevailing conditions that the athletes had to acclimate to throughout the matches. The archives of the Dehradun Cricket Stadium offer a riveting perspective on the facility’s impact on the formation of cricket-based storylines.

Dehradun Cricket Stadium T20 Records

The Dehradun Cricket Stadium boasts a distinctive compendium of records in the context of Twenty20 International (T20I) matches. The stadium has been the site of a sequence of T20I matches, where various teams have demonstrated their abilities and delivered unforgettable displays of performance.

A remarkable series transpired at the stadium in June of 2018, featuring Afghanistan and Bangladesh as competitors. In the inaugural game of the series, Afghanistan emerged triumphant over Bangladesh with a decisive lead of 45 runs. Subsequent to a remarkable demonstration of sporting achievement, Afghanistan successfully maintained their sequence of triumphs in the subsequent two games, prevailing by a margin of 6 wickets and 1 run, respectively.

During the month of February in the year 2019, a T20I series was organized and convened at the stadium, featuring a match-up between Afghanistan and Ireland. The country of Afghanistan showcased their notable abilities by attaining victories in all three matches of the series. The outcomes of the first, second, and third matches were determined by margins of 5 wickets, 84 runs, and 32 runs, respectively.

Dehradun Cricket Stadium ODI Records

The Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, which is alternatively referred to as the Dehradun Cricket Stadium, has experienced several noteworthy One Day International (ODI) matches. According to available records, the inaugural One Day International (ODI) encounter occurred on February 28, 2019, featuring Afghanistan and Ireland as the opposing teams. Afghanistan emerged victorious by a margin of 5 wickets. Subsequently, a further encounter took place on March 2, 2019, featuring the identical participating teams, however, the outcome was indeterminate.

On March 5, 2019, the Irish cricket team achieved victory over their Afghan counterparts by a margin of four wickets. On March 8th, 2019, a cricket match was held between Afghanistan and Ireland. Afghanistan emerged victorious with a sizable margin of 109 runs. The most recent One Day International held at the stadium was on March 10, 2019, wherein Ireland emerged victorious over Afghanistan by securing a 5-wicket win. The One Day International (ODI) matches played at this venue have demonstrated commendable cricket performances from both competing teams, thereby serving as a testimony to the highly competitive nature of the international cricket scene.

Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium Dehradun Events

The Dehradun Cricket Stadium has played host not just to cricketing fixtures but also to a plethora of other noteworthy affairs. The inaugural One Day International (ODI) and sole Test cricket series occurred within the framework of a bilateral cricket series between Afghanistan and Ireland. The aforementioned series, conducted between February 21 and March 19, 2019, comprised three T20 matches, five one-day matches, and a solitary test match. On February 28th, 2019, the inaugural One Day International (ODI) match was played. Consequently, the first test cricket series, pitting Argentina against Ireland, took place from March 15th to 18th, 2019.

Furthermore, the stadium has manifested its adaptability by accommodating events beyond the realm of cricket. An example of this occurred when the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium was selected as the host location for the 2018 Uttarakhand Investors Summit. The aforementioned occurrence represented a notable advancement in the promotion of investment prospects within the locality, thereby accentuating the stadium’s utility extending beyond its status as a mere infrastructure designated for cricketing events.


The Dehradun Cricket Stadium has a seating capacity of approximately 25,000 individuals.
The Dehradun Cricket Stadium is located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.
The field size of the Dehradun Cricket Stadium is 25 acres.
The Uttarakhand cricket team is the home team of the Dehradun Cricket Stadium.
The construction of the Dehradun Cricket Stadium began in 2016 and was completed in 2018.
The stadium is named after Rajiv Gandhi, the deceased former Prime Minister of India.
Yes, the Dehradun Cricket Stadium has hosted international cricket matches, including Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is).
The establishment of the stadium has contributed to the promotion and expansion of cricket in Uttarakhand. It has provided a platform for local talents to showcase their abilities at both national and international levels.
The stadium has witnessed remarkable achievements in both T20 and ODI matches. Notable performances include Afghanistan's victories over Bangladesh and Ireland in T20Is, as well as the ODI encounters between Afghanistan and Ireland.


To conclude, the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, commonly referred to as the Dehradun Cricket Stadium, holds a distinguished status as a prominent cricket destination and has made a noteworthy impact on the cricketing domain of India. The historical narrative, documented records, and various occurrences have forged its prestigious image as a nucleus of sporting eminence and a launching pad for the dissemination of cricket within the vicinity.

The annals of the stadium, specifically its T20 and ODI match records, provide an insight into the enthralling encounters that have transpired on its premises, exemplifying the cricketing ethos of spirited competition and sportsmanlike conduct. Afghanistan and Ireland have impressively etched their place in the annals of stadium cricket records, owing to a string of notable performances.

Furthermore, the multifunctionality of the stadium is apparent in its ability to accommodate a variety of events, extending beyond the scope of cricket. The stadium served as the venue for the 2018 Uttarakhand Investors Summit, thereby highlighting its critical position as a central hub for significant regional events.

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