Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium

Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium


Town: Nagpur

Capacity: 45000

Team: Vidarbha Cricket Team

Field Size: No Available Data

The Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, located in the bustling city of Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, represents a technologically advanced facility that has made a substantial impact on the cricketing infrastructure of the nation. The commencement of operations in the early 21st century marked the inception of this contemporary stadium, which has promptly gained prominence as a notable location for both international and domestic cricket events. Its multifunctionality is exemplified by its ability to accommodate Tests, One Day Internationals, as well as Twenty20 matches.

The stadium’s architecture is conceived with a primary focus on both functionality and aesthetic appeal, resulting in a design that successfully blends elements of tradition and innovation. Nagpur has emerged as a significant cricketing hub in India due to its commendable grounds, facilities that cater to the needs of players, and thoughtful arrangements for spectators. This all-encompassing approach has earned praise from both cricketers and fans, solidifying Nagpur’s status in the realm of cricket.

The ensuing sections of this article will elucidate the multifaceted characteristics of the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, investigating its planning, construction, design, and the noteworthy cricketing events that have taken place on its hallowed grounds. By conducting a thorough analysis, this narrative aims to uncover the narrative of a venue that has not only enhanced cricket activities in Vidarbha but also contributed to the broader scope of cricket in India, establishing its position in the current sporting milieu.

Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium History

The VCA Stadium, commonly referred to as the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, is situated in Jamtha, a district of Nagpur, located in Maharashtra, India. The aforementioned statement pertains to a recent inclusion into India’s procurement of globally-renowned cricket arenas. The following is a concise overview of the historical background:

In the early 2000s, the Vidarbha Cricket Association generated the notion of building a novel stadium in response to the escalating prominence of cricket and a requirement for a more contemporary and spacious venue. The Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground, situated in Nagpur city, served as the primary site for international cricket matches in the region prior to the construction of the VCA Stadium in Jamtha. Nevertheless, the constrained capacity and obsolete amenities of the former arena compelled the requirement for a novel stadium.

The VCA Stadium underwent construction for an estimated duration of three years, spanning from 2005 to 2008. The newly constructed stadium was conceptualized with a focus on innovativeness, incorporating cutting-edge elements such as a seating arrangement capable of accommodating an estimated 45,000 viewers, as well as top-tier amenities including contemporary player changing areas, a well-equipped media center, and advanced training facilities.

In November of 2008, a decisive Test match transpired at the prestigious and esteemed VCA Stadium, pitting the cricketing titans of India and Australia against each other. Subsequent to this time, the stadium has welcomed several noteworthy international competitions, such as matches featured in the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

In addition to its role as a host for international cricket, the stadium serves as a venue for domestic cricket competitions. The aforementioned location functions as the primary playing field for both the Vidarbha and Central Zone cricket teams.

Over time, the VCA Stadium has acquired a reputation for its playing surface, featured by a batting-friendly wicket that also provides assistance to spin bowlers as the game proceeds. The aforementioned locale has procured numerous exhilarating occurrences and exemplifications within the realm of cricket.

Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium Records

The Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, which has served as a significant manifestation of Nagpur’s sporting heritage, has been a central location for the sport of cricket since its establishment in 2008. This cricket venue is distinguished for its cutting-edge amenities and globally superior infrastructure. Its noteworthy performances across all cricket formats - One Day Internationals (ODI), Twenty20 Internationals (T20I), and Indian Premier League (IPL) matches - make it a highly remarkable establishment.

The stadium has been the site of riveting cricket matches, providing a demanding, yet fruitful setting for the participating teams. The history of the stadium is laden with captivating accounts of exceptional batting exhibitions, mesmerizing bowling performances, and remarkable displays of fielding prowess.

In the subsequent sections, an in-depth analysis of the comprehensive records and statistical data pertaining to the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium is undertaken, wherein the triumphs, performances, and significant achievements observed at the venue are scrutinized. The stadium in question has been witness to a plethora of cricketing events, ranging from an unprecedented number of runs scored and wickets taken, dramatic fluctuations in scores, to a diverse range of boundaries that have evoked great excitement among fans. Such a remarkable and varied display of cricketing action has undoubtedly contributed to the stadium’s impressive reputation in the sport.

This investigation explores the strategies utilized by both teams and individual players in navigating the cricketing coliseum while analyzing their performances and the resultant impact on the stadium’s intriguing statistics. Prepare yourself for an in-depth exploration of the historical background of the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium within the context of cricket.

Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium T20 Records

The Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium has been the venue for a total of five Twenty20 International (T20I) matches. Of the five matches played, victories have been secured by teams that batted first in four instances, while the team that pursued achieved triumph in only one instance.

Throughout the duration of the aforementioned matches, a cumulative sum of 1409 runs was achieved from a total of 1183 deliveries, resulting in a mean value of 281. 80 runs per game, accompanied by a strike rate of 119. 1 The highest recorded T20I score at the present venue stands at 215, whereas the lowest tally amounts to 79.

The batsmen have successfully accumulated a total of 159 boundaries through their batting performance, encompassing 36 instances of hitting the ball beyond the boundary line, resulting in six runs, and 123 instances of scoring four runs by hitting the ball along the ground and crossing the boundary rope. The obtained scores have been grouped into the following categories: 100-149 runs (on six occasions), 150-199 runs (on two occasions), and 200-249 runs (on one occasion). None of the scores obtained fell into the intervals of 250-299, 300-349, 350-399, or 400 and beyond.

In the context of cricket, the manner of dismissals observed include four instances of Leg Before Wicket (LBW), twenty-one occurrences of being bowled, four cases of stumpings, thirty-eight catches, and nine instances of run-outs.

Upon examining the performance of the bowlers, it is notable that the left-arm bowlers have secured a total of 12 wickets, while their right-arm counterparts have successfully taken 54 wickets. A more comprehensive analysis reveals that left-arm fast-medium bowlers have secured two wickets, whereas their slow bowling counterparts have achieved ten. The classification of right-arm bowlers has extended to include four subcategories based on the number of wickets they accumulate. These subcategories are fast (7 wickets), fast-medium (11 wickets), medium (13 wickets), and slow (23 wickets).

In the five T20 international matches held at the aforementioned stadium, the bowlers have been responsible for a total of 70 wickets, while producing an admirable average of 18. 53 and an impressive strike rate of 15. 56 Out of the total number of dismissals, 53 were attributed to right-handed batsmen, while the remainder of 23 were caused by left-handed batsmen.

In terms of fielding, a total of 38 catches, 4 stumpings, and 9 run-outs (comprising of 4 direct and 5 indirect) have been recorded across the five T20I matches.

Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium ODI Records

The Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium has been host to seven One Day International (ODI) cricket matches. Amongst the aforementioned matches, the team that had the privilege of batting first emerged victorious on two occasions, while the team that was undertaking the chase secured triumph on five instances.

Overall, throughout the entirety of the seven One-Day International (ODI) matches, a total of 4002 runs were amassed from a delivery of 4027 balls. Consequently, an arithmetic mean of 571. 71 runs per contest and a strike rate of 99. 3 are demonstrated The venue has witnessed an ODI score as high as 354 runs, and as low as 206 runs.

Throughout the duration of the seven games, the cricket players have successfully struck a total of 419 boundaries, consisting of 45 successful sixes and 374 fours. The score ranges for the aforementioned games were delineated as follows: 100-149 runs (zero occurrences), 150-199 runs (zero occurrences), 200-249 runs (three instances), 250-299 runs (five instances), 300-349 runs (three instances), and 350-399 runs (three instances). To date, no instances have been observed in which a score of 400 or higher was achieved in any recorded matches.

Upon analyzing the cricketer’s removal from play, the statistical breakdown reveals the following: a total of nine dismissals (9) were attributed to Leg Before Wicket (LBW), twenty-three (23) to being bowled out, seven (7) to being stumped, fifty-two (52) to being caught, and nine (9) to being run out.

In terms of bowling statistics, it has been observed that left-arm bowlers have claimed 30 wickets, while their right-arm counterparts have contributed to a larger extent with 61 wickets. Upon further analysis, it was determined that left-arm fast bowlers were responsible for securing a total of 9 wickets, fast-medium bowlers accounted for 8 wickets, and slow bowlers were responsible for obtaining 13 wickets. The distribution of wickets among right-arm bowlers is composed of 16 individuals classified as fast bowlers, 22 classified as fast-medium bowlers, 3 as medium bowlers, and 20 as slow bowlers.

Overall, the bowlers have secured a total of 70 wickets during the seven One Day International (ODI) games played at the stadium, with an average of 39. 62 and a strike rate of 39. 87 Among these dismissals, a total of 71 pertained to right-handed batsmen, while 30 were associated with left-handed batsmen.

In relation to the domain of fielding, a total of 52 catches, 7 stumpings, and 9 run-outs (comprising of 5 direct throws and 4 indirect throws) have been recorded across the seven matches under consideration.

Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium IPL Records

To date, the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium has hosted three matches of the Indian Premier League (IPL). In the present study, it was found that the team designated as batting first obtained victory in two instances, while the team designated as chasing achieved triumph in one instance.

Throughout these fixtures, a combined tally of 882 runs were amassed from 711 balls, culminating in a mean of 294 runs per game and a strike rate of 124. The stadium’s record for the highest score achieved in the Indian Premier League (IPL) is 159, while the lowest score registered stands at 138.

The current tally for number of boundaries scored is 92, comprising of 66 fours and 26 sixes. This statistical information indicates the level of skill and strength demonstrated by the players in their respective matches. According to the analysis of scores, it is revealed that the scores recorded were observed to be within the range of 100-149 runs three times, and 150-199 runs three times. No scores falling within the intervals of 200-249, 250-299, 300-349, 350-399, or 400 and above were recorded.

In terms of the expulsion of players from the game, a total of 2 decisions resulting from Leg Before Wicket (LBW), 7 instances of the ball hitting and dislodging the stumps (bowled), 2 cases of the wicket-keeper removing the bails before the batsman could return to the crease (stumpings), 32 instances of the ball being caught by fielders, and 5 occurrences of players being put out by a fielder throwing the ball and hitting the stumps before the batsman could complete a run (run-outs) have been recorded.

According to the presented statistical data, a total of 43 wickets have been claimed by the bowlers. Among them, the left-arm bowlers have been responsible for 11 while their right-arm counterparts have secured 32 wickets. Upon analysis of these statistics, it can be observed that bowlers categorized as left-arm fast-medium were responsible for securing 6 wickets while those categorized as slow bowlers were able to attain 5 wickets. The statistical analysis of right-arm bowlers indicated that the category of fast bowlers accounted for 10 wickets, fast-medium bowlers secured 3 wickets, medium bowlers obtained 11 wickets, and slow bowlers registered 8 wickets.

During the course of these three IPL matches, the collective effort of the bowlers resulted in the attainment of 43 wickets at an average of 18. 37, coupled with a strike rate of 14. 81 The set of dismissed batsmen comprised 38 individuals who batted right-handedly and 10 individuals who batted left-handedly.

Regarding the aspect of fielding, it has been observed that a total of 32 catches, 2 stumpings, and 5 run-outs (comprising of 2 direct and 3 indirect) have been recorded during the course of these three IPL matches.

Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium Events

The Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium has played host to a plethora of prominent cricketing events since its inception. The aforementioned location has served as the hosting ground for an array of esteemed matches such as the renowned Indian Premier League (IPL), diverse local competitions, and global cricket events.

The aforementioned stadium has functioned as the domicile turf of both the Vidarbha cricket team and the Central Zone team. The location in question has served as a prominent setting for the Ranji Trophy, the foremost national-level cricket championship in India. This has provided regional athletes with a significant opportunity to demonstrate their abilities on a notable platform.

The stadium has hosted diverse formats of cricket competitions on an international level, comprising Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is). It has been a recurrent aspect of various cricket excursions encompassing international teams, such as the 2017 Australia tour of India and the 2015 South Africa tour of India.

Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium Famous matches

The Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium has been the stage for lots memorable cricket matches that have long past down in records.

India vs Australia, 1st ODI, 2013: This fit is remembered for the document-breaking opening partnership of 231 runs among Aaron Finch and Phillip Hughes. Australia finally won the match by means of 72 runs.

India vs South Africa, 3rd ODI, 2015: AB de Villiers scored a scintillating 104 off simply seventy three balls to lead South Africa to a huge rating of 301. Despite valiant efforts from the Indian batsmen, South Africa gained by using 22 runs.

IPL, Chennai Super Kings vs Rajasthan Royals, 2010: This IPL in shape changed into a thrilling stumble upon that noticed Chennai Super Kings pulling off a close victory, way to a first-rate overall performance by using Murali Vijay, who scored an unbeaten century.

India vs England, second T20I, 2021: This healthy was memorable for Ishan Kishan’s maiden half-century on his T20I debut. His fifty six off 32 balls helped India chase down a frightening target of 165 with 13 balls to spare.

These well-known matches have introduced to the reputation of the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium as a venue that fosters competitive and thrilling cricket.


The Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium is located in Jamtha, a suburb of Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.
The stadium has a seating potential of about 45,000 spectators.
The stadium changed into inaugurated in 2008.
The Vidarbha cricket team and the Central Zone team use the stadium as their domestic floor.
Yes, the stadium has hosted diverse worldwide cricket fixtures together with Test fits, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is).
The maximum ODI score at the stadium is 354 runs.
As of 2023, the stadium has hosted three IPL matches.
Bowlers have taken up to 70 wickets in a single IPL match on the stadium.


The Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium emerges as a testament to India’s fervor for cricket, as evidenced by the evidence presented in the outset. Strategically situated in Nagpur, Maharashtra, the venue exhibits an impressive past of noteworthy matches and exhilarating performances. The stadium possesses exceptional amenities and a vibrant ambiance, serving as a prominent venue for numerous domestic and international cricket events, encompassing IPL matches, ODIs, and T20Is, and bearing witness to an array of remarkable performances.

The archival data pertaining to the stadium reveals remarkable accounts of outstanding demonstrations of batting prowess, exceptional displays of bowling mastery, and remarkable feats of fielding aptitude. Furthermore, its statistical data indicates a proportionate distribution of offensive and defensive capabilities, thereby exemplifying its aptness for a fiercely contested game of cricket. The stadium, significantly, has been an illustrious ground hosting memorable encounters featuring notable cricket teams such as India, Australia, South Africa, and various Indian Premier League (IPL) franchises.

The Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium is more than a mere location for hosting cricket matches; it serves as a platform for creating and recollecting cricketing legacies. Cricket, both in the past and present, holds a significant and definitive role in the sport industry, eliciting immense pleasure and gratification amongst numerous enthusiasts and supporters globally.

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