Stormont (Civil Service Cricket Club)



Town: Belfast

Capacity: 6000

Team: Northern Knights

Field Size: No Available

The Stormont Civil Service Cricket Club, which is commonly referred to as Stormont, is a cricket club situated in Northern Ireland. The main base and cricket field of the club are positioned on the premises of Stormont Estate, where an array of governmental structures, such as the Northern Ireland Assembly, can also be found.

History of Stormont

The historical narrative of the Civil Service Cricket Club at Stormont reflects the evolution of cricket in Northern Ireland, encompassing a multifaceted tapestry of events and experiences. The establishment of the club in the formative years of the 20th century cemented its status as a prominent and enduring fixture within the local sporting landscape. Over the course of many decades, it has served as a vital and integral component of the community’s athletic activities. The inception of the aforementioned institution was predominantly occasioned by civil servants seeking a recreational platform that would afford them the opportunity to participate in athletic endeavors, notably cricket.

The distinct position of the club within the iconic Stormont Estate has bestowed upon it an exceptional character. The estate can be construed as a symbol of the complex political history of Northern Ireland, as it serves as the physical location where the Northern Ireland Assembly and various other significant governmental buildings are situated. The club’s stature has been heightened by its esteemed setting, rendering it a prominent cricket hub within the vicinity.

Over the course of time, the club has served as a residence for various distinguished athletes, a few of whom have ascended to exhibit their skills representing Ireland on the international stage. The organization has exhibited notable accomplishments on the athletic terrain, earning a plethora of championship titles and accolades. The triumphs of this endeavor have been predicated upon a strong basis of community involvement, wherein the said organization has assumed a pivotal function in the dissemination and propagation of cricket amongst the populace at the beginner level.

The club’s history has been plagued by various challenges and setbacks. The organization has encountered instances of economic adversity and has been required to navigate the intricacies associated with its geographic placement within an area of significant political sensitivity. Notwithstanding these obstacles, the Civil Service Cricket Club based at Stormont has persevered and flourished, furnishing a forum for fervent admirers of cricket in Northern Ireland to relish the sport they hold in high regard.

In recent years, the club has demonstrated a trajectory of sustained expansion and transformation. The organization has made substantial investments towards enhancing its infrastructure, exemplified by the establishment of an advanced pavilion and the cultivation of superior quality playing fields. The unwavering dedication to progress and growth, in tandem with its extensive historical background, cements the Civil Service Cricket Club’s significant contribution to the narrative of cricket within Northern Ireland.

Stormont Records

The Stormont cricket club has a prolonged legacy of achieving excellence in the sport, as depicted by the multitude of records it has set across its history. The aforementioned records serve as a testimony to the exceptional quality of cricket that has been exhibited at the Stormont grounds, and the extraordinary prowess of the players who have graced these pitches.

The archives held at Stormont encompass an assortment of cricket formats, ranging from protracted matches to one-day internationals and Twenty20 contests. The aforementioned accomplishments constitute both individual and team endeavors and encompass various categories such as notable individual scores, exceptional bowling figures, and a significant number of catches. Additionally, team records include achievements such as the highest and lowest team totals, most decisive victories in terms of runs or wickets, and particularly successful instances of run chases.

The highest individual score achieved in a single innings is considered a highly cherished record at Stormont. This record serves as evidence of exceptional personal aptitude and resilience in the context of cricket, underscoring the player’s capacity to assert dominance over the competing team’s bowling strategies for a prolonged duration. The achievement of the best bowling figures in an innings is indicative of the exceptional prowess and efficiency of a bowler, demonstrated through their systematic dismantlement of the opposing team’s batting order.

The team records pertaining to the highest and lowest accumulated scores achieved at Stormont offer valuable insights into the dynamics of cricket matches staged at this venue. The documented achievement of the team’s highest aggregate score is a manifestation of their adeptness in batting, whereas the team’s lowest accumulation of runs validates the prevalence of bowling prowess.

Stormont T20 Records

In the dynamic realm of T20 cricket, Stormont has exhibited equally impressive features. The T20 records of the Stormont club bespeak the club’s ability to accommodate and excel in the abbreviated, high-octane format of cricket. These records are indicative of the robust batting, accurate bowling, and astute fielding that are considered essential attributes for achieving victory in T20 cricket.

The attainment of the highest individual score in a T20 match at Stormont holds considerable significance as a noteworthy benchmark. The aforementioned statement underscores the capacity of the batsman to accrue runs expeditiously while preserving a commendable strike rate, fundamental proficiencies in the T20 style of play. The outstanding bowling statistics achieved during a T20 match at Stormont serve as a manifest indication of the bowler’s adeptness in constraining the opponents’ scoring rate and capturing valuable wickets in a game configuration that significantly privileges batting performance.

The team records in T20 cricket of Stormont also yield a compelling narrative. The commendable achievement of attaining the highest cumulative score in a T20 match played at Stormont can be attributed to the implementation of a successful and assertive batting strategy, while the establishment of a new record for the widest margin of victory in regards to runs or wickets exemplifies the ability of a team to display dominance within this particular format.

A noteworthy achievement pertains to the swiftest completion of a century in a T20 match at Stormont, underscoring the significance of forceful batting that is frequently imperative in this particular format. Moreover, the achievement of claiming the highest number of wickets during a T20 tournament is indicative of a bowler’s steadfastness and proficiency throughout the duration of said campaign.

The T20 records achieved at Stormont serve as evidence to the adaptability and triumph of the club in the contemporary, high-speed format of the sport. The aforementioned serves as a portrayal of the exhilarating form of cricket demonstrated at Stormont, alongside the display of exceptional skills in T20 matches hosted at the venue.

Stormont ODI Records

The records of One Day International (ODI) matches held at Stormont aptly illustrate the pivotal role that the club has played in this particular format of cricket. The One Day International (ODI) cricket format comprises of 50 overs per side and manages to strike a balance between expeditious scoring and the incisive strategic elements of the lengthier format. This format, therefore, forms a genuine assessment of a cricket team’s adeptness and adaptability.

At the individual level, the attainment of the highest One Day International (ODI) score at Stormont stands out as a noteworthy achievement. Attaining this feat necessitates the manifestation of proficiency in not just one’s batting capability, but also in their endurance and proficiency in strategically pacing their innings. The exemplary record for the finest bowling figures achieved in an ODI at Stormont bears testimony to the profound competence of a bowler in regulating the game and securing wickets during decisive junctures.

The team records observed in the One Day International (ODI) cricket matches at Stormont hold equal significance within the realm of the sport. The recorded team total in an ODI match at Stormont reflects the collective batting proficiency and aptitude of a team in constructing a substantial innings. Conversely, the documentation pertaining to the minimum cumulative score attained by a team signifies instances wherein the prevailing bowling unit has exhibited complete supremacy over the opposing team’s batting line-up.

An additional significant metric is the maximal winning differential measured in runs or wickets, signifying unparalleled performances at Stormont during One Day International cricket matches. Furthermore, empirical data, such as the expeditious achievement of a century and the attainment of the maximum number of runs or wickets in a singular One Day International series, offer additional illumination into the elevated echelon of rivalry and personalized magnificence exhibited in the ODIs hosted at Stormont.

Stormont Events

In addition to its conventional cricketing pursuits, Stormont also accommodates a diverse range of other events that augment its reputation within the community and bolster the local cultural milieu. The aforementioned events encompass a diverse array, including cricket coaching clinics designed to facilitate the development of young players, charity matches aimed at mobilizing resources for noble causes, as well as social gatherings intended for members and their families.

The Stormont establishment is best known for its annual cricket festival, which is a highly distinguished occasion. This occasion unites teams from the surrounding area, hosting a sequence of matches, which presents a prospect for the local cricket enthusiasts to observe superior quality cricket, and enables players to evaluate their abilities against an assortment of adversaries. The festival encompasses coaching clinics, wherein budding cricketers have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and expertise from proficient players and coaches.

Charity matches represent a significant element of Stormont’s event calendar. These fixtures enable the club to offer philanthropic support to the local community and champion significant initiatives.

Stormont additionally organizes social gatherings intended for its members and their respective families. The proceedings in question, consisting of culminating recognition ceremonies, enjoyable familial gatherings, and charity-driven dining occasions, constitute a significant segment of the organization’s community involvement initiatives. The club facilitates socializing and celebration amongst its members, thereby fostering a strong sense of community and camaraderie within the organization.


The Stormont Cricket Club is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
The club has a seating capacity of approximately 6,000 spectators.
The Northern Knights, a regional team representing Northern Ireland, play their home matches at Stormont.
The club has a rich history and has played a vital role in the development of cricket in Northern Ireland. It was established in the early 20th century and has been a prominent fixture in the local sporting landscape ever since. The club has faced challenges but has persevered and contributed to the growth of cricket in the region.
Stormont has witnessed several remarkable records across various formats of cricket. These records include highest individual scores, best bowling figures, highest team totals, lowest team totals, and notable achievements in T20 and One Day International (ODI) matches. The records reflect the exceptional skills and achievements of players and teams at the venue.
Stormont has seen impressive performances in T20 matches, including highest individual scores, best bowling figures, highest team totals, and widest margins of victory. These records highlight the quality of cricket played at Stormont in the fast-paced T20 format.
Stormont has hosted notable One Day International (ODI) matches, and records include highest individual scores, best bowling figures, highest team totals, and significant winning differentials in terms of runs or wickets. These records demonstrate the importance of Stormont as a venue for ODI cricket.


In conclusion, the Stormont Civil Service Cricket Club is a fundamental establishment within the context of Northern Ireland’s sporting milieu. The club’s distinguished legacy, originating in the early years of the 1900s, is characterized by the convergence of cricket and political tradition, resulting from its peripherality within the esteemed Stormont Estate.

The records maintained by Stormont pertaining to different formats of cricket, such as T20 and ODI, provide ample evidence of the exceptional caliber of cricket played at the club and the remarkable talent that has frequented its pitches. The aforementioned records embody exceptional individual expertise, collaborative endeavors, and notable events that have molded the club’s lasting impact.

The club demonstrates a palpable dedication to community involvement and promotion of the sport through its frequent organization of diverse events. Stormont manifests as a dynamic component of the community fabric through its varied events ranging from cricket festivals, charity matches, to social gatherings.

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