Mangaung Oval

Mangaung Oval


Town: Bloemfontein

Capacity: 20000

Team: Free State

Field Size: No Available Data

The Mangaung Oval, widely recognized as Chevrolet Park, is a versatile sports arena situated in the city of Bloemfontein, South Africa. The facility serves primarily as a venue for cricket matches and functions as one of the designated home grounds for the Knights cricket team. The stadium possesses the capability to accommodate a significant number of attendees, estimated to be approximately 20,000, rendering it a highly favored location for both national and international sporting events. The aforementioned location is held in high esteem due to its superior playing field and amenities, and is a frequent host of highly competitive One Day Internationals and Test matches. The distinct geographic position of the locale within the central region of South Africa endows it with a characteristic allure, thereby rendering it a favored site among aficionados of the sport of cricket hailing from various parts of the globe.

History of Mangaung Oval

The Mangaung Oval’s historical narrative is a manifestation of the cricket development process in South Africa. The establishment of the ground dates back to the year 1989, rendering it a rather recent inclusion in the cricketing terrain of the nation. However, throughout the decades subsequent to its conception, the venue has functioned as a site for numerous noteworthy contests and has witnessed the presence of several preeminent athletes who have graced its field.

During its initial stages, Mangaung Oval was predominantly utilized for local cricket competitions. Nonetheless, the venue expeditiously acquired a noteworthy status due to its exceptional playing surface conditions and amenities for viewers, ultimately culminating in its selection as the location for its inaugural global match in 1992. The subject of this event was an One Day International cricket match contested by South Africa and India, representing a notable accomplishment in the annals of the Oval’s chronicle.

In the year 2000, the Mangaung Oval was bestowed with the official designation of Test status, thereby consolidating its position within the international cricketing sphere. The inaugural Test match hosted at this venue was contested between the national cricket teams of South Africa and New Zealand. Since its inception, the aforementioned entity has borne witness to a multitude of riveting Test matches, as well as a plethora of individual and team achievements.

Through the passage of time, the Mangaung Oval has undergone multiple enhancements and refurbishments in order to maintain congruence with the dynamic needs of contemporary cricket. Notwithstanding the aforementioned alterations, the entity in question has succeeded in preserving its appeal and remains a preferred choice among both competitors and admirers. The historical background pertaining to the cricket ground in South Africa represents not only the progress and development of cricket within the country, but also serves as an embodiment of its dedication in organizing top-notch sport-related occasions.

Mangaung Oval Records

The Mangaung Oval has become a notable locus for unprecedented accomplishments within the cricket universe, thereby amassing exceptional distinction in the chronicles of the domain. The aforementioned playing surface, renowned for its propensity to favor the efforts of batters, has been witness to numerous instances of elevated scoring outputs and captivating pursuits of successful run totals. The attainment of the highest individual score in a Test match at this particular venue is attributed to Jacques Kallis of South Africa, who achieved a double century against India during the 2010-11 season.

The maximum cumulative score in One Day Internationals (ODIs) is attributed to the South African cricket team who competed against Zimbabwe in 2010 and amassed a commanding score exceeding 350 runs. The terrain has furthermore borne witness to exceptional exhibition of the art of bowling, as adept bowlers have successfully utilized favorable conditions to their benefit. The most noteworthy bowling statistics achieved in a single innings during a Test match at the Mangaung Oval belong to Dale Steyn, who demonstrated exceptional performance by amassing 6 wickets for a mere total of 56 runs during a match against New Zealand in the year 2007.

These records serve not only as evidence of the exceptional abilities of the players, but also as indications of the intense competitiveness characterizing the matches held at the Mangaung Oval. The aforementioned artifacts contribute to the extensive historical significance of the cricket grounds, consequently bolstering its esteemed notoriety as a location that elicits exemplary performances from cricketers.

Mangaung Oval T20 Records

The condensed variation of cricket, commonly referred to as Twenty20 (T20), has also witnessed a number of exhilarating feats at the Mangaung Oval. The playing field has been widely preferred by cricket batters during T20 matches, predominantly due to the pitch being conducive to high-scoring encounters. The most remarkable performance in relation to individual score in a T20 match at this venue was achieved by Quinton de Kock, a South African cricket player, in his achievement of scoring a century against England during a T20 international game in 2020.

The present report highlights a significant achievement in the realm of domestic T20 cricket, whereby the Knights demonstrated remarkable performance in their encounter against the Warriors by accumulating an exceptional team total that set a new record. In the realm of cricket, the optimal statistics for a bowler in a T20 game played at the Mangaung Oval were achieved by a regional athlete during a domestic T20 tournament, through the successful capture of numerous opponent wickets in a single match.

The T20 records observed at the Mangaung Oval exemplify the dynamism and capriciousness of the abbreviated version of cricket. The aforementioned players epitomize the exceptional level of proficiency and aptitude in both the national and global sports arena of cricket, thereby supplementing the already existing facet of the ground’s profound cricket legacy.

Mangaung Oval ODI Records

The Mangaung Oval has hosted a considerable amount of One Day International (ODI) cricket matches over time, and it stands witness to some notable and extraordinary displays of performance. The pitch conditions and elevated altitude of Bloemfontein have frequently resulted in matches with elevated scoring, rendering it a riveting location for the 50-over format.

In the year 2010, South Africa recorded the most significant cumulative score for a team in a One-Day International match at the Mangaung Oval against Zimbabwe. The performance of the home team was nothing short of remarkable, leaving a lasting impression. The highest individual score achieved in a One Day International (ODI) match at this venue is attributed to Faf du Plessis, hailing from South Africa. Du Plessis delivered a remarkable innings against Australia, scoring a century in a relentlessly impressive fashion. The aforementioned records underscore the propensity towards conducive batting conditions on the playing surface of Mangaung Oval.

Nonetheless, the playing field has also borne witness to some outstanding displays of bowling proficiency. Imran Tahir, a South African spinner, exemplified superior skill and impeccable control when he achieved the best bowling figures in an ODI at the Mangaung Oval by taking a multitude of wickets at a remarkably limited expense. The aforementioned records offer a glimpse into the scintillating matches and remarkable individual displays exhibited in One Day International cricket matches hosted at the Mangaung Oval, thereby augmenting its illustrious cricketing legacy.

Mangaung Oval Events

The Mangaung Oval has played host to a range of diverse events, thus establishing itself as a truly versatile and multi-functional venue, in addition to its reputation as a cricketing arena. This facility has been utilized for hosting expansive musical events, cultural celebrations, and communal assemblies, thereby demonstrating its diverse and influential role within the nearby vicinity.

Prominent renowned international artists have bestowed their performances at the Mangaung Oval, amassing substantial audiences and augmenting the thriving cultural milieu in Bloemfontein. The extensive capacity and superior amenities of the location render it a fitting site for the hosting of such gatherings.

Moreover, the Mangaung Oval serves as a host venue for frequent local cultural festivals and community events. These events frequently commemorate the exceptional culture and customs specific to the Free State province. They serve as a demonstration of the strong communal values prevalent in Bloemfontein. The organization provides a platform that facilitates the promotion of local artists and performers whilst enhancing social cohesion by fostering a sense of community.


The capacity of Mangaung Oval is approximately 20,000.
Mangaung Oval is located in Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa.
The Knights cricket team is the designated home team of Mangaung Oval.
Mangaung Oval primarily hosts cricket matches.
Mangaung Oval has hosted international cricket matches, including One Day Internationals (ODIs), Test matches, and Twenty20 (T20) matches. Some notable matches include South Africa vs. India (1992), South Africa vs. New Zealand (inaugural Test match, 2000), and South Africa vs. Zimbabwe (ODI with highest cumulative team score, 2010).
Some notable records achieved at Mangaung Oval include Jacques Kallis' double century in a Test match (2010-11), South Africa's highest cumulative score in an ODI (2010), and Dale Steyn's exceptional bowling figures in a Test match (2007).
Yes, Mangaung Oval has hosted events beyond cricket, including concerts, cultural festivals, and community gatherings.
Yes, Mangaung Oval is open to spectators during scheduled cricket matches and other events. It is recommended to check the official website or relevant ticketing platforms for information on upcoming events and ticket availability.


To conclude, the Mangaung Oval situated in Bloemfontein, South Africa, possesses a significance that extends beyond its function as a cricket arena. This locale is a noteworthy cultural and communal center that has been instrumental in shaping the progression of cricket in the nation. The rich historical background, outstanding performances, and versatile functionality have reinforced its status as a prominent landmark not solely within South Africa, but throughout the global cricketing realm.

The Mangaung Oval has played host to a diverse range of sporting and cultural events, including high-scoring thrillers in Test matches, ODIs, and T20s, as well as large-scale concerts and local festivals. The aforementioned events and matches have not solely established the renown of the particular ground, but have also served as indicators of the extensive artistic and cultural proficiencies inherent in the region.

The Mangaung Oval is a manifestation of the rich tradition of cricket and community involvement in South Africa. The aforementioned is emblematic of the nation’s dedication towards sports and cultural manifestations. As the Mangaung Oval plans to stage further matches and events in the coming years, it is poised to augment its venerable history by spurrier generations with its inspirational and captivating attributes.

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