Harare Sports Club

Harare Sports Club


Town: Harare

Capacity: 10000

Team: Zimbabwe national cricket team

Field Size: 65 x 65 meters

The Harare Sports Club Ground, a highly recognized sporting facility located in the heart of Zimbabwe’s bustling capital city, Harare, commands significant significance. The aforementioned establishment is predominantly acknowledged as the abode of Zimbabwe’s cricket squad, and operates as a site for both domestic and worldwide cricket competitions. Furthermore, the location provides a comprehensive range of athletic activities, including various disciplines like rugby and tennis. The location is distinguished by its immaculate turf and a notable background of jacaranda trees, resulting in an alluring environment marked by aesthetic appeal. The Harare Sports Club has transcended its originally intended purpose as a mere athletic facility, and has instead acquired historical significance by virtue of serving as an eyewitness to many critical sporting occasions. Furthermore, aside from serving its primary function, the establishment has undeniably contributed to the progression of sports in the country of Zimbabwe. Cricket, in particular, has largely benefited from this significant achievement.

History of Harare Sports Club

The Harare Sports Club Ground has a noteworthy historical legacy which traces its roots to the latter half of the 19th century. The Salisbury Sports Club, which mirrors the former name of the city prior to its rechristening Harare in 1982, was originally founded in 1900. Over the course of several years, the sports field has undergone a significant transformation and now boasts a comprehensive array of amenities, rendering it capable of accommodating global sporting spectacles.

The international recognition of the cricket ground was heightened when Zimbabwe attained test status in 1992. Since its inauguration, the venue has been the stage for multiple notable sporting events. Several significant occurrences have transpired on the premises, including Zimbabwe’s inaugural Test triumph against Pakistan in 1995 and their remarkable conquest over India in 2001.

Although facing several fluctuations in the Zimbabwean cricket scene, the Harare Sports Club Ground has served as a consistent venue for numerous aspiring cricketers to exhibit their skills. The cricket field in question has been witness to some of the most outstanding displays of batting and bowling in the history of the sport, thereby leaving an indelible mark within its recorded annals.

Nevertheless, the historical significance of the ground extends beyond its association with cricket. Furthermore, the locale has served as the venue for numerous rugby fixtures, including those featuring the Zimbabwean national team. Furthermore, the facility has served as a host location for various tennis competitions, thereby showcasing its versatile potential to accommodate multiple sports.

The Harare Sports Club Ground, which boasts a rich historical legacy, serves as a profound emblem of sportsmanship and tenacity, thereby embodying the sporting ethos of Zimbabwe. This embodies a testament to the nation’s ardor for athletic pursuits and its resolute endeavors in advancing and fostering them, notwithstanding diverse impediments.

Harare Sports Club Records

The Harare Sports Club Stadium, a prominent cricket venue in Zimbabwe, has played host to numerous matches throughout its history. This particular location has served as a crucial site in the progression of Zimbabwean cricket, bearing witness to both peaks and troughs in the nation’s performance within this athletic domain. The stadium harbors numerous records, serving as a testament to the exhilarating cricket fixtures that have taken place on its premises. Each of the aforementioned records proffers a vivid depiction of the tenacity and mastery exhibited by the cricket players at the Harare Sports Club venue.

The Harare Sports Club Stadium has emerged as a significant venue for cricketers to exhibit their skills and teams to forge memorable performances. The observer witnessed the convergence of reputable cricket players and budding talents engaging in competitive clashes, where the result frequently held significant implications. Each match contested at the Harare Sports Club Stadium contributes to the rich and illustrious legacy of this renowned sporting venue.

Harare Sports Club T20 Records

The T20 cricket variant, recognized for its expeditious pace and exhilarating denouements, has witnessed some of its most captivating encounters at the Harare Sports Club Field. Throughout the years, this particular venue has been the chosen location for a multitude of international T20 matches. These matches have featured Zimbabwe in opposition against a variety of cricketing nations. The archives maintained at this venue exhibit a diverse range of results, thereby highlighting the capriciousness that characterizes T20 cricket.

Between 2010 and 2023, the Harare Sports Club Ground has been the site of several noteworthy T20 matches. On June 12, 2010, in the early stages of this timeframe, the inaugural T20 match was documented, which resulted in a triumph for India over Zimbabwe by a margin of six wickets. A noteworthy match occurred on September 16, 2011, in which Pakistan emerged triumphant over Zimbabwe with a commanding lead of 85 runs, thereby highlighting the dominant performance of the Pakistani team at that time.

Over the course of time, the matches exhibited an increasingly enthralling quality. An instance of note is evidenced by the Zimbabwe victory over India on June 18, 2016, by a slender margin of two runs, which notably highlights the intense competition that characterized the encounter. On the 3rd of July 2018, there was a remarkable sporting event in which Australia emerged triumphant over Zimbabwe with a substantial victory margin of 100 runs, thereby demonstrating the exceptional prowess of the Australian team.

In a more contemporary context, Zimbabwe emerged victorious over Ireland by a margin of 4 wickets on January 15, 2023, underscoring the sustained level of competitiveness exhibited by cricket played at the Harare Sports Club Ground. The multifaceted and constantly evolving nature of T20 cricket contested at this location is underscored by the assortment of match outcomes and the varying degrees of winning margins.

Harare Sports Club ODI Records

The Harare Sports Club, a cricket stadium situated in Harare, Zimbabwe, has played host to a multitude of One Day International (ODI) cricket fixtures. As of June 18, 2023, the latest One Day International game conducted at this location constituted a match between Zimbabwe and Nepal, where Zimbabwe emerged victorious by a margin of eight wickets. The cricket field has witnessed numerous matches throughout the years, exhibiting diverse results.

Over the recent years, Harare Sports Club has accommodated numerous cricket teams for their respective ODI tournaments. The participating teams comprise the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India, Ireland, Netherlands, and Nepal. The results of these sporting events have exhibited diversity, as both Zimbabwean and visiting teams have triumphed. As demonstrated in 2019, Zimbabwe achieved noteworthy victories over the United Arab Emirates across various fixtures, with winning margins consisting of 4 runs, 131 runs, and 3 wickets. In spite of their notable achievements, these teams have encountered formidable competition from counterparts such as Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

During their series against Bangladesh that spanned from July 2021 to August 2022, Zimbabwe secured several wins while simultaneously enduring significant losses, including a defeat by a margin of 155 runs in July 2021 and another loss by 105 runs in August 2022. During the month of June in the year 2022, Zimbabwe experienced a considerable challenge against Afghanistan, for the former team failed to clinch any of the three matches, losing each match by substantial margins.

In August 2022, the cricket series featuring Zimbabwe and India presented a formidable challenge, as Zimbabwe suffered defeat in all three matches. In January of 2023, the team successfully recovered from a previous setback and gained ground against Ireland. The team’s performance in this regard consisted of one triumph, one defeat, and one game which resulted in no conclusion for reasons that remain unspecified. In March 2023, Zimbabwe secured two triumphs and encountered a sole loss in their encounters with the Netherlands.

The demonstration of cricket performance at the Harare Sports Club highlights the capricious and exhilarating essence of the sport. The playing field has served as a venue for cricket matches characterized by high scores, closely contested competitions, and instances wherein the Zimbabwean cricket team exhibited strong determination and remarkable recovery skills.

Harare Sports Club Events

The Harare Sports Club has established itself as a prominent center for cricket competitions, serving as the venue for a considerable number of One Day International (ODI) and Twenty20 International (T20I) matches. The T20I series matches of the club exhibit a noteworthy trend of stimulating clashes that occur between the Zimbabwean team and a range of visiting teams.

Zimbabwe has participated in T20I matches against prominent cricket teams including India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Ireland.

In instances where Zimbabwe contested against India, an assortment of outcomes ensued, including a pair of triumphs in the years 2015 and 2016, albeit accompanied by setbacks in some contests. The series involving Pakistan was characterized by a consistent pattern of alternating triumphs between the competing teams across several contests.

The T20I match performances exhibited by Zimbabwe have displayed a degree of irregularity; however, there are indications of progression. In the context of the cricket series played in January 2023, Zimbabwe emerged victorious in two out of the three matches contested against Ireland. The team demonstrated commendable performance in their matches against Bangladesh and Afghanistan during 2022, successfully securing multiple wins.

The Harare Sports Club persists as a key arena for global cricket tournaments, fostering opportunities for the Zimbabwean cricket team to participate in matches against diverse teams hailing from different nations. The arena in question is not merely a cricket ground, rather it is also a hub where principles of good sportsmanship, competition, and companionship hold sway.


Harare Sports Club is located in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe.
The capacity of Harare Sports Club is 10,000.
The field size of Harare Sports Club is 65 x 65 meters.
The Zimbabwe national cricket team is the home team at Harare Sports Club.
Harare Sports Club also hosts rugby and tennis events.
Yes, Harare Sports Club has a noteworthy historical legacy and has witnessed many critical sporting occasions.
Some notable cricket matches include Zimbabwe's inaugural Test triumph against Pakistan in 1995 and their victory over India in 2001.
Several teams, including India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Ireland, UAE, Netherlands, and Nepal, have played T20 matches at Harare Sports Club.


Ultimately, the Harare Sports Club in Zimbabwe has displayed exceptional capability as a location for hosting international cricket, having facilitated numerous T20I and ODI matches throughout its tenure. The Zimbabwean cricket team has experienced a range of triumphs and setbacks in their athletic endeavors, a narrative that is evident in the physical terrain that serves as the backdrop for their matches. Notably, the team has achieved momentous wins and suffered challenging losses against various global competitors, a testament to their resilience and tenacity.

Over the past few years, several nations, including India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Ireland, UAE, Netherlands, and Nepal, have visited the Harare Sports Club for both Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) and One Day Internationals (ODIs). The Zimbabwean squad has exhibited a remarkable level of perseverance and tenacity, having succeeded in securing victories against illustrious adversaries whilst also drawing valuable lessons from their setbacks.

The statistical outcomes of the T20I and ODI matches held at the Harare Sports Club serve to not only illustrate the fiercely competitive nature of global cricket, but also to underscore the significant advances and progressions made by the Zimbabwean cricket squad. Although facing formidable opponents, they have exhibited their proficiency in delivering enthralling displays and clinching triumphs.

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