Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium

Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium


Town: Abu Dhabi

Capacity: 20000

Team: UAE Cricket Team, Afghanistan Cricket Team

Field Size: 60 x 70 meters

The Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium represents an esteemed cricketing venue within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Located in the city of Abu Dhabi, which is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, this impressive architectural structure is renowned for its cutting-edge amenities, verdant playing fields, and a dynamic ambiance that is especially palpable during cricket matches. The arena has been designated with the name of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the initiator and initial ruler of the United Arab Emirates, who gained respect and recognition for his inventive efforts towards the progressive development of the nation. This exemplar locus for cricket serves as evidence of the nation’s fervent fondness for the sport, which has progressively grown in prominence within the region throughout the years.

History of Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium

The historical origins of the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium can be traced to the initial decades of the 21st century. The month of May in the year 2004 bore witness to a momentous event, namely the inauguration of a facility that underscored the unyielding dedication of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to advancing the sport of cricket, both domestically and globally. The construction of the stadium formed a constituent aspect of an overarching scheme geared towards the enhancement of sports-related infrastructure within the country and the advancement of Abu Dhabi’s reputation as a prime locale for global sporting competitions.

Since its establishment, the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium has served as a prominent venue for numerous noteworthy cricket contests. Within a year of its inauguration, the aforementioned venue successfully accommodated its premiere international cricket match featuring India and Pakistan in April 2005, thereby solidifying its position within the global landscape of cricket. The aforementioned game forms a constituent element of the on-going bilateral series between two prominent cricketing nations. The large turnout of several thousands of fans in attendance, gave rise to an exceptional aura coalescing with the stadium’s notoriety, in the process establishing a benchmark of sorts.

Over the course of time, the aforementioned stadium has had the pleasure of accommodating cricket teams hailing from different parts of the world alongside being designated as the venue for a diverse range of tournaments. The aforementioned sporting events encompass the Indian Premier League (IPL), the Pakistan Super League (PSL), as well as global Test, One Day International (ODI), and Twenty20 fixtures. The cricket stadium has emerged as a popular choice for hosting cricket events, especially in instances where home countries face challenges in organizing matches due to diverse factors such as security issues or measures resulting from pandemics.

The design of the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium is a noteworthy characteristic. The stadium presents a distinctive circular configuration, in contrast to the conventional oval layout frequently observed in cricket arenas. Through the implementation of this design, all attendees are afforded an unobstructed perspective of the game regardless of their location within the stadium. The estimated seating capacity of the venue is around 20,000 individuals, however, the collective fervor and enthusiasm of the attendees engenders an overpowering impression of a greater multitude.

The Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium plays an integral role in facilitating growth and advancement of cricket in the United Arab Emirates. The aforementioned venue serves not only as an international cricket platform, but also functions as a central location for fostering local cricket talent. This is facilitated through a multitude of domestic tournaments and cricket academies that are hosted within the premises. The chronicle of the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium remains in progress, however, its profound influence on cricket within the United Arab Emirates and beyond is irrefutable.

Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium Records

The Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium has served as a prominent stage for a multitude of cricketing accomplishments over the years, thereby attesting to the top-notch caliber of matches that this venue has consistently accommodated. Ever since its inauguration, the stadium has served as the picturesque setting for a plethora of noteworthy performances, ranging from exceptional individual accomplishments, marked by the smashing of records, to historic wins achieved by awe-inspiring teams.

The batting records manifested at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium are notably commendable. Numerous instances have been recorded wherein batsmen have successfully scored double centuries in Test matches, indicating favorable conditions for batting on the pitch. The highest individual score achieved in a Test match at the given venue is a remarkable double century that aptly demonstrates the exceptional endurance and skill of the respective batsman. In the context of One Day Internationals (ODIs), centuries are a frequently observed phenomenon, wherein a batsman manages to accumulate a noteworthy score of 100 runs or more. It is an exceptional feat for a player to surpass the score of 150 runs, thus marking a remarkable achievement in the cricketing world.

The Sheikh Zayed Stadium has achieved commendable bowling records of equal significance. The pitch has demonstrated favorable conditions for both pace and spin bowling, eliciting a notable number of instances in which various bowlers have secured five-wicket hauls in a single innings. The venue boasts a remarkable achievement of spellbinding performance, with more than eight wickets taken in a Test innings while conceding fewer than 50 runs, constituting the current record for the best bowling figures. In One Day International cricket, the most notable bowling statistics are characterized by an exceptional performance resulting in the acquisition of six wickets, generally accompanied by a minimal count of runs.

The Sheikh Zayed Stadium boasts the highest team totals in both Test and ODI formats as per documented records. The uppermost aggregated score made by a team in a Test match at the location is of a considerable magnitude, exceeding 600 runs. Similarly, the maximum collective score achieved by a team in an ODI is of an enormous magnitude, surpassing 350 runs. The stadium has witnessed several intense conclusions, marked by an abundance of matches that have been determined in the ultimate over or even the ultimate delivery.

Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium T20 Records

The Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium has been a site of exciting Twenty20 (T20) cricket matches, particularly in the abbreviated format of the sport. The locale in question has been the site of numerous T20 contests, notably encompassing both the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Pakistan Super League (PSL), resulting in a considerable quantity of records established as well as surpassed.

The Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium boasts a noteworthy T20 record in regard to the highest individual score. The aforementioned achievement involves a remarkable performance of scoring over 100 runs in a single innings in the T20 format. This feat is considered infrequent due to the restricted number of overs allocated in this particular cricket format. The duration of this innings, characterized by a considerable number of occurrences of boundaries and sixes, imbued observers with a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation which persisted until the conclusion of the match.

Bowlers have demonstrated their prowess in T20 matches at the esteemed Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium. The optimal bowling statistics recorded in a T20 match at the given location is an exceptional performance of achieving more than five wickets while conceding less than 20 runs, undoubtedly indicating the level of expertise possessed by the bowler paired with the favorable conditions of the pitch that facilitates bowling.

In relation to team performance metrics, the most prodigious accumulation of runs in a T20 match at the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium is documented as exceeding the significant milestone of 200 runs. The team’s ability to attain such a score in the limited-overs format is indicative of their exceptional batting ability, as well as the elevated scoring tendencies present within the locus of the matches. Contrarily, the stadium has also witnessed gripping contests resulting in low-scoring affairs, whereby the minimum aggregate attained by a team was effectively defended.

The Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium is an important site for T20 cricket, offering players a platform to exhibit their skills and establish unprecedented achievements. The history of the stadium is replete with notable T20 performances and occurrences, substantially contributing to its global standing as an exemplary cricketing facility.

Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium IPL Records

The Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium has served as the venue for several Indian Premier League (IPL) encounters, with a notable legacy tracing back to the year 2014. The Indian Premier League (IPL) has frequently found a residence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), especially in light of disturbances such as the global COVID-19 outbreak. As of present, the stadium has accommodated a cumulative of 29 Indian Premier League (IPL) matches, showcasing numerous renowned displays by both batsmen and bowlers.

Suryakumar Yadav occupies the foremost position among the batsmen with the most runs at this particular venue, with a total of 413 runs amassed in 11 matches, which notably comprise three half-centuries. Additionally, Yadav’s performance is marked by an impressive strike rate of 165. 2 Shikhar Dhawan, having played a mere six matches, has accomplished a notable feat of scoring a total of 279 runs, accompanied by an impressive average of 55. Furthermore, he follows behind the aforementioned individual. The roster of the top five run-scorers includes the names of Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, and Devdutt Paddikal, all of whom have showcased outstanding performances at the stadium.

Jasprit Bumrah has demonstrated prowess in the bowling department by securing the highest number of wickets at the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium in the Indian Premier League matches. The individual in question has achieved a notable tally of 13 wickets across 8 matches played. This accomplishment is further complimented by the individual’s remarkable economy rate of 6. 66 Kagiso Rabada and Sunil Narine have accumulated 12 and 11 wickets, respectively, thereby closely trailing one another.

In the discipline of fielding, Quinton de Kock and MS Dhoni have registered the greatest figures for dismissals, as each player has accumulated 10 dismissals to their credit. The subsequent players on the list of dismissals include Faf du Plessis with 7 and AB de Villiers with 6.

Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium ODI Records

The Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium situated in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates has emerged as a notable destination for One Day International (ODI) cricket fixtures since its establishment in 2004. While I possess some historical records up until my knowledge threshold in September of 2021, the retrieval of the latest records would necessitate a comprehensive search. At the time of my most recent report, the stadium had facilitated a multitude of matches, exhibiting notable achievements.

The sporting venue has garnered a reputation for its propensity to yield elevated scoring outcomes, primarily attributable to the flat topography of its playing surfaces and the relatively compact dimensions of its perimeters. Cricket players hailing from various regions of the world have taken advantage of the favorable conditions presented to attain notable individual and collective tallies. As of the most recent update, the record for the largest team aggregate score in a One Day International (ODI) at this venue belongs to Pakistan, who achieved an impressive 329/6 against Bangladesh during the 2014 match.

At the individual level, Rohit Sharma of India achieved the highest ODI score at this particular venue, exemplified by his outstanding attainment of 162 runs against the West Indies during the year 2018. Within the realm of cricket’s bowling sector, Rashid Khan of Afghanistan holds the unprecedented distinction of achieving the most exceptional bowling figures in one innings. Specifically, during a match against West Indies in 2017, Rashid Khan successfully seized a total of seven wickets by expending a mere 18 runs.

Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium Events

The Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium, characterized by its state-of-the-art amenities and a seating capacity surpassing 20,000, has functioned as the primary location for a plethora of sporting and non-sporting events. The stadium has become a prominent site for various events in the United Arab Emirates, including intercontinental cricket matches, musical performances, and cultural celebrations.

The stadium has conventionally functioned as a standard location for hosting international cricket matches involving teams hailing from varied geographical regions. The aforementioned venue has functioned as the primary site of assorted forms of international cricket, encompassing Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and T20 Internationals. Moreover, in addition to serving as an arena for international cricket competitions, the stadium has been enlisted as a venue for domestic matches by the Pakistani national team due to the constraints they face when hosting games within their own territory.

The stadium has served as the venue for significant cricket leagues. During its relocation to the United Arab Emirates, one of the venues was earmarked for the Indian Premier League (IPL) in response to the COVID-19 related restrictions imposed in India. Moreover, the stadium has functioned as a venue for matches in both the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and the T10 League. This highlights the versatility of the venue as a platform for diverse forms of cricket.

The Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium has been utilized as a venue for a diverse array of athletic and musical gatherings, aside from its primary function as a cricket arena. The location has provided support for a range of football matches, encompassing a series of distinctive exhibition matches of note. The stadium has functioned as a venue for a multifarious array of consequential concerts and cultural revelries, encompassing exhibitions by adroit artists and music ensembles of international renown.


The Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates.
The stadium has a seating capacity of over 20,000 spectators.
The UAE Cricket Team and the Afghanistan Cricket Team are the home teams that play their matches at the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium.
The stadium was inaugurated in May 2004 as part of the UAE's efforts to enhance sports infrastructure and establish Abu Dhabi as a global sporting destination. It has since hosted numerous international cricket matches and prestigious tournaments.
The stadium has witnessed remarkable individual achievements, including double centuries in Test matches and centuries in One Day Internationals. It has also seen outstanding bowling performances, with bowlers securing five-wicket hauls and even achieving more than eight wickets in a Test innings while conceding fewer than 50 runs.
The stadium has been a venue for the Indian Premier League (IPL), Pakistan Super League (PSL), and T10 League matches, showcasing top-tier T20 cricket.
Yes, the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium has been utilized for various non-cricketing events, including football matches, concerts, and cultural celebrations, making it a versatile venue for diverse entertainment activities.
The stadium serves as a central location for fostering local cricket talent, hosting domestic tournaments and cricket academies. It has played a crucial role in promoting and nurturing the growth of cricket in the United Arab Emirates.


In summary, the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium represents the United Arab Emirates’ unwavering passion towards the sport of cricket and its steadfast dedication towards advancing the sport on a worldwide level. The stadium’s modern amenities, storied legacy of notable fixtures, and pivotal contribution to the development of regional athletes collectively elevate its status as an exemplar of acclaimed cricketing prowess. The Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium serves as a noteworthy emblem of the ability of sports to promote unity and inspiration, whether in the capacity of hosting exhilarating competitions or as a hub for cultural and sporting activities.

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