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International T20 2022 - 42nd Match T20 World Cup
(116.10) Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
(186.5) India Zimbabwe
Melbourne Cricket Ground 06.11.2022
India 186.5 (20)
One Day International 2022 - 1st ODI Match
(189.10) Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
(192.0) India Zimbabwe
Harare Sports Club 18.08.2022
India 192.0 (30.5)
One Day International 2022 - 2nd ODI Match
(161.10) Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
(167.5) India Zimbabwe
Harare Sports Club 20.08.2022
India 167.5 (25.4)
One Day International 2022 - 3rd ODI Match
(276.10) Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
(289.8) India Zimbabwe
Harare Sports Club 22.08.2022
India 289.8 (50)

Head To Head Stats Zimbabwe VS India


Zimbabwe India
Win 2 6
Lose 6 2
Draft 0 0
Highest Score 170 186


Zimbabwe India
Win 6 36
Lose 36 6
Draft 1 1
Highest Score 289 333

About Zimbabwe VS India

The cricket matches between India and Zimbabwe have commonly been regarded as unbalanced encounters, with India historically possessing a stronger team. Nevertheless, these matches provide significant opportunities for conducting experiments and identifying emerging talents. In the highly anticipated T20 World Cup 2022 encounter held at the prestigious Melbourne Cricket Ground, India emerged triumphant in a convincing manner. They attained a commendable total of 186 for 5 in their allotted 20 overs, displaying remarkable competitiveness. Subsequently, they efficiently dismissed the Zimbabwean team for a meager 115 runs. The event served as a platform for emerging Indian players to exhibit their skills, while Zimbabwean players were afforded the invaluable opportunity to gain experience in confronting a formidable cricketing powerhouse on the international arena.

In the realm of One Day International (ODI) cricket, the August 2022 series held at Harare Sports Club witnessed a favorable outcome for the Indian team. Each of the three matches presented distinct scenarios: in the first encounter, India effortlessly met their target without a single loss of wicket, the second entailed a swifter chase combined with the loss of five wickets, and the third witnessed both teams scoring over 250 runs, whereby India narrowly emerged as victors against Zimbabwe. The series presented a valuable opportunity for Zimbabwe to refine their strategies and skills through competing against a high-caliber opponent. Similarly, for India, it functioned as a platform to assess the depth of their team and experiment with different tactical approaches. Both participating teams yielded valuable insights, thereby elevating the significance of the series beyond mere numerical representation on a scoreboard.

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