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ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 24th Match
(399/8) Australia Australia
(90/10) Netherlands Australia
Arun Jaitley Stadium 25.10.2023
Australia Win 399.8 (50)
ICC World Cup 2007
(358/5) Australia Australia
(129/10) Netherlands Australia
Warner Park 18.03.2007
Australia Win (358.5(50)
ICC World Cup 2003
(170/2) Australia Australia
(122/10) Netherlands Australia
‘Senews Park’ 02.02.2003
Australia Win 170/2 (36)

Head To Head Stats Australia vs Netherlands

ODI Stats

Australia Netherlands
Win 3 0
Lose 0 3
Draft 0 0
Highest Score 399 129

About Australia vs Netherlands

Australia vs Netherlands cricket matches offer a unique blend of cricketing styles and cultural diversity on the field. Australia, as a cricketing powerhouse, carries with it a legacy of success and dominance in the sport. With a history marked by numerous accolades and a formidable lineup of world-class players, they often enter these matches as favorites.

In contrast, the Netherlands cricket team, while not as renowned on the international stage, represents a nation that passionately embraces the game. Their participation in global tournaments brings an element of surprise and excitement, as they seek to challenge the established cricketing order.

The rarity of encounters between these two teams adds to the allure of these matches, as cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the clash of styles and strategies. Australia’s experience and professionalism are pitted against the Netherlands’ enthusiasm and determination, making for intriguing contests that capture the essence of cricket as a global sport.

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