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ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 ODI 14th Match
(209) Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
(215.5) Australia Sri Lanka
Lucknow 16.10.2023
Australia 215.5 (50)
One Day International 2023 - Super Sixes Match Cricket World Cup Qualifiers
(243.10) Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
(244.2) Australia Sri Lanka
Harare Sports Club 07.07.2023
Sri Lanka 244.2 (44.2)
Test Match 2022 - Sri Lanka vs Australia 1st Test
(212.10) Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
(321.10) Australia Sri Lanka
Galle International Stadium 29.06.2022
Australia 321.10 (70.5)
Test Match 2022 - Sri Lanka vs Australia 2nd Test
(554.10) Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
(364.10) Australia Sri Lanka
Galle International Stadium 08.07.2022
Sri Lanka 554/10 (181)
International T20 2022 - 19th Match T20 World Cup
(157.6) Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
(158.3) Australia Sri Lanka
Perth Stadium 25.10.2022
Australia 158.3 (16.3)

Head To Head Stats Sri Lanka VS Australia


Sri Lanka Australia
Win 19 18
Lose 18 19
Draft 5 5
Highest Score 345 360

Test Match

Sri Lanka Australia
Win 5 16
Lose 16 5
Draft 5 5
Highest Score 554 617


Sri Lanka Australia
Win 10 16
Lose 16 10
Draft 0 0
Highest Score 198 263

About Sri Lanka VS Australia

In recent times, there has been a notable cricketing competition between Sri Lanka and Australia, which has resulted in captivating matches across various formats. Test matches between Sri Lanka and Australia have frequently showcased divergent cricketing ideologies and conditions, with Sri Lanka’s spin-friendly pitches contrasting Australia’s fast and lively surfaces. The contrast between different aspects was vividly showcased during the 2022 Test series. In the initial encounter held at Galle, Australia exhibited dominance over Sri Lanka, whereas the subsequent Test witnessed a reversal of fortunes, as Sri Lanka emerged victorious in a comprehensive fashion. Both teams successfully exploited their respective home advantages to deliver notable displays, showcasing the equilibrium of power inherent in this longstanding cricket competition.

In the condensed variation of the game known as T20Is, both countries have manifested their expertise during the year 2022. Australia showcased its prowess during the T20 World Cup encounter and subsequent series of bilateral matches. Sri Lanka, nevertheless, emerged victorious in the ultimate contest of the bilateral T20 series, thereby solidifying their credentials and dismissing any notion of underestimation. The contests encompass more than mere physical exchanges between bat and ball, instead serving as a testament to the continuous development of tactics, strategies, and exceptional abilities expressed by individuals on either side. The power-hitting Australian cricketers frequently encounter the cleverly diverse bowling variations employed by Sri Lanka, resulting in a captivating and intriguing sporting exhibition.

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