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ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 ODI 21st Match
(274.6) India India
(273.10) New Zealand India
Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium 22.10.2023
India 274.6 (48)
One Day International 2023 - India vs New Zealand 1st ODI
(349.8) India India
(337.10) New Zealand India
Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium 18.01.2023
India 349.8 (50)
One Day International 2023 - India vs New Zealand 2nd ODI
(111.2) India India
(108.10) New Zealand India
Raipur International Cricket Stadium 21.01.2023
India 111.2 (20.1)
One Day International 2023 - India vs New Zealand 3rd ODI
(385.9) India India
(295.10) New Zealand India
Holkar Cricket Stadium 24.01.2023
India 385.9 (50)
One Day International 2022 - New Zealand vs India 1st ODI
(306.7) India India
(309.3) New Zealand India
Eden Park 25.11.2022
New Zealand 309.3 (47.1)

Head To Head Stats India VS New Zealand


India New Zealand
Win 39 33
Lose 33 39
Draft 9 9
Highest Score 392 349


India New Zealand
Win 14 10
Lose 10 14
Draft 3 3
Highest Score 234 219

Test Match

India New Zealand
Win 13 7
Lose 7 13
Draft 21 21
Highest Score 566 503

About India VS New Zealand

The cricketing rivalry existing between India and New Zealand encompasses various forms of the game, ranging from traditional Test matches to the rapid-paced T20 competitions. India, renowned for its cricketing heritage deeply entrenched in tradition, boasts a populace that reveres the sport as an almost spiritual affair. Consequently, the nation has long been perceived as a dominant force within the cricket arena. New Zealand, renowned for its exemplary sportsmanship and rigorous adherence to discipline, is widely recognized as a profoundly competitive and multifaceted nation in the realm of cricket. Contests held between the respective nations frequently act as a transformative platform that invites proficient athletes and burgeoning talents alike. The divergent approaches to cricket exhibited by India’s flamboyance and New Zealand’s meticulous precision culminate in a captivating spectacle.

India possesses a formidable reservoir of skill in both the batting and bowling aspects of cricket, yet its on-field displays are frequently delineated by dynamic and forceful batting, discerning spin bowling, and fervent fielding. In contrast, New Zealand is widely acknowledged for its well-rounded team composition, formidable fast bowling capabilities, and tactically astute gameplay. The anticipated encounters between India and New Zealand, encompassing both the renowned Test matches and the exhilarating One Day Internationals and T20s, evoke excitement among fans worldwide. These matches not only provide a superior level of cricket but also encompass the ethos and principles intimately linked with the sport.

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