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ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 ODI 20th Match
(170.10) England England
(399.7) South Africa England
Wankhede Stadium 21.10.2023
South Africa 399.7(50)
South Africa vs England 3rd ODI Match 2023
(246.7) England England
(287.10) South Africa England
De Beers Diamond Oval 01.02.2023
England 346.7 (50)
South Africa vs England 2nd ODI Match 2023
(342.7) England England
(347.5) South Africa England
Chevrolet Park 29.01.2023
South Africa 347.5 (49.1)
South Africa vs England 1st ODI Match 2023
(271.10) England England
(298.7) South Africa England
Chevrolet Park 27.01.2023
South Africa 298.7 (50)
England vs South Africa 3rd T20 Match 2022
(101.10) England England
(191.5) South Africa England
The Rose Bowl 31.07.2022
South Africa 191.5 (20)

Head To Head Stats England VS South Africa


England South Africa
Win 25 19
Lose 19 25
Draft 8 8
Highest Score 399 354

Test Match

England South Africa
Win 66 35
Lose 35 66
Draft 55 55
Highest Score 604 682


England South Africa
Win 12 12
Lose 12 12
Draft 2 2
Highest Score 234 241

About England VS South Africa

The historical record of cricket showcases a captivating narrative of extraordinary ability and captivating suspense in the enduring rivalry between England and South Africa. Based on the data provided, it is evident that a recurring pattern of alternating successes and failures can be observed in the performance of both nations in different cricket formats, including Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 (T20) matches. The high-scoring encounters, which implicitly reflect the strong batting line-ups of both teams, are particularly notable. The level of competition rarely fails to impress, regardless of whether it is a Test cricket match held at the renowned Lord’s Cricket Ground or a T20 contest conducted under the illuminated floodlights of Newlands.

England appears to have achieved a slight advantage in the T20 format, whereas South Africa has demonstrated notable resilience, particularly in the ODIs. Over the course of time, encounters between these formidable cricketing adversaries have ensued at distinguished locations, each presenting its own array of difficulties and prospects. The locations, ranging from Chevrolet Park to The Oval, have exhibited a diverse array of settings, mirroring the heterogeneous nature of the achieved results. The fluctuating pitch conditions, which are subject to the influence of both the English weather and the South African climate, have substantially impacted the determination of the winners. Therefore, every encounter encompasses more than a mere collision between two teams; it also entails contending with the external factors and inherent peculiarities of the particular sport involved.

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