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West Indies vs India 1st ODI Match 2023
(118.5) India India
(114.10) West Indies India
Kensington Oval 27.07.2023
India 118.5 (22.5)
West Indies vs India 2nd ODI Match 2023
(181.10) India India
(182.4) West Indies India
Kensington Oval 29.07.2023
West Indies 182.4 (36.4)
West Indies vs India 3rd ODI Match 2023
(351.5) India India
(151.10) West Indies India
Brian Lara Stadium 01.08.2023
India 351.5 (50)
West Indies vs India 1st ODI Match 2022
(308.7) India India
(305.6) West Indies India
Queens Park Oval 22.07.2022
India 308.7 (50)
West Indies vs India 1st Test Match 2023
(421.5) India India
(150.10) West Indies India
Windsor Park 12.07.2023
India 421.5 (152.2)

Head To Head Stats India VS West Indies


India West Indies
Win 56 27
Lose 27 56
Draft 7 7
Highest Score 418 324

Test Match

India West Indies
Win 17 14
Lose 14 17
Draft 27 27
Highest Score 649 631


India West Indies
Win 19 10
Lose 10 19
Draft 1 1
Highest Score 244 245

About India VS West Indies

The enduring cricketing rivalry between India and the West Indies is characterized by a rich history, infused with encounters across diverse formats of the game that have transpired over the years. In various forms of cricket matches such as Tests, ODIs, and T20s, the engagements frequently present a vibrant depiction of contrasting methodologies. India’s proficiency in technical aspects is juxtaposed against the West Indies’ inclination towards flamboyance and athleticism. The confrontations they engage in represent a substantial depiction of the captivating elements inherent in contemporary cricket: the elegant amalgamation of custodial customs and inventive approaches, in which conventional strategies associated with test cricket frequently transform into vibrant T20 tactics. These competitions have been held in various venues, encompassing Kensington Oval in Barbados to Narendra Modi Stadium in India, each characterized by distinct pitch conditions and enthusiastic local fanbase, thereby introducing an additional element of intricacy and thrill.

The volatile successes and failures experienced by both teams in recent times, as evidenced by the varying scores achieved throughout series, contribute to the anticipation and intrigue surrounding each new encounter. In recent matches, the exemplary performance of India’s formidable batting lineup and resolute bowling has consistently guaranteed victories. Conversely, the West Indian players have demonstrated their immense capabilities by exhibiting powerful hitting and highly effective bowling in alternative games. These games not only serve as a testament to the exceptional capabilities of the players but also emphasize the team tactics that contribute to the captivating nature of cricket. The India-West Indies cricketing saga possesses an oscillating narrative, with fluctuating scales that can tilt favorably towards either side at any given juncture. This elements fosters a sense of anticipation among both fans and pundits, sparking eagerness for the forthcoming chapters of this enthralling tale.

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