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Asia Cup 2022 - 4th Match
(192.2) India India
(152.5) Hong Kong India
Dubai International Cricket Stadium 31.08.2022
India 192.2 (20)
Asia Cup 2018 - 4th Match
(285.7) India India
(259.8) Hong Kong India
Dubai International Cricket Stadium 18.09.2018
India 285.7 (50)
4th ODI Match 2008
(374.4) India India
(118.10) Hong Kong India
National Stadium 25.05.2008
India 374.4 (50)

Head To Head Stats India VS Hong Kong


India Hong Kong
Win 1 0
Lose 0 1
Draft 0 0
Highest Score 192 152


India Hong Kong
Win 2 0
Lose 0 2
Draft 0 0
Highest Score 374 259

About India VS Hong Kong

The one-day international cricket matches between India and Hong Kong have demonstrated contrasting levels of cricketing expertise, with particular emphasis on the Asia Cup fixtures. In the 2018 iteration, held at the renowned Dubai International Cricket Stadium, India successfully attained triumph by accumulating a score of 285/7 against the vigorous 259/8 of Hong Kong. India emerged as the triumphant party in the mentioned scenario, however, the performance of Hong Kong captured attention and offered a glimpse into the developing talent and potential exhibited by associate member cricketing nations. The competitive encounter exceeded expectations and provided valuable insight for both teams.

In stark contrast, the 2008 one-day international encounter between these two nations proved to be significantly lopsided in nature. The match occurred at the National Stadium, where the Indian cricket team achieved a remarkable total of 374 runs, with only four wickets lost. In contrast, Hong Kong’s batting lineup was unable to perform effectively, resulting in their dismissal for a meager 118 runs. The aforementioned lopsided encounter highlighted India’s esteemed position within the realm of international cricket, while concurrently shedding light on the obstacles and developmental exigencies confronting Hong Kong’s cricket facilities. The contest primarily served as an opportunity to discern the substantial discrepancies that may arise within the realm of international cricket, rather than being centered around a conventional competitive event.

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