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ICC Cricket World 2023 Cup ODI 23th Match
(382.5) South Africa South Africa
(233) Bangladesh South Africa
Wankhede Stadium 24.10.2023
South Africa 382.5 (46.4)
International T20 World Cup 2022
(205.5) South Africa South Africa
(101.10) Bangladesh South Africa
Sydney Cricket Ground 27.10.2022
South Africa 205.5 (20)
International T20 World Cup 2021
(86.4) South Africa South Africa
(84.10) Bangladesh South Africa
Sheikh Zayed Stadium 02.11.2021
South Africa 86.4 (13.3)
International T20 Match 2017
(195.4) South Africa South Africa
(175.9) Bangladesh South Africa
Chevrolet Park 28.10.2017
South Africa 195.4 (20)
International T20 Match 2017
(224.5) South Africa South Africa
(141.10) Bangladesh South Africa
Senwes Park 29.10.2017
South Africa 224.4 (20)

Head To Head Stats South Africa VS Bangladesh


South Africa Bangladesh
Win 8 0
Lose 0 8
Draft 0 0
Highest Score 224 175

About South Africa VS Bangladesh

The ongoing T20 international matches between South Africa and Bangladesh are steadily manifesting themselves as an intriguing narrative. These nations have congregated in multiple iterations of the T20 World Cup, as well as bilateral series, providing a plethora of reminiscences ranging from spectacular individual displays to collective endeavors. The preceding example demonstrates South Africa’s remarkable performance against Bangladesh, as they clearly exhibited their versatility in adapting to diverse pitch environments during the T20 World Cup matches held in 2021 at Sheikh Zayed Stadium and in 2022 at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

In the sequence of games spanning from 2017, the two entities have exhibited divergent outcomes. South Africa has consistently demonstrated their competence in both batting and bowling, particularly in matches held at Chevrolet Park and Senwes Park, where they have achieved scores exceeding 200 runs. In contrast, Bangladesh has experienced a lesser degree of success, exhibiting difficulties in pursuing formidable targets as well as safeguarding more modest ones. The team’s difficulty in maintaining the level of intensity set by South Africa is unmistakable in the final scorelines, which frequently exhibit a substantial disparity between the two sides.

The appealing aspect of this rivalry lies in the latent potential emanating from Bangladesh. Despite facing significant challenges, Bangladesh is currently experiencing a positive trajectory, characterized by the emergence of promising talents who possess the potential to redefine the existing status quo. In their persistent endeavors to optimize their T20I strategies, engagements with seasoned competitors such as South Africa confer invaluable learning opportunities. The ongoing rivalry between these two cricketing nations presents a valuable opportunity for Bangladesh to assess and enhance their developing set of skills, while simultaneously providing South Africa with a chance to explore and refine their own strategies.

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