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Bangladesh Tour of New Zealand 2023 1st ODI Match
(200/9) Bangladesh Bangladesh
(239/7) New Zealand Bangladesh
University Oval 17.12.2023
New Zealand Win 239/7 (30)
Bangladesh Tour of New Zealand 2023 2nd ODI Match
(291/10) Bangladesh Bangladesh
(296/3) New Zealand Bangladesh
Saxton Oval 20.12.2023
New Zealand 296/3 (46.2)
Bangladesh Tour of New Zealand 2023 3rd ODI Match
(99/1) Bangladesh Bangladesh
(98/10) New Zealand Bangladesh
McLean Park 23.12.2023
Bangladesh Win 99/1 (15.1)
ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 11th ODI Match
(245/9) Bangladesh Bangladesh
(248/2) New Zealand Bangladesh
MA Chidambaram Stadium 13.10.2023
New Zealand 248/2 (42.5)

Head To Head Stats Bangladesh vs New Zealand

ODI Stats

Bangladesh New Zealand
Win 10 29
Lose 29 10
Draft 2 2
Highest Score 309 338

Test Stats

Bangladesh New Zealand
Win 2 14
Lose 14 2
Draft 4 4
Highest Score 595 715

About Bangladesh vs New Zealand

Bangladesh and New Zealand have a notable history in international cricket, marked by a series of competitive matches across various formats including Test, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is). These encounters are part of the broader landscape of international cricket, where teams from different nations compete in bilateral series and global tournaments.

Historically, New Zealand has been one of the stronger cricketing nations, with a well-established domestic structure and a history of success in international cricket. The team is known for its disciplined approach, innovative strategies, and a roster of players who have made significant impacts on the global stage. New Zealand’s cricketing ethos emphasizes teamwork and resilience, traits that have earned them respect in the cricketing world.

Bangladesh, on the other hand, is a relatively newer entrant into the international cricket arena but has shown remarkable progress over the years. Having gained Test status in 2000, Bangladesh’s cricket team has evolved significantly, transitioning from underdogs to a competitive side capable of challenging the best teams in the world. Their journey is characterized by a passionate fanbase and a growing pool of talented players who have consistently improved their skills and competitiveness.

Matches between Bangladesh and New Zealand are often intriguing due to the contrasting styles and strengths of the two teams. New Zealand’s experience and tactical acumen are typically balanced against the enthusiasm and evolving skill set of the Bangladeshi side. In ODIs and T20Is, Bangladesh has shown the ability to pull off upsets, reflecting their growth in limited-overs cricket. Test matches, however, have seen New Zealand typically maintaining an upper hand, leveraging their experience in the longest format of the game.

These encounters are not just about winning or losing; they are also about the exchange of cultures, the spirit of competitiveness, and the mutual respect between the players and fans of both nations. Each match adds a chapter to their ongoing cricketing story, enriching the tapestry of international cricket with new narratives and memorable moments.

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