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ICC Womens T20 World Cup 2023
(3.151) India Women India Women
(4.149) Pakistan Women India Women
Newlands 12.02.2023
India Women 3.151 (19)
Womens Twenty20 Asia Cup 2022
(234) India Women India Women
(6.137) Pakistan Women India Women
Sylhet International Cricket Stadium 07.10.2022
Pakistan Women 6.137 (20)
Commonwealth Games Womens Cricket Competition 2022
(2.102) India Women India Women
(99) Pakistan Women India Women
Edgbaston 31.07.2022
India Women 2.102 (11.4)
ICC Womens T20 World Cup 2018
(3.137) India Women India Women
(7.133) Pakistan Women India Women
Providence Stadium 11.11.2018
India Women 3.137 (19)
Womens Twenty20 Asia Cup 2018
(5.121) India Women India Women
(6.104) Pakistan Women India Women
Kinrara Academy Oval 09.06.2018
India Women 5.121 (20)

Head To Head Stats India VS Pakistan Women’s

Women’s International IT20

India Women Pakistan Women
Win 11 3
Lose 3 11
Draft 1 1
Highest Score 1466 1401

About India VS Pakistan Women’s

The rivalry between India and Pakistan in women’s cricket has emerged as a captivating spectacle, frequently reminiscent of the fervent and longstanding hostility witnessed in the men’s counterpart. Over the course of time, these engagements have functioned as a foundation for exceptional individual performances and collective tactical endeavors, occurring in diverse arrangements and competitions such as the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup and the Women’s Twenty20 Asia Cup. One noteworthy aspect pertains to India’s significantly preeminent performance in these confrontations, serving as evidence of the advancements and escalating level of professionalism within women’s cricket in the nation. The Indian cricket team has exhibited profound proficiency in their batting and bowling departments, frequently outperforming their long-standing adversaries in critical encounters.

The Pakistan women’s team has been endeavoring to contest the prevailing state of affairs, demonstrating intermittent yet noteworthy triumphs. The commendable endeavours of the aforementioned team were distinctly manifest during their participation in the Women’s Twenty20 Asia Cup 2022, wherein they achieved victory against the Indian cricket team. These fixtures not only contribute to the enduring rivalry, but they also function as a significant platform for burgeoning talents hailing from both countries. The competitions consistently garner considerable media coverage, and the emotional intensity frequently parallels that of the athletic aspect. These cricket matches have a significant and wide-reaching effect, often serving as a source of inspiration for aspiring female cricketers in both India and Pakistan.

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