Legend League Cricket 2023

Legend League Cricket 2023



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First Tournament: 2022

Tournament Winner: Asia Lions (Masters), Manipal Tigers (2nd LLC Season)

How Many Runs: 906 (Upul tharanga 221, Gautam Gambhir 215, Tillakaratne Dilshan 191)

How Many Wickets: 31 (Sohail Tanvir 7, Abdur Razzak 6, Brett Lee 6)

In 2023, the cricketing world was treated to the Legends League Cricket (LLC), prominently known as the Skyexch.net Legends League Cricket Masters. This prestigious event marked the third international edition of the Legends League Cricket, a pioneering initiative that celebrates the illustrious careers of recently retired cricketers. These athletes have significantly impacted the global cricketing scene, leaving a lasting legacy.

This year’s tournament featured three exceptional teams: the India Maharajas, the Asia Lions, and the World Giants. Each team was carefully assembled with seasoned players who had previously showcased their exceptional skills at the apex of international cricket. The 2023 LLC presented a stage for these veteran cricketers to prove that age is just a number, with their intrinsic talent and dedication to the game remaining as potent as ever, unaffected by time.

Through this platform, the Legends League Cricket not only honored the achievements of these cricketing legends but also provided a thrilling spectacle for fans, rekindling the spirit and passion of the sport in a celebration of its timeless appeal.

Legends League Cricket Venues 2023

LLC Masters The 2023 Legends League Cricket Masters, also referred to as the Skyexch. net Legends League Cricket Masters on account of sponsorship associations, convened a distinguished assemblage of renowned cricketing icons hailing from various corners of the world. This event signified the international and third iteration of the Legends League Cricket, which serves as a pioneering platform for recently retired players, a significant number of whom have enjoyed illustrious international careers.

The tournament showcased three commendable teams, namely the India Maharajas, the Asia Lions, and the World Giants. Each of the aforementioned teams consisted of players who had substantiated their proficiency in the global cricket arena and were presently prepared to exhibit that age is merely a quantitative measure in terms of innate ability and sporting integrity.

The Qatar Cricket Association successfully organized and held a remarkable cricket event at the West End Park International Cricket Stadium in Doha, Qatar. The venue served as an ideal setting for the event, offering a meticulously maintained cricket ground adhering to international standards, as well as amenities catering to both players and spectators. The stadium is renowned for its extraordinary architectural design and verdant outfield, providing an engrossing cricket ambiance.

The tournament unfolded for a duration of ten dynamic days, commencing on the 10th of March and culminating on the 20th of March in the year 2023. During this particular period, cricket enthusiasts from various parts of the globe congregated in Doha with the purpose of spectating their esteemed cricket icons reentering the field, exhibiting powerful strikes and delivering captivating bowling performances.

LLC Season 2 The second season of the Legends League Cricket (LLC) was marked by its selection of diverse and iconic cricketing venues across various cities, each contributing to the grandeur of the tournament with its unique characteristics. Here are the details of the venues based on the updated information provided:

  1. Ranchi - JSCA International Stadium Complex: With a capacity of 50,000, this stadium in Ranchi hosted 5 matches. Known for its electrifying atmosphere, it was a prime location for the LLC, drawing large crowds and providing an exceptional experience for both players and spectators.

  2. Dehradun - Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium: Located in the picturesque setting of Dehradun and surrounded by the natural beauty of the Himalayas, this stadium has a capacity of 25,000 and hosted 3 matches. It offered a unique blend of scenic views and top-notch cricketing facilities.

  3. Jammu - Maulana Azad Stadium: This venue, with a capacity of 20,000, hosted 4 matches. Situated in the culturally rich city of Jammu, the stadium is known for its enthusiastic local support and lush green outfield, adding a distinctive northern charm to the LLC.

  4. Visakhapatnam - ACA–VDCA Cricket Stadium: Hosting 3 matches, this stadium in Visakhapatnam, with a capacity of 27,500, is renowned for its scenic landscapes and historical cricketing background. The enthusiastic crowd and modern amenities made it a favorite among players and fans alike.

  5. Surat - Lalabhai Contractor Stadium: As a key venue for the tournament’s concluding stages, including the qualifiers and the final, this stadium in Surat has a capacity of 7,000 and hosted 4 matches. Despite its smaller size, it is known for its excellent pitch and state-of-the-art facilities, providing a perfect setting for the high-stakes matches.

Each venue, with its unique features and capacity, played a vital role in the success of the Legends League Cricket Season 2, enhancing the experience for the players and offering cricket fans a chance to witness thrilling matches in a variety of settings.

Legends League Cricket Team List 2023

Masters In the 2023 Legends League Cricket Masters, 3 teams battled it out on the cricket pitch, each group made from proficient and properly-acclaimed former international players. These groups have been:

India Maharajas: This group was a representation of India’s cricketing legacy, bringing collectively an array of mythical cricketers who as soon as had been the pillars of the Indian cricket crew. With a wealthy combination of former worldwide gamers, the India Maharajas delivered to the sphere their exclusive style of play, air of mystery, and passion for cricket.

Asia Lions: The Asia Lions represented a huge spectrum of cricketing skills from throughout the Asian continent. The group constructed from gamers who as soon as dominated the cricket fields representing numerous Asian nations. It showcased the united power of Asian cricketing nations and embodied the diversity of cricketing styles throughout the continent.

World Giants: The World Giants turned into a melting pot of cricketing skills from around the globe. As the name suggests, this team included the players who made giant contributions to their respective countrywide teams and had a first-rate effect on international cricket. It became without a doubt a group that showcased the team spirit and thrill of the game, bringing collectively extraordinary cricketing cultures below one banner.

Each of those groups delivered with them a rich records of cricketing glory, presenting cricket fanatics with not only a sport however a stroll down memory lane. It became an possibility to witness their cricket heroes, who had considering the fact that retired, returned in motion once more, gambling the game they loved with as a good deal ardour and dedication as ever.

2nd Season The Legends League Cricket Season 2 in 2023 featured a diverse lineup of teams, each boasting a squad of renowned cricketers. Here’s an overview of the teams and their squads as of the latest updates in November 2023:

  1. Bhilwara Kings: The Bhilwara Kings, known for their strategic gameplay and experienced players, had their squad last updated on November 16, 2023. This team brought together seasoned players, showcasing a blend of batting prowess and bowling skills.

  2. Gujarat Giants: The Gujarat Giants squad, updated as of November 16, 2023, consisted of a mix of dynamic batsmen and agile bowlers. Known for their aggressive playing style, the Giants were a formidable team in the tournament.

  3. India Capitals: Featuring a strong lineup, the India Capitals’ squad was updated on November 16, 2023. The team was celebrated for its balanced composition of experienced all-rounders, batsmen, and bowlers, making them a tough competitor in the league.

  4. Manipal Tigers: The Manipal Tigers, with their squad last updated on November 15, 2023, were known for their spirited performances. The team boasted a mix of veteran players who brought a wealth of experience to the tournament.

  5. Southern Superstars: Updated on November 15, 2023, the Southern Superstars’ squad was recognized for its energetic and strategic gameplay. The team comprised players who excelled in various aspects of the game, from explosive batting to precise bowling.

  6. Urbanrisers Hyderabad: The Urbanrisers Hyderabad, with their squad updated on November 15, 2023, were a team to watch out for. Known for their cohesive team play and strategic prowess, they brought an exciting edge to the league.

Each of these teams, with their unique strengths and celebrated players, contributed to making the 2023 season of Legends League Cricket a memorable and competitive tournament.

Legends League Cricket Schedule and Results 2023

Masters Tournament

Date Match Details Result
Mar-10 Asia Lions vs India Maharajas Asia Lions won by 9 runs
Mar-11 World Giants vs India Maharajas World Giants won by 2 runs
Mar-13 Asia Lions vs World Giants Asia Lions won by 35 runs
Mar-14 India Maharajas vs Asia Lions India Maharajas won by 10 wickets
Mar-15 World Giants vs India Maharajas World Giants won by 3 wickets
Mar-16 World Giants vs Asia Lions World Giants won by 20 runs
Mar-18 Asia Lions vs India Maharajas Asia Lions won by 85 runs
Mar-20 Asia Lions vs World Giants Asia Lions won by 7 wickets

2nd LLC Season

Date Match Details Score and Result
Sat, 18 Nov ‘23 1st Match (N) - Ranchi, Legends League Cricket ICAP 228/8; BK 229/7. Kings won by 3 wickets
Mon, 20 Nov ‘23 2nd Match (N) - Ranchi, Legends League Cricket MT 173/8; GG 163/9. Tigers won by 10 runs
Tue, 21 Nov ‘23 3rd Match (N) - Ranchi, Legends League Cricket URH 156; SSS 143. Urbanrisers won by 13 runs
Wed, 22 Nov ‘23 4th Match (N) - Ranchi, Legends League Cricket GG 172/6; BK 169/7. Giants won by 3 runs
Thu, 23 Nov ‘23 5th Match (D/N) - Ranchi, Legends League Cricket URH 189/5; ICAP 186/6. Urbanrisers won by 3 runs
Fri, 24 Nov ‘23 6th Match (N) - Dehradun, Legends League Cricket MT 211/3; BK 122/8. Tigers won by 89 runs
Sat, 25 Nov ‘23 7th Match (N) - Dehradun, Legends League Cricket SSS 163/6; ICAP 167/3. Capitals won by 7 wickets
Sun, 26 Nov ‘23 8th Match (D/N) - Dehradun, Legends League Cricket GG 193/5; URH 192/7. Giants won by 1 run
Mon, 27 Nov ‘23 9th Match (N) - Jammu, Legends League Cricket MT 124/9; SSS 125/5. Superstars won by 5 wickets
Wed, 29 Nov ‘23 10th Match (N) - Jammu, Legends League Cricket BK 117/6; SSS - No result
Thu, 30 Nov ‘23 11th Match (N) - Jammu, Legends League Cricket India Capitals vs Gujarat Giants - Match abandoned
Fri, 01 Dec ‘23 12th Match (D/N) - Jammu, Legends League Cricket BK 144/6; URH 148/3. Urbanrisers won by 7 wickets
Sat, 02 Dec ‘23 13th Match (N) - Visakhapatnam, Legends League Cricket ICAP 186/9; MT 187/6. Tigers won by 4 wickets
Sun, 03 Dec ‘23 14th Match (D/N) - Visakhapatnam, Legends League Cricket SSS 159/8; GG 160/5. Giants won by 5 wickets
Mon, 04 Dec ‘23 15th Match (N) - Visakhapatnam, Legends League Cricket Manipal Tigers vs Urbanrisers Hyderabad - Match abandoned
Tue, 05 Dec ‘23 Qualifier 1 (N) - Surat, Legends League Cricket URH 253/6; MT 178. Urbanrisers won by 75 runs
Wed, 06 Dec ‘23 Eliminator (N) - Surat, Legends League Cricket ICAP 223/7; GG 211/7. Capitals won by 12 runs
Thu, 07 Dec ‘23 Qualifier 2 (N) - Surat, Legends League Cricket ICAP 177/9; MT 181/4. Tigers won by 6 wickets
Sat, 09 Dec ‘23 Final (N) - Surat, Legends League Cricket URH 187/5; MT 193/5. Tigers won by 5 wickets


The 2023 Legends League Cricket Masters featured three teams: India Maharajas, Asia Lions, and World Giants.
The 2023 Legends League Cricket Masters changed into held on the West End Park International Cricket Stadium in Doha, Qatar.
The 2023 Legends League Cricket Masters turned into hosted by means of the Qatar Cricket Association.
The 2023 Legends League Cricket Masters passed off from tenth March 2023 to 20th March 2023.
Various fits were won by one-of-a-kind groups. The Asia Lions won numerous fits in opposition to both the India Maharajas and World Giants. The India Maharajas and World Giants also claimed victories for the duration of the tournament.
The complete shape of the tournament's sponsorship name is Skyexch.Internet Legends League Cricket Masters.
The match capabilities many former global gamers who've currently retired, although precise player names aren't referred to within the provided information.
The final match was received through the Asia Lions, who defeated the World Giants via 7 wickets.


The 2023 Legends League Cricket Masters and Season 2 brought together a distinguished assembly of cricketing greats, making it a landmark event in the world of cricket. This international event marked the third iteration of the Legends League Cricket, showcasing the camaraderie and enduring talent of recently retired cricket legends.

Season 2 of the tournament took place across several picturesque and iconic venues, including the JSCA International Stadium Complex in Ranchi, the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium in Dehradun, the Maulana Azad Stadium in Jammu, the ACA-VDCA Cricket Stadium in Visakhapatnam, and the Lalabhai Contractor Stadium in Surat. Each venue, with its unique atmosphere and facilities, added a distinct flavor to the tournament, enhancing the experience for players and spectators alike.

The Masters event was held at the West End Park International Cricket Stadium in Doha, Qatar, highlighting Qatar’s growing prominence in the cricket world. The tournament featured intense competition among teams like the Asia Lions, India Maharajas, and World Giants, providing a thrilling experience for cricket fans globally. The variety of match outcomes kept spectators on the edge of their seats, celebrating the spirit of the game.

This tournament served as a tribute to the timeless nature of cricket, allowing former international players to showcase their skills and partake in the camaraderie unique to the sport. It also reminded the global cricket community of the sport’s enduring appeal and the potential of initiatives like the Legends League Cricket to keep the passion alive even after players retire from international play.

The successful organization of the Legends League Cricket Masters in Doha and the diverse venues of Season 2 set the stage for future cricket events, promising even more thrilling competitions. Fans cherished the chance to see their cricket heroes in action again, rekindling memories of their past international glories.

In summary, the 2023 Legends League Cricket Masters and Season 2 were a resounding success, setting a benchmark for future cricket tournaments that capture the enduring charm and resilient spirit of the game.