Legends League Cricket

Legends League Cricket


First Tournament: 2022
Last Tournament: 2023
Last Winner: India Capitals, Manipal Tigers
Best Result: William Porterfield (267 runs), Pravin Tambe (11 wickets)




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The Legends League Cricket (LLC) has rapidly become a celebrated fixture in the cricketing calendar, captivating audiences and players alike with its unique blend of nostalgia and high-quality competition. As we look ahead to the 2024 season, it’s an opportune moment to delve into the features that make LLC a standout event, its rich history, the champions from recent years, and what we can anticipate in the upcoming season.

Launched as a platform for recently retired cricketers, LLC has grown in stature and popularity, allowing fans to witness their favorite stars in action once again. The tournament has not only provided a stage for former international stars to showcase their undiminished skills but has also played a crucial role in keeping the spirit of cricket alive across generations.

In this article, we explore the unique aspects of LLC, tracing its evolution from inception to its current status as a much-awaited cricketing event. We’ll celebrate the recent champions who have left an indelible mark on the league, and look ahead to what the 2024 season has in store, including new features, expected teams, and players. Join us as we delve into the world of Legends League Cricket, where the legends of the game continue to shine.

Features Legends League Cricket

The Legends League Cricket (LLC) is an innovative and dynamic entrant in the domain of cricket, created with the aim of furnishing an opportunity to recently retired international players for displaying their expertise and entertaining cricket enthusiasts across the world.

Two formats: The Legends League Cricket (LLC) presents itself in two distinct and compelling formats, namely Legends League Cricket (LLCT20) and LLC Masters. The LLCT20 represents a conventional T20 format, which is well-known among cricket enthusiasts, characterized by brief, high-energy cricketing performances conducted through 20 over innings played by both competing sides. The LLC Masters structure offers a discerning and inventive approach to the game, introducing novel elements to both the gameplay and the strategic approaches employed by the participating teams.

Stellar lineup: The aforementioned league showcases a pleiad of renowned cricket players, among them are numerous retired international athletes. This convergence of athletes hailing from disparate generational cohorts results in a captivating fusion of adeptness, proficiency, and varied modes of performance.

Global reach: The Legends League Cricket (LLC) represents an international contest of significant magnitude, as it caters to participants and entities originating from various geographical locations across the globe. The aforementioned provision enables cricket enthusiasts from diverse localities to persistently witness their cherished cricketers in action, notwithstanding their cessation from the realm of international cricket.

Professional setup: Although the Legends League Cricket includes retired players, it still maintains a remarkably professional infrastructure. The aforementioned entails a premium coaching team, superior training infrastructure, strenuous matches, and a demanding itinerary, thereby guaranteeing a top-notch exhibition of cricket.

Fan Involvement: The Legends League Cricket places a significant emphasis on fostering fan engagement, through various channels including in-person interactions and social media. Numerous opportunities are provided to facilitate interactions with preferred players and teams. The aforementioned events encompass meet and greet sessions, autograph signings, social media question and answer sessions, among other engagements.

Promotion of cricket: By creating a platform where legends of the game continue to play, the LLC plays a crucial role in promoting cricket, especially in regions where the sport is still growing. The inclusion of big names from the cricketing world helps in drawing the attention of new fans and inspiring the next generation of players.

Innovation: The Legends League Cricket, a modern form of cricket, constitutes more than a mere extension of conventional cricket. The introduction of novel formats and regulations brings an innovative dimension to the game, thereby augmenting the excitement of the spectacle for enthusiasts and presenting new strategic predicaments for the players.

Competitive Cricket: The league encompasses a highly competitive brand of cricket, as opposed to being a mere casual pastime among elderly players. The matches exhibit a notable degree of quality and intensity due to the participation of players renowned for their distinguished careers in cricket. Consequently, cricket enthusiasts are presented with a captivating and elevated level of competition.

History of Legends League Cricket

Legends League Cricket (LLC) has its roots within the visionary minds of Raman Raheja and Vivek Khushalani. As a mission under Absolute Legends Sports Pvt Ltd, the LLC turned into conceived as a platform to make certain that the brilliance of cricketing legends continued to polish even after their retirement from global cricket.

The inception of the LLC got here to the vanguard in November 2021 whilst Ravi Shastri, following his retirement as the top instruct of the Indian countrywide cricket team, turned into appointed as the commissioner of the league. Shastri’s involvement marked a great milestone within the league’s evolution, given his sizable experience and deep understanding of the game.

Joining Shastri at the Apex Board was Pakistani cricketing legend Wasim Akram. Akram’s affiliation with the LLC similarly solidified the league’s credibility and attraction, bringing an worldwide perspective to the board and strengthening its governance.

A particular thing of the LLC was its commitment to empowering women in cricket. This turned into symbolized via the appointment of Jhulan Goswami, former captain of the Indian ladies’s cricket crew, as an ambassador for women’s empowerment inside the league. Goswami, one of the best female cricketers of all time, embodied the spirit of empowerment and perseverance, further improving the league’s reputation.

Adding a hint of glamour and good sized attraction to the league changed into Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, who got here on board as a logo ambassador. His involvement introduced a brand new size of leisure and broader popularity to the league, in addition heightening its enchantment to lovers throughout the globe.

Legends League Cricket - Latest Winners

The 2023 Legends League Cricket (LLC) featured remarkable performances in its knockout stages. The Asia Lions dominated the Eliminator, defeating the India Maharajas with a substantial margin, thanks to their strong batting display. In the LLC Masters final, the Asia Lions triumphed over the World Giants, showcasing excellent teamwork and strategy, led by standout performances from Jacques Kallis and Abdur Razzak, the latter earning the player of the match title.

In the LLC franchise league, the Urbanrisers Hyderabad and the Manipal Tigers demonstrated their prowess in the Qualifier 1, with the Urbanrisers posting an impressive total, largely due to Dwayne Smith’s spectacular century. The Manipal Tigers, however, showcased their resilience in the Qualifier 2 and the final. Their consistent performance, particularly from Asela Gunaratne, who was pivotal in the final against Urbanrisers Hyderabad, led them to clinch the LLC Season 2 title.

These matches highlighted the high-caliber cricket played in the LLC, featuring retired international stars, and emphasized the competitive nature and the excitement of this T20 league.

Legends League Cricket 2024

As of present, a formal declaration of the contest schedule for the 2024 Legends League Cricket event has not been made. Nevertheless, drawing from previous iterations of the tournament, it is plausible to anticipate a commencement of the next championship within the initial quarter of 2024. The precise dates and locations are anticipated to be disclosed in due course, subsequent to consultations with key participants such as players, broadcasters, and other pertinent stakeholders.

It is expected that the upcoming 2024 cricket season will once again witness the participation of several eminent cricketers from various parts of the world. These players are renowned for their exceptional skills and captivating charm, which are sure to enliven the cricket pitch. Although the specific compositions of the participating teams and individuals have not been definitively established, it is probable that enthusiasts can anticipate a competition characterized by the presence of distinguished athletes and exceptional cricketing matchups, culminating in awe-inspiring displays of skill.

The upcoming 2024 season is expected to strive towards enhancing the accomplishments of preceding iterations. Following the successful triumph of the Asia Lions during the 2023 season, considerable attention will be directed towards the other participating teams in the upcoming season of 2024 to ascertain if they possess the capability to seize the coveted trophy. Similar to previous seasons, spectators can anticipate witnessing formerly retired cricketers demonstrating their continued proficiency by exhibiting a comparable degree of vigor and zeal that initially propelled them to international recognition.

The management of the tournament was led by Absolute Legends Sports Pvt. , indicating their prominent role in the organization and execution of the event. Ltd will be actively engaged in preparatory activities leading up to the 2024 season, encompassing the organization of fixtures, liaison with players, and effective management of the tournament to meet the discerning expectations of both fans and participants. As has been observed in previous instances, prioritizing the fields of sports science and player physical fitness will prove to be paramount in maintaining the competitiveness and standard of excellence in cricket.

As we anticipate the formal declarations pertaining to the 2024 Legends League Cricket season, the expectation and enthusiasm persistently escalate. Whether an individual is a long-standing enthusiast of cricket or a novice to the game, the Legends League Cricket competition presents an unparalleled amalgamation of reminiscence, athletic brilliance, and amusement that must not be overlooked.


The LLC turned into founded by means of Raman Raheja and Vivek Khushalani under the banner of Absolute Legends Sports Pvt Ltd in 2022
Ravi Shastri become appointed because the commissioner of the league, Wasim Akram is a member of the Apex Board, and Jhulan Goswami is an ambassador for women's empowerment in the league. Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan is the brand ambassador, and Andrew Leipus is the director of sports activities technology.
The LLC comes in two formats - Legends League Cricket (LLCT20) and LLC Masters.
The 0.33 version of the LLC become called the 2023 Legends League Cricket Masters or LLC Masters, and it became also referred to as Skyexch.Net Legends League Cricket Masters because of sponsorship motives.
Gautam Gambhir captained India Maharajas, Shahid Afridi led Asia Lions, and Aaron Finch turned into the captain of World Giants.
The 2023 LLC Masters was received through the Asia Lions.
While no legit declaration has been made yet, based on beyond seasons, the following tournament is predicted to kick off in the first area of 2024.


Conclusively, the Legends League Cricket (LLC) has successfully positioned itself as a distinguished and captivating platform within the domain of cricket. Through a distinct amalgamation of recently retired players competing on a global stage, inventive game structures, and a steadfast allegiance to the principles of sports science, cricket is able to offer a singular exhibition that upholds the inherently competitive nature of the sport and simultaneously guarantees that its iconic practitioners persist in captivating enthusiasts across the globe.

The sustained achievement of the LLC serves as confirmation of the tireless work of its creators, the ardor of its participants, and the unfaltering backing of its supporters. The Legends League Cricket is a constantly evolving and innovative platform that sustains the spirit of the game through rekindling celebrated cricketing rivalries, promoting the sport on a global scale, and reminding the community of the profound legacy that cricket holds as a sport of exceptional individuals.

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