Celebrity Cricket League

Celebrity Cricket League


First Tournament: 2011
Last Winner: Telugu Warriors
Best Result: Telugu Warriors (4 Titles)


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Cricket and cinema, two cultural phenomena that have engrossed the passions and intellect of multitudes in India, have forged an exceptional convergence within the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL). The Cricket Celebrity League (CCL), established in 2011, has emerged as a captivating phenomenon that harmoniously combines the fervor and thrill of cricket with the charisma and allure of the Indian film industry. The upcoming season of CCL, designated as CCL 9, holds potential to further establish its esteemed reputation by upholding the essence of this league, which serves as a unifying platform for various regional film industries within the realm of cricket.

The Celebrity Cricket League exemplifies a harmonious amalgamation of India’s most cherished sporting activity alongside its immensely adored film industry. The inclusion of various teams, each representing distinct regional cinemas, enhances the event’s pan-Indian appeal through their active participation. The presence of the Chennai Rhinos, who entail the dynamic essence of Tamil cinema, alongside the Mumbai Heroes, who personify the liveliness of the Marathi and Hindi film industry, contributes distinct nuances to the league. Different teams such as the Bhojpuri Dabbangs and Punjab De Sher symbolize the regional film industries of Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, and Punjab correspondingly. On the other hand, the Telugu Warriors proudly embody the Telugu cinema industry of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

In addition to its representation of the various film industries, the CCL also distinguishes itself through the venues in which the events transpire. The forthcoming 2024 edition of the league guarantees an exhilarating cricketing spectacle held at prestigious venues both within India and abroad, exemplified by internationally acclaimed sites such as the Dubai International Cricket Stadium and the Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium.

History and rules of the Celebrity Cricket League

The Celebrity Cricket League, commonly known as the CCL, is an amateur cricket competition in India that showcases film actors from diverse regional film industries across the nation. The inception of the league in 2011 evolved from the amalgamation of the widespread acclaim for cricket and cinema in India, both of which possess an extensive base of followers.

During its nascent years, the Celebrity Cricket League consisted of a total of eight teams that effectively represented prominent regional film industries. Several well-known teams such as Mumbai Heroes, Telugu Warriors, Chennai Rhinos, and Karnataka Bulldozers, among others, were amongst the notable participants. Each team consisted of actors and other affiliated personnel from respective cinema industries.

The regulations governing the Celebrity Cricket League closely mirror those found within a traditional Twenty20 cricket match. In accordance with the established rules, every team is comprised of a total of eleven players who actively partake in the competition. Furthermore, each game is characterized by the presence of twenty overs per team, signifying the allocation of a predetermined number of deliveries for each side. Cricket matches are commonly scheduled on weekends to optimize viewership, and they are primarily conducted within cricket stadiums situated throughout India.

Nevertheless, the Celebrity Cricket League encompasses distinctive constituents. One salient feature pertains to the exclusive eligibility of individuals affiliated with the motion picture industry to partake in the league. Hence, the inclusion of professional cricketers within the team is prohibited. The aforementioned occurrence contributes to the league’s allure and attraction, as spectators are afforded the opportunity to observe their esteemed idols engaging in the sport of cricket, which enjoys significant popularity within India.

Furthermore, the Celebrity Cricket League advocates for a notable degree of gender parity, as female actors have previously engaged in the league. Furthermore, the cricket tournament supports regional cohesion and fosters intercultural dialogue by gathering participants from diverse regional film industries for competitive engagement.

In the preliminary stages, the league adopts a round-robin structure whereby every team engages in matches against one another. Teams progress to the elimination rounds culminating in the final, based on their accrued points.

In addition to its prominent cricket matches, the league has gained recognition for its capacity to provide amusement, facilitated by musical showcases and engagements with notable personalities. Over the course of time, it has garnered substantial popularity and attained a prominent position in Indian entertainment, effectively amalgamating the realms of cricket and cinema.

Despite the amateur nature of the league, the matches exhibit a notable degree of fierce competition, infused with a remarkable level of energy and enthusiasm. It is commonplace for these presentations to incorporate elements of drama and exhilaration, thereby contributing to the overall amusement derived by both supporters and spectators. The Celebrity Cricket League has effectively forged a distinctive amalgamation of sport and entertainment, rendering it a highly anticipated annual affair in India.

Winners list of the Celebrity Cricket League

Year Champion Runner Up Format No. of Teams
2011 Chennai Rhinos Karnataka Bulldozers T20 4
2012 Chennai Rhinos Karnataka Bulldozers T20 6
2013 Karnataka Bulldozers Telugu Warriors T20 8
2014 Karnataka Bulldozers Kerala Strikers T20 8
2015 Telugu Warriors Chennai Rhinos T20 8
2016 Telugu Warriors Karnataka Bulldozers T20 8
2017 Telugu Warriors Kerala Strikers T10 6
2019 Mumbai Heroes Karnataka Bulldozers T10 6
2023 Telugu Warriors Bhojpuri Dabanggs T20 (2 Innings) 8

Celebrity Cricket League Kerala Strikers

The Kerala Strikers, denoted as a constituent of the Celebrity Cricket League, embodies the Malayalam film industry - a prominent regional film industry in South India. The team has been affiliated with the league since its inception in its second season. Consisting of members from the Malayalam film industry, the group functions as a platform for these notable individuals to exhibit their talents in cricket, concurrently endorsing their film sector. The Kerala Strikers have managed to assemble a heterogeneous group of actors, resulting in the formation of an exceptional sense of camaraderie and team spirit. Throughout various seasons of the CCL, the extent of their achievements may have fluctuated. Nevertheless, their unwavering enthusiasm for the sport and their ability to consistently engage and captivate the audience remains steadfast. The team also benefits from significant local admiration, as fans eagerly gather to witness their beloved actors donning traditional cricket attire and participating in the sport on the field.

Celebrity Cricket League Telugu Warriors

The Telugu Warriors team serves as the representative faction of the Telugu film industry, commonly referred to as Tollywood, within the esteemed Celebrity Cricket League. Comprising renowned performers from Tollywood, the ensemble has emerged as an exceptionally accomplished entity within the league’s annals, having achieved championship triumphs on numerous instances. The success of the team can be ascribed to the players’ unwavering commitment and fervor, which, despite their vocation as actors, have exhibited a remarkable aptitude and comprehension of the sport of cricket. The Telugu Warriors have not only contributed to the overall success and reputation of the regional film industry but have also been instrumental in augmenting the entertainment value of the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL). The competitions organized by this team have achieved recognition for their notable levels of fervor, fierce rivalry, and substantial turnout of spectators at the stadiums.

Celebrity Cricket League Chennai Rhinos

The Chennai Rhinos, an esteemed constituent of the Celebrity Cricket League, is a team that ardently represents the Tamil film industry, renowned as one of the most significant and impactful cinematic spheres within India. The team consists of performers from the Tamil film industry, amalgamating a diverse array of experienced and emerging individuals possessing a wealth of artistic abilities. The Chennai Rhinos have been an integral component of the Cricket Celebrity League (CCL) since its establishment, consistently fostering a reputation for their formidable competitive drive and adeptness in the realm of cricket. In spite of the arduous task of harmonizing their acting pursuits with their obligations in the realm of cricket, the ensemble has successfully showcased commendable displays on the grounds, thus leaving a lasting impression. The Chennai Rhinos, similar to their counterparts in the league, observe significant adoration from their supporters, who eagerly embrace the chance to witness their beloved actors partake in a distinct domain, engaging in competitive contests on the cricket pitch.

Celebrity Cricket League 2024

The forthcoming ninth season of the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) in 2024 is anticipated to offer a noteworthy amalgamation of cricket and cinema, two integral elements profoundly entwined within the cultural tapestry of India. The upcoming season is anticipated to showcase a wide range of teams that embody distinct regional film industries across India. The national-level sports event showcases teams from various states in India, including the Chennai Rhinos from Tamil Nadu, the Mumbai Heroes representing Maharashtra, the Bhojpuri Dabbangs from Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Bihar, and the Telugu Warriors from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This league guarantees a comprehensive display of sportsmanship combined with entertainment on a wide scale throughout the country. Additionally, the upcoming 2024 edition of the game will extend its reach beyond the boundaries of India, as it is set to host matches in internationally renowned venues such as the Dubai International Cricket Stadium and the Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium. As the sport league endeavors to augment its scope and prominence, enthusiasts ardently anticipate the official declaration of the CCL 2024 schedule. Anticipated to impart exhilarating experiences, CCL 2024 is projected to represent a captivating episode within the league’s historical narrative. Serving as an exceptional avenue, this event affords film luminaries an opportunity to demonstrate their commendable cricketing capabilities, thereby providing enthusiasts a distinctive amalgamation of the sport and the film industry.

Celebrity Cricket 2024 Points Table

Pos Team Mat Won Lost Tied NR Points NNR
1 Karnataka Bulldozers 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
2 Bhojpuri Dabbangs 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 Mumbai Heroes 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
4 Telugu Warriors 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
5 Chennai Rhinos 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
6 Punjab De Sher 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
7 Bengal Tigers 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
8 Kerala Strikers 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Celebrity Cricket League List of teams 2024

The forthcoming 2024 edition of the esteemed Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) will witness the enthusiastic participation of a myriad of teams, each encompassing distinct regional film industries that thrive within the Indian subcontinent. The Chennai Rhinos, under the ownership of K. Ganga Prasad has been selected to represent the state of Tamil Nadu, with the intent of upholding the dynamic essence of Tamil cinema.

The Mumbai Heroes, under the ownership of renowned Bollywood actor Sohail Khan, will assume the responsibility of representing Maharashtra in their entirety, comprising a diverse assemblage of actors hailing from both the Marathi and Hindi film industry. The team known as the Karnataka Bulldozers, which is under the ownership of Ashok Kheny, has been bestowed with the responsibility of representing the state of Karnataka. In doing so, they aim to effectively channel the vibrant and spirited essence of the Kannada film industry onto the cricketing platform.

The state of West Bengal will be represented by the Bengal Tigers, a team overseen by proprietors Boney Kapoor and Raj Shah. The team perpetuates the esteemed heritage of the Bengali film industry. The Bhojpuri Dabbangs, helmed by Manoj Tiwari and Satender Mann, exemplify the local film industries of Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Bihar, and enjoy a substantial fanbase within these territories.

The state of Kerala will be epitomized by the Kerala Strikers, a franchise owned by the renowned figures of Mohanlal and Rajkumar, which will exhibit the utmost talent within the realm of the Malayalam film industry. Punjab De Sher, under the proprietorship of Navraj Hans, exemplifies the dynamic Punjabi film trade and is renowned for its exuberant portrayals.

Furthermore, the Telugu Warriors, under the ownership of Venkatesh Daggubati, serve as the representative of the Telugu cinema sector within the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Renowned for their indomitable determination and exceptional cricketing ability, they have established themselves as one of the most accomplished teams in the annals of the league’s chronicles. The harmonious collaboration of these heterogeneous teams, each carrying forth the essence and heritage of their distinct regional film industries, renders the Celebrity Cricket League an authentically pan-Indian sporting spectacle.

Celebrity Cricket League Schedule

Date & Time Match Venue
23 Feb 2024 (7 PM IST) Mumbai Heroes Vs Kerala Strikers
24 Feb 2024 (2:30 PM IST) Bhojpuri Dabanggs Vs Telugu Warriors Sharjah
24 Feb 2024 (7 PM IST) Karnataka Bulldozers Vs Mumbai Heroes Sharjah
25 Feb 2024 (2:30 PM IST) Punjab De Sher Vs Chennai Rhinos Sharjah
25 Feb 2024 (7 PM IST) Bengal Tigers Vs Kerala Strikers Sharjah
29 Feb 2024 (7 PM IST) Chennai Rhinos Vs Karnataka Bulldozers Bangalore
1 Mar 2024 (7 PM IST) Punjab De Sher Vs Telugu Warriors Hyderabad
2 Mar 2024 (2:30 PM IST) Mumbai Heroes Vs Bhojpuri Dabanggs Bangalore
2 Mar 2024 (7 PM IST) Bengal Tigers Vs Karnataka Bulldozers Bangalore
3 Mar 2024 (2:30 PM IST) Bhojpuri Dabanggs Vs Chennai Rhinos Hyderabad
3 Mar 2024 (7 PM IST) Kerala Strikers Vs Telugu Warriors Hyderabad
8 Mar 2024 (7 PM IST) Punjab De Sher Vs Bengal Tigers Chandigarh
9 Mar 2024 (2:30 PM IST) Karnataka Bulldozers Vs Telugu Warriors Thiruvananthapuram
9 Mar 2024 (7 PM IST) Kerala Strikers Vs Chennai Rhinos Thiruvananthapuram
10 Mar 2024 (2:30 PM IST) Bhojpuri Dabanggs Vs Bengal Tigers Chandigarh
10 Mar 2024 (7 PM IST) Mumbai Heroes Vs Punjab De Sher Chandigarh
(Qualifier 1)15 Mar 2024 (2:30 PM IST) (TBC) Rank 1 Vs Rank 2 Visakhapatnam
(Eliminator)15 Mar 2024 (7 PM IST) (TBC) Rank 3 Vs Rank 4 Visakhapatnam
(Qualifier 2)16 Mar 2024 (7 PM IST) (TBC) Qualifier 1 Loser Vs Eliminator Winner Visakhapatnam
(Final)17 Mar 2024 (7 PM IST) (TBC) Qualifier 1 Winner Vs Qualifier 2 Winner Visakhapatnam


The Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) is a non-professional men's cricket league in India, started in 2011, which consists of film actors from eight major regional film industries of Indian cinema.
The Celebrity Cricket League includes teams that represent different regional film industries in India. Some of these teams include the Chennai Rhinos representing Tamil Nadu, Mumbai Heroes from Maharashtra, and the Telugu Warriors from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
Each team in the Celebrity Cricket League is owned by different personalities. For instance, the Chennai Rhinos are owned by K. Ganga Prasad, Mumbai Heroes by Sohail Khan, and the Telugu Warriors by Venkatesh Daggubati.
The Celebrity Cricket League traditionally takes place in the first few months of the year, usually beginning in January and extending until March.
For the first time in CCL's history, the 2024 edition of the league will feature matches outside India. Games will be held in international venues like the Dubai International Cricket Stadium and Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, alongside various prestigious cricket grounds within India.
As of now, the specific timetable for the Celebrity Cricket League 2024 has not been officially announced. Detailed scheduling, including match dates, times, and venues, will be released by the organizers at a later date.
The Celebrity Cricket League usually follows a format where all participating teams face each other in a round-robin stage. This is followed by the semi-finals and the final to determine the champion of the season.


The eagerly anticipated release of the CCL 2024 timetable is expected to herald a new season brimming with excitement, enthusiasm, and entertainment. The Celebrity Cricket League presents a distinctive spectacle wherein revered actors from diverse Indian film industries congregate to demonstrate their cricketing aptitude, symbolizing their respective regional cinemas. This amalgamation of talent is undeniably enchanting.

The competitive nature of the league notwithstanding, its fundamental purpose lies in fostering solidarity, facilitating cultural interchange, and cultivating a collective adoration for the disciplines of cricket and cinema. Each individual cricket match, every single over, and any run that is scored all play a crucial role in the greater narrative of camaraderie and jubilation that the CCL has progressively embodied throughout its existence. Anticipating the approaching season, it is evident that CCL 2024 is situated to sustain this longstanding tradition, instilling delight in fans both domestically and internationally. In the midst of fervent anticipation, it is irrefutable that the Celebrity Cricket League serves as a poignant manifestation of India’s unwavering adoration for both cricket and cinema, an adoration that possesses a unique ability to foster unity among individuals.

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