Celebrity Cricket League 2023

Celebrity Cricket League 2023



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Tournament Winner: Telugu Warriors

The Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) perennially represents a significant and awe-inspiring convergence of two fundamental passions of Indian society, namely cricket and cinema. Over the course of time, this tournament has garnered significant public interest due to its adept fusion of the allure of the entertainment sector alongside the excitement stemming from the cricket field. In the forthcoming year of 2023, the CCL is poised to organize yet another captivating season, upholding its tradition of riveting sports events. This year, the tournament will expand its geographical reach by organizing matches in various cities throughout India, thereby stimulating widespread enthusiasm among fans across the nation. This article aims to comprehensively examine the intricacies surrounding the 2023 CCL, with a specific emphasis on the geographical venues and the lineups comprising the diverse regional film industries.

Location of the Celebrity Cricket League 2023

The forthcoming Celebrity Cricket League 2023 is expected to be an exhilarating tournament that will span across various regions of India, thus establishing itself as a truly nation-wide occasion. In addition to the prominent cricketing hubs, such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Chennai, the matches are scheduled to take place at various venues, including the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur, the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium in Hyderabad, and the Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium in Mohali. Every city has been carefully chosen based on its distinct sporting culture and rich cricketing heritage, thus providing a diverse range of experiences for both participants and onlookers.

In addition, the arrangement to disperse the matches among diverse cities presents an additional advantageous aspect from a strategic standpoint. In order to maximize the dissemination of enthusiasm and fervor associated with the Celebrity Cricket League 2023, organizers employ strategies aimed at reaching a wide array of fans, regardless of their geographic whereabouts. Moreover, it presents a significant opportunity for players to immerse themselves in the unique cricketing ambiance that accompanies each city and its corresponding stadium.

The Celebrity Cricket League 2023 is anticipated to be a noteworthy occasion that brings together luminaries from various domains including film, television, and sports to partake in the nation’s beloved sport. Through this event, diverse fan bases throughout the country will be united. The commemoration of cricket is anticipated to take place amidst India’s diverse cultural fabric, augmenting the distinctiveness and amusement of this occasion.

Celebrity Cricket League squad 2023

Typically, a total of eight teams partake in the competition, each team serving as a representative of a specific Indian film industry. These industries include Bollywood (represented by the Mumbai Heroes), Tollywood (represented by the Telugu Warriors and Bengal Tigers), Kollywood (represented by the Chennai Rhinos), Sandalwood (represented by the Karnataka Bulldozers), Mollywood (represented by the Kerala Strikers), Bhojpuri cinema (represented by the Bhojpuri Dabanggs), and Punjabi cinema (represented by the Punjab De Sher). Typically, every team is comprised of prominent actors, directors, and producers from their respective cinema industries, along with professional cricketers, in order to augment the competitive nature of the tournament.

On an annual basis, team compositions undergo renewal as novel luminaries ascend while erstwhile participants depart, thereby guaranteeing a rejuvenated amalgamation of skill and celebrity presence upon the cricket grounds. The Celebrity Cricket League offers a platform for the exhibition of cricketing capabilities by renowned individuals, thereby creating an engaging spectacle for enthusiasts across the nation.

Celebrity Cricket League schedule and scorecard 2023

Date Match Result
February 18 Bengal Tigers vs Karnataka Bulldozers Karnataka win by 8 wickets
February 18 Chennai Rhinos vs Mumbai Heroes Chennai win by 10 wickets
February 19 Kerala Strikers vs Telugu Warriors Telugu Warriors win by 64 runs
February 19 Punjab De Sher vs Bhojpuri Dabbangs Bhojpuri Dabanggs win by 25 runs
February 25 Chennai Rhinos vs Bhojpuri Dabbangs Bhojpuri Dabanggs win by 8 wickets
February 25 Bengal Tigers vs Telugu Warriors Telugu Warriors win by 8 wickets
February 26 Kerala Strikers vs Karnataka Bulldozers Karnataka Bulldozers win by 8 wickets
February 26 Punjab De Sher vs Mumbai Heroes Mumbai Heroes win by 22 runs
March 4 Punjab De Sher vs Telugu Warriors Punjab won by 6 wickets
March 4 Chennai Rhinos vs Karnataka Bulldozers Karnataka Bulldozers won by 6 wickets
March 5 Bengal Tigers vs Bhojpuri Dabbangs Bhojpuri Dabbangs won by 5 wickets
March 5 Kerala Strikers vs Mumbai Heroes Mumbai Heroes won by 7 runs
March 11 Kerala Strikers vs Bhojpuri Dabanggs Bhojpuri Dabanggs won by 75 runs
March 11 Punjab De Sher vs Karnataka Bulldozers Karnataka Bulldozers won by 8 wickets
March 12 Chennai Rhinos vs Telugu Warriors Chennai Rhinos won by 20 runs
March 12 Bengal Tigers vs Mumbai Heroes Mumbai Heroes won by 16 runs
March 24 Bhojpuri Dabanggs vs Mumbai Heroes - SF1 Bhojpuri Dabbangs won by 6 wickets
March 24 Karnataka Bulldozers vs Telugu Warriors - SF2 Telugu Warriors won by 6 wickets
March 25 Telugu Warriors vs Bhojpuri Dabbangs - Final Telugu Warriors won by 9 wickets


The Celebrity Cricket League is a non-professional cricket league in India, which involves teams of celebrities from the Indian film and television industry. The aim is to combine entertainment with the nation's most loved sport, cricket.
Eight teams participate in the Celebrity Cricket League, each representing different regional film industries of India.
The Celebrity Cricket League represents various regional film industries including Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Sandalwood, Mollywood, Bhojpuri cinema, and Punjabi cinema.
The Celebrity Cricket League is open to celebrities primarily from the film and television industry. However, some professional cricketers are also included in the teams to increase the competitiveness of the tournament.
The Celebrity Cricket League is usually broadcasted on television. The specific channel can vary each year. Please check the official Celebrity Cricket League website or local listings for the most accurate information.
Yes, the public can generally attend the Celebrity Cricket League matches. Tickets are usually sold online and at the box office of the hosting stadiums. Please check the official website or associated ticket-selling platforms for specific details.


The forthcoming Celebrity Cricket League in 2023 is anticipated to exemplify a synergistic amalgamation of cricket, cinema, and cultural elements, thereby enthralling spectators through the distinctive combination of celebrity influence and athletic prowess. The utilization of a multi-city hosting approach in India emphasizes the extensive cultural heterogeneity and enduring passion for cricket, engendering a captivating milieu for the players and an animated atmosphere for the onlookers. With the participation of celebrities hailing from various backgrounds, an anticipation of riveting cricket encounters, indelible instances, and a widespread commemoration of India’s revered sport can be envisaged. Please remain engaged for the most recent updates and prepare to observe an exceptional amalgamation of elegance and the sport of cricket in an unprecedented manner.