Bangladesh Premier League

Bangladesh Premier League


First Tournament: February 2012
Last Tournament: January 2023
Last Winner: Comila Victorians
Best Result: Highest match total: Rangpur Riders 239/4 vs. Chittagong Vikings, 2019. Largest run victory: Chittagong Kings beat Sylhet Royals by 119 runs, 2013. Largest wicket victory: Barisal Burners beat Sylhet Royals with 10 wickets remaining, 2012.




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The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) is a highly formidable cricket tournament that adheres to the Twenty20 format. The aforementioned setup showcases teams that encompass players from both domestic and international backgrounds, with specific guidelines governing the entry of indigenous players. The tournament comprises both a league stage and playoffs, wherein teams strive to accumulate points in order to progress. The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) possesses an intricate historical background, having encountered formidable obstacles like enduring allegations of match-fixing. Despite these challenges, it has persevered and thrived as an esteemed cricket spectacle within Bangladesh. The champions of the latest edition were the Comilla Victorians. The forthcoming 2024 edition of the cricket tournament in Bangladesh is eagerly anticipated as it is poised to exemplify the fervor and progress of the sport in the country.

Rules of the Bangladesh Premier League

The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) is a cricket tournament characterized by an inherent level of competitiveness, which is upheld through a carefully defined framework of regulations and protocols. The structure of the game is derived from the Twenty20 cricket format, wherein each competing team is allowed to bowl a maximum of 20 overs during each innings.

In the context of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), it is notable that each participating team possesses a comprehensive roster comprising of players originating from both domestic and international backgrounds. The composition of starting eleven teams necessitates the inclusion of a specific quota of indigenous players. Typically, these athletes are procured via a draft mechanism, although in select seasons, an auction process has been implemented.

Points play a pivotal role within the tournament framework. In the realm of team competitions, a victory is financially compensated with two credits, while a match that concludes with neither a result nor a winner is granted a solitary credit. There is a lack of point allocation for a defeat in a given circumstance.

The tournament is structurally organized into two distinct phases, namely a league stage and playoffs. In the initial phase of the competition, teams engage in a round-robin format characterized by a comprehensive schedule entailing two encounters against each opposing team. The four teams possessing the greatest point totals upon conclusion of this phase will advance to the playoffs.

The playoffs encompass a series of matches designed to determine the finalists and ultimately bestow the championship upon the victorious team in the tournament. The aforementioned tournament format commonly comprises distinct stages including an Eliminator, Qualifier 1, Qualifier 2, and a Final. The two leading teams will be pitted against each other in Qualifier 1, wherein the victorious team will secure a direct progression to the Final. The team that does not emerge victorious in Qualifier 1 does not face elimination; rather, they are given an additional opportunity to advance to the Final by competing against the winner of the Eliminator match, in which the third and fourth placed teams participate, in Qualifier 2.

If a tie occurs in any given match, a Super Over is implemented as a means to ascertain the ultimate victor. In conjunction with the aforementioned regulations, it is imperative for players to comply with the code of conduct established by the International Cricket Council. This code encompasses directives for promoting fair sportsmanship, demonstrating respect towards adversaries, and imposing a strict ban on the utilization of offensive language.

The specific regulations can exhibit variations across different seasons, as modifications are subject to implementation by the Bangladesh Cricket Board, contingent upon a range of influencing factors. The official documentation or website of the BPL would provide the most recent and comprehensive rules.

The Bangladesh Premier League history

The inception of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) took place in 2011 under the patronage of the Bangladesh Cricket Board, serving as a substitute for the National Cricket League. The impetus for its inception arose due to the favorable outcomes observed in a number of franchise-oriented Twenty20 cricket leagues, including the widely acclaimed Indian Premier League. The commencement of the first season of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) occurred in February of 2012, with the venue of the matches taking place in both Dhaka and Chittagong. The inaugural match of the first season featured a competition between the Sylhet Royals and Barisal Burners, culminating in the Dhaka Gladiators triumphing as the champions. This victory was achieved by defeating the Barisal Burners in the final match.

In its second season, the league experienced growth through the inclusion of an additional team, namely the Rangpur Riders. Dhaka Gladiators successfully replicated their prior triumph by emerging victorious and securing the championship for consecutive time periods.

However, the league encountered significant challenges throughout the 2012-13 season due to allegations of match-fixing, resulting in the suspension of the proprietors of all six initial franchises. The proprietors of the Dhaka Gladiators were consequently subjected to an enduring expulsion. Numerous players and administrators, notably the esteemed ex-Bangladesh captain, Mohammad Ashraful, were also subject to penalties consequent to their involvement in match-fixing activities.

The forthcoming 2020 edition of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) had been earmarked for implementation in the absence of franchise participation as a result of discord between the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) and the respective owners of the franchises. Unfortunately, the tournament had to be cancelled in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2022, the International Cricket Council (ICC) incorporated the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) into its Future Tours Programme, allocating January and February as the designated period for the tournament. Consequently, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) proceeded to arrange the BPL to take place during these months for the ensuing three seasons. In a groundbreaking move, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) made the unprecedented decision to initiate the sale of franchise rights for a fixed period of three years.

Last winner of the Bangladesh Premier League

The commencement of the BPL occurred on January 6th, 2023, with its conclusion taking place on February 16th of the same year. The Comilla Victorians emerged triumphant, securing the championship for the fourth instance and establishing themselves as the most accomplished team in the history of the tournament. The attainment of the championship was ascribed to their triumph over the Sylhet Strikers in the conclusive match.

During the course of the season, every match provided distinct moments of exhilaration and rivalry. In a specific embodiment, the Comilla Victorians emerged victorious over the Sylhet Strikers in the sixteenth fixture of the season, achieving a triumph by securing five wickets. Notably, Litton Das demonstrated exceptional skill and prowess by accumulating a total of 70 runs in 42 deliveries.

Throughout its existence, the BPL has witnessed a plethora of remarkable achievements and records being set. The Rangpur Riders achieved the highest aggregate score in any Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) game, amassing 239 runs for the loss of 4 wickets within the stipulated 20 overs, during their match against the Chittagong Vikings on the 25th of January, 2019. On the 8th of February 2013, the Chittagong Kings achieved a remarkable triumph by a considerable margin of 119 runs over the Sylhet Royals, thus establishing the most significant victory in terms of runs recorded in the game. On 10th February 2012, Barisal Burners claimed an extraordinary victory by securing all 10 wickets against Sylhet Royals, thereby achieving the record for the largest margin of victory in terms of wickets.

Bangladesh Premier League 2024

The highly anticipated 2024 iteration of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), which serves as Bangladesh’s premiere T20 cricket tournament, elicits immense excitement amongst cricket aficionados across the globe. The anticipated commencement of the competition is projected to occur on January 6, 2024, and is set to extend until February 17, 2024, thereby offering a six-week span encompassing captivating cricket matches.

The tournament has the objective of presenting Bangladesh’s passion for cricket and its advancement in the realm of this sport, given that it is hosted by the nation. The commencement of the T20 match is slated to be an enthralling encounter pitting the Chattogram Challengers against the Sylhet Strikers. The forthcoming inaugural match is scheduled to occur at the esteemed Shere Bangla National Stadium located in Mirpur, renowned for its vibrant ambiance and ardent followers of the sport of cricket.

The tournament is distinguished by a varied amalgamation of seven teams, each exhibiting distinctive strengths and strategies. The aforementioned teams include the Chattogram Challengers, Cumilla Warriors, Dhaka Dominators, Fortune Barishal, Khulna Tigers, Rangpur Riders, and Sylhet Thunder. The league adheres to a round-robin structure, whereby all teams are scheduled to compete against each other, yielding a cumulative sum of 46 intensely competitive matches.

One noteworthy motivating factor for the teams involved lies in the considerable monetary reward allocated by the Bangladesh Cricket Board for the triumphant participants of the tournament. The exceptional performance of the prevailing team in the current year’s iteration will warrant an outstanding BDT 2,00,00,000, underscoring the significance and esteemed status of the tournament within the realm of cricket.

Bangladesh Premier League Venue 2024

The 2024 edition of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), renowned as the foremost T20 cricket tournament in Bangladesh, is scheduled to take place at three primary venues within the country.

One notable example is the Shere Bangla National Stadium, situated in the central region of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. This stadium occupies a significant position in the historical records of Bangladeshi cricket, as it has been the venue for a wide array of domestic and international cricket matches throughout its existence. The Shere Bangla National Stadium stands as a profound cricketing arena renowned for hosting an array of exceptional cricket events. The stadium possesses a seating capacity that exceeds 25,000 individuals and is renowned for fostering an intense ambiance conducive to the sport of cricket. The stadium possesses cutting-edge amenities, thereby rendering it a highly suitable location for an esteemed tournament such as the BPL.

The second venue, namely the Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium located in Chattogram, serves as an important site for conducting various events and activities. The stadium, frequently a bustling center of cricketing affairs, has consistently held a prominent position in Bangladesh’s cricketing schedule. The venue has been entrusted with hosting numerous prominent matches and is acknowledged for its exceptional playing surface and field conditions. The Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium accommodates approximately 20,000 individuals and is positioned within an aesthetically pleasing setting, encompassed by idyllic hills. The venue exemplifies an exceptional ambiance to the tournament, harmonizing the fervor of cricket with the innate picturesque allure of Bangladesh.

The following section depicts the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium in Sylhet, situated in the northeastern region of Bangladesh. This particular stadium holds the distinction of being the most recent construction among the trio of venues, rendering it noteworthy for its contemporary amenities and aesthetically appealing environs. The stadium under consideration is of international standard, boasting a seating capacity of approximately 18,000, and is situated in a scenic environment surrounded by abundant verdant foliage. The Sylhet International Cricket Stadium offers a tranquil setting for the intense matches of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), thereby rendering each game not only a sporting event but also a visually captivating spectacle.

Each of the aforementioned venues, distinguished by their respective attributes, contributes a singular facet to the Bangladesh Premier League, rendering it an authentically national occasion that deeply resonates with the cricket-enthusiastic populace of Bangladesh. The choice of these establishments not only highlights the varied geographical representation of Bangladesh but also its burgeoning reputation as an international hub for cricket.

Bangladesh Premier League List of Teams 2024

The 2024 iteration of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) encompasses seven franchise teams, each of which symbolizes a distinct city or region within Bangladesh.

The team known as the Chattogram Challengers constitutes a representative entity of the urban center of Chattogram, which is otherwise acknowledged as Chittagong. This coastal city situated in the southeastern region of Bangladesh is renowned for its abundant historical background in the sport of cricket, and has continuously served as a significant source of talent for the national team throughout the years. The team participating in the BPL comprises a diverse array of both local and international talents, reflecting the competitive essence of the city.

The Cumilla Warriors originate from Cumilla, a city positioned in the eastern region of the nation. The Warriors place great emphasis on their unwavering tenacity and unyielding spirit, characteristics that are deeply rooted in the team’s underlying principles. The team’s roster comprises a blend of seasoned players and talented young individuals hailing from both domestic and international origins.

The Dhaka Dominators emblematically embody the dynamic and vibrant urban hub of Dhaka, reflecting its significance and influence as the capital city. The Dominators, akin to the urban landscape they symbolize, are renowned for their invigorating and kinetic style of cricket, serving as a testament to the diverse and prosperous cricketing culture exhibited in Dhaka. The team possesses a formidable roster consisting of both domestic and international players.

Fortune Barishal, previously identified as the Barisal Bulls, serves as the representative team for the city of Barishal, situated in the southern region of Bangladesh. Barishal has served as an incubator for numerous prominent cricket players in Bangladesh, thereby upholding this tradition by constructing a formidable roster consisting of both domestic and international cricketers.

The Khulna Tigers serve as the representative team for Khulna, a prominent urban center ranking as the third largest within the region of Bangladesh. Renowned for its proficient cricket abilities, the team exhibits a harmonious amalgamation of seasoned athletes and budding talents hailing from Bangladesh and other global participants of the cricket sport.

Rangpur Riders, the quintessential representative of the city of Rangpur in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), proudly assumes its position as the northernmost team within the league’s geographic boundaries. The team is widely recognized for its adept strategic game plan and its capacity to cultivate indigenous talents alongside esteemed international cricket players.

The Sylhet Thunder is indicative of the northeastern metropolis of Sylhet. Sylhet, known for its picturesque landscapes and serene ambiance, has emerged as a significant contributor of talented cricketers to the Bangladesh national team. The Thunder team exemplifies the city’s cricketing aptitude through its well-rounded assemblage of both domestic and international players.

The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) offers a multifaceted platform for both local and international cricketers to exhibit their proficiency and remarkably contribute to the advancement and expansion of cricket in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Premier League Timetable 2024

The 2024 edition of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) commenced with great enthusiasm and widespread public interest on January 6th. The inception encounter showcased a highly competitive battle between the Chattogram Challengers and the Sylhet Strikers, thereby establishing a precedent for the captivating cricket spectacle that would transpire throughout the ensuing month and a half. The tournament schedule has been constructed to be resilient and captivating, encompassing a grand total of 46 matches that will be contested among the seven participating teams.

The itinerary is carefully organized to ensure a consistent and uninterrupted progression of cricket activities. On the 7th of January, to illustrate, audiences were presented with not only a single, but rather two intense and thrilling matches. The inaugural game of the day witnessed a faceoff between the teams Dhaka Dominators and Khulna Tigers, followed by the second match showcasing a competitive encounter between Fortune Barishal and the Sylhet Strikers.

The tournament’s format entails the occurrence of two matches on a daily basis on average. This structure not only enhances the magnitude of the competition but also affords cricket enthusiasts with a complete day of exhilarating T20 events. The scheduling of matches typically incorporates intervals in order to accommodate intermissions and consider diverse global time zones, considerably enhancing both viewership and fan involvement.

The BPL 2024 has been scheduled to continue until the 17th of February in the year 2024. During this designated period, every team will have the chance to encounter their rivals on numerous occasions, exploit their own areas of proficiency, and engage in refining their tactical approaches. The forthcoming culmination of this intense cricket competition is anticipated to manifest as a captivating spectacle, aligning with the customary exhilarating nature observed in previous editions of the Bangladesh Premier League. The tournament serves as a genuine commemoration of cricket in Bangladesh, showcasing the sport’s utmost caliber and enthralling confrontations. Furthermore, it consistently plays a pivotal role in fostering the advancement of cricket within the nation.


The Bangladesh Premier League follows a Twenty20 cricket format, where each team is allowed to bowl a maximum of 20 overs during each innings.
Each team in the BPL consists of players from both domestic and international backgrounds. There is a specific quota for indigenous players that must be included in the starting eleven. Players are usually procured through a draft mechanism, but auctions have also been used in some seasons.
In the league stage, a victory earns a team two points, while a match that concludes without a result or a winner is awarded one point. There are no points awarded for a defeat.
The tournament consists of two phases: the league stage and the playoffs. In the league stage, teams play against each other in a round-robin format. The top four teams with the highest point totals advance to the playoffs.
The playoffs consist of several matches, including an Eliminator, Qualifier 1, Qualifier 2, and a Final. The top two teams face each other in Qualifier 1, with the winner advancing directly to the Final. The loser of Qualifier 1 gets another chance to reach the Final by playing against the winner of the Eliminator match, which involves the third and fourth placed teams, in Qualifier 2.
If a match ends in a tie, a Super Over is implemented to determine the ultimate winner.
Players must comply with the code of conduct established by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The code promotes fair sportsmanship, respect towards opponents, and strictly prohibits the use of offensive language.
Yes, the specific regulations of the BPL can vary between seasons as they are subject to implementation by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) based on various influencing factors. The official documentation or website of the BPL provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive rules.
The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) was inaugurated in 2011 as a replacement for the National Cricket League. The first season took place in February 2012, with matches held in Dhaka and Chittagong.
The Comilla Victorians emerged as the winners of the most recent Bangladesh Premier League. They secured the championship for the fourth time by defeating the Sylhet Strikers in the final match.
The next edition of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) is set to commence on January 6, 2024, and is expected to run until February 17, 2024.
The matches of the BPL 2024 will be held at three primary venues: the Shere Bangla National Stadium in Dhaka, the Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chattogram, and the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium in Sylhet.
The teams participating in the Bangladesh Premier League 2024 are: Chattogram Challengers, Cumilla Warriors, Dhaka Domin ators, Fortune Barishal, Khulna Tigers, Rangpur Riders, and Sylhet Thunder.
The Bangladesh Premier League 2024 started on January 6, 2024, and is scheduled to continue until February 17, 2024. There will be a total of 46 matches played among the seven participating teams.
The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) will award an outstanding BDT 2,00,00,000 to the triumphant team in the BPL 2024, highlighting the significance and esteemed status of the tournament within the realm of cricket.


The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) has emerged as a prominent fixture in the cricketing milieu of Bangladesh, engrossing fans through its fiercely contested matches and superior standards of play. The Comilla Victorians, recognized as the most accomplished team in the tournament’s history, jubilantly commemorated their fourth championship triumph in the preceding edition. The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) has borne witness to a multitude of noteworthy accomplishments and record-breaking performances, thus adding to the esteemed cricketing legacy of Bangladesh. Cricket enthusiasts ardently anticipate the forthcoming 2024 edition, with eager anticipation for the captivating encounters and enduringly remarkable moments that will transpire within this esteemed tournament. The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) serves as an influential platform that contributes significantly to the advancement and progress of cricket in Bangladesh, firmly establishing itself as an indispensable component of the country’s sporting landscape.

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