Super Smash 2023/2024

Super Smash


First Tournament: 2005–06
Last Tournament: 2022-23
Best Result: Northern Brave, Auckland Aces, Wellington Firebirds (4 titles each)




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The domestic Twenty20 cricket tournament in New Zealand, known as the Super Smash, has evolved into a crucial and integral part of the cricketing schedule, showcasing a captivating fusion of local and international proficiency. Since its establishment in 2005, the Super Smash tournament has served as an exceptional platform for cricket players to demonstrate their abilities within the high-paced and ever-changing structure of Twenty20 cricket. The objective of this paper is to furnish a comprehensive examination of the Super Smash, encompassing its constituent teams, governing regulations, distinctive attributes, and the historical events that have shaped its trajectory. In this discourse, we shall likewise reexamine the captivating occurrences of the 2022-2023 season, commemorating the glorious triumph of the Northern Brave, whilst contemplating the prospective 2023-2024 season and the enthralling cricket confrontations it holds in store.

In the Super Smash competition, a total of six teams, namely Northern Brave, Canterbury Kings, Wellington Firebirds, Auckland Aces, Central Stags, and Otago Volts, engage in intensive competition, with the shared objective of establishing their dominance within the tournament. These teams, each possessing a unique heritage and strategic approach, epitomize various regions within New Zealand, thereby augmenting the geographical diversity and widespread appeal of the competition. The tournament venues, distributed throughout the expanse of New Zealand, are esteemed cricket grounds that have borne witness to numerous significant accomplishments in the realm of cricket.

Rules (features) of the Super Smash

The Super Smash, regarded as the foremost domestic Twenty20 cricket tournament in New Zealand, adheres to the fundamental guidelines of the T20 format while also introducing distinctive elements and regulations specific to its structure. Each cricket match is comprised of two innings, where each team is allotted a maximum of 20 overs to play. In the realm of competitive sports, it is generally acknowledged that the team able to accumulate the highest number of runs ultimately emerges victorious in the match. In case of a parity in scores, the ultimate result is settled by means of a Super Over, a rousing and high-stake circumstance in which every team is granted an additional over to accumulate the highest number of runs feasible.

Bowling restrictions have been implemented, whereby a bowler is limited to delivering a maximum of four overs in a single match. There exist stringent regulations concerning sluggish over rates, with corresponding sanctions that can be imposed should a team fail to conclude their designated 20 overs within the stipulated timeframe.

Fielding restrictions are enforced during the Powerplay phase in the game of Super Smash, constituting the initial six overs of an innings. In the present temporal interval, solely a duo of fielders is permissible beyond the confinements of the 30-yard circumference. Following the conclusion of the Powerplay phase in cricket, it is permissible for a maximum of five fielders to be strategically positioned beyond the inner fielding circle.

An additional noteworthy facet of the Super Smash tournament entails the utilization of the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) technique during matches that are influenced by rainfall. In the event of a rain-induced curtailment impacting a match, it is customary to employ the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) method to modify the target score for the team batting second. This approach meticulously considers the quantum of overs lost and the remaining wickets held by the team at the moment of the interruption.

The amalgamation of these distinctive attributes and guidelines culminate to create the Super Smash, an exhilarating and expeditious cricket competition that bestows a plenitude of electrifying action and amusement for both enthusiasts and participants.

Dream11 Super Smash history

The Super Smash, referred to as the Dream11 Super Smash due to sponsorship affiliations, stands as the esteemed domestic Twenty20 cricket tournament in New Zealand. The genesis of this event can be traced back to the year 2005, during which it emerged as a successor to the Shell Cup, assuming the role of the premier T20 tournament in the country. Subsequently, the entity has experienced an increase in its standing and favorability, both within its own country and on a global scale. Throughout its history, the tournament has been adorned with the presence of numerous esteemed international luminaries, as well as locally nurtured prodigies who have subsequently ascended to the pinnacle of representing New Zealand on a global scale.

During its formative years, the Auckland Aces and the Canterbury Kings prominently asserted their dominance, collectively securing victory in the tournament’s initial five editions. Nevertheless, the competitive environment underwent a gradual transition, subsequently leading to the emergence of other teams making noteworthy contributions. The Wellington Firebirds and the Northern Knights have exhibited remarkable achievement in recent years.

The Super Smash tournament has often been attributed to the promotion and popularization of T20 cricket in New Zealand. The aforementioned platform has significantly contributed to the development of local talent, as evidenced by numerous players who have successfully utilized it as a pathway towards their involvement in international cricket. Throughout the years, the tournament has manifested a progressive trajectory characterized by advancement and novelty, primarily manifested in the domains of broadcasting, fan involvement, and the overall caliber of competition.

In the present year, the tournament comprises six teams that symbolize diverse areas of New Zealand, engaging in a round-robin configuration succeeded by playoffs. The Super Smash, characterized by its captivating cricket matches and distinct Kiwi allure, maintains a fundamental position within New Zealand’s cricketing environment, persistently captivating spectators with its exhilarating style of play.

Last winner of the Super Smash

The Super Smash tournament of 2022-2023 concluded with the Northern Brave emerging as the champions, concluding an exhilarating season with an impressive display in the grand finale. The culminating match took place on the 11th of February 2023 at the esteemed Hagley Oval situated in Christchurch, where the Canterbury Kings were the opposing team. The Kings successfully established a target of 154 runs, with a batting performance of noteworthy impact by Cole McConchie, who achieved a total of 54 runs in 36 deliveries during their allotted 20 overs. Nevertheless, the Northern Brave demonstrated remarkable batting skills as they efficiently pursued and achieved the set target in a mere 18 overs, while only surrendering three wickets. The wicketkeeper-batsman Tim Seifert from the team The Brave exhibited exceptional performance by scoring 51 runs off 40 deliveries, contributing significantly to his team’s notable triumph by a margin of seven wickets. Mitchell Santner, representing the Northern Brave team, exhibited a remarkable performance in the field of cricket, by contributing significantly with the ball, achieving a commendable figure of 3/16 in a span of four overs. The Northern Brave team was ultimately proclaimed champions of the Super Smash 2022-2023 tournament, thereby attaining an esteemed triumph.

Super Smash 2023/2024

The fervor surrounding the imminent Super Smash 2023/2024 season is steadily intensifying. The commencement of the tournament is slated for December 2023, with its duration extending until February 2024. The Super Smash tournament holds a distinguished status as the most esteemed domestic T20 cricket event in New Zealand, serving as a paramount platform for seasoned cricket veterans and emerging talents to exhibit their abilities within a context characterized by heightened stakes.

The currently reigning champions, Northern Brave, will be endeavoring to uphold their championship status, anticipating formidable competition from esteemed contenders such as Canterbury Kings, Wellington Firebirds, Auckland Aces, Otago Volts, and the Central Stags, all of whom boast exemplary performance histories in the tournament.

The forthcoming Super Smash season is poised to be highly captivating due to the anticipation of emergent tactics and novel talents. Teams will inevitably depend on their experienced players for reliable performances, but they will also seek contributions from their younger players to make a notable impact. The pursuit of identifying the forthcoming emerging talent will undoubtedly contribute an exhilarating subplot to monitor.

Furthermore, the upcoming 2023/2024 season holds the potential for increased fan engagement alongside enhanced broadcasting capabilities, owing to the ever-progressing advancements in technology. Digital platforms have the potential to assume a significant and influential position in disseminating the thrill and fervor of the Super Smash to cricket enthusiasts globally.

As the approach of December 2023 ensues, both enthusiasts and participants of the sport can anticipate the commencement of yet another captivating season, rife with cricketing sensations and enthralling narratives. The forthcoming Super Smash event in 2023/2024 will transcend the realm of cricket, as it encapsulates not only the athletic pursuits it entails, but also encompasses the narratives birthed from these endeavours. These stories shall encapsulate the embodiment of perseverance, unwavering resolve, fair play, and unparalleled excellence.

Super Smash Venue 2023/2024

Although comprehensive information regarding the venues for the upcoming Super Smash 2023/2024 season remains informed, speculations can be drawn from prior installments of the tournament. The tournament commonly makes use of eminent cricket grounds situated throughout New Zealand, thereby providing a varied selection of venues that possess both symbolic and picturesque qualities.

Prominent cricket venues such as Eden Park Outer Oval in Auckland, Hagley Oval in Christchurch, and the Basin Reserve in Wellington have consistently served as hosts in previous seasons and are poised to resume their pivotal role in the upcoming 2023/2024 season. These venues not only offer exceptional playing conditions but also possess esteemed cricketing legacies, thus augmenting the matches played there with an elevated level of prestige.

Additionally, Seddon Park in Hamilton, Pukekura Park in New Plymouth, and the University of Otago Oval in Dunedin could conceivably form part of the potential venue selection. The diversity of these stadiums, characterized by distinct features and complexities, offers a range of playing surfaces and climate conditions, thereby examining the teams’ capacity to adjust and perform accordingly.

Additionally, it should be noted that lesser-known locations such as Fitzherbert Park in Palmerston North and John Davies Oval in Queenstown may also be included in the selection, thus providing a distinctive appeal and a more intimate atmosphere for cricket spectators.

However, New Zealand Cricket will decide the final selection of venues for the Super Smash 2023/2024 tournament, taking into account various factors including pitch conditions, stadium facilities, logistical considerations, and potentially, the public health conditions in response to the worldwide pandemic.

Super Smash List of teams 2023/2024

In light of their reigning status as the current champions, the Northern Brave team, originating from Hamilton and serving as representatives of the Northern Districts, are prepared to embark upon the competitive realm once again, exhibiting unwavering determination and a fervent desire to preserve their reigning position. Drawing upon the triumphant trajectory of the preceding season, the Brave are poised to engage in spirited competition.

The Canterbury Kings, located in Christchurch, possess a notable heritage within the Super Smash tournament, as they achieved the highly regarded second-place position in the 2022-2023 season. The individuals display a notable degree of ambition to transcend their present accomplishments and secure the championship trophy.

The Wellington Firebirds, renowned for their achievements and consistent deployment of strong line-ups, are based at the esteemed Basin Reserve in Wellington. The individuals are actively engaged in an enduring pursuit to acquire an additional Super Smash title in order to enhance and enrich their already distinguished collection of accolades.

The Auckland Aces, with a rich cricketing lineage, conduct their home matches at the prestigious Eden Park Outer Oval, thereby solidifying their position as formidable competitors in all tournaments. The individuals aim to employ their combination of expertise and youthful enthusiasm in order to acquire a strategic edge.

Originating from Palmerston North, the Central Stags team has gathered a reputation for consistently delivering commendable performances, demonstrating undeniable preparedness to confront their adversaries in the imminent season.

Finally, it is notable that the Otago Volts, hailing from the city of Dunedin, possess a team composition characterized by an abundance of skilled individuals. They demonstrate an intense passion and resolute commitment to apply their set of skills, competing for the highly desired championship title.

Super Smash Cricket League 2024

Date Match Details Result
Tue, 19 Dec ‘23 1st Match • Auckland, Super Smash Auckland won by 27 runs
Thu, 21 Dec ‘23 2nd Match (D/N) • Wellington, Super Smash Wellington won by 74 runs
Fri, 22 Dec ‘23 3rd Match (D/N) • Hamilton, Super Smash Northern Dis won by 55 runs
Sun, 24 Dec ‘23 4th Match • Wellington, Super Smash Match abandoned
Tue, 26 Dec ‘23 5th Match (D/N) • Christchurch, Super Smash No result
Wed, 27 Dec ‘23 6th Match (D/N) • Palmerston North, Super Smash Central D won by 56 runs
Thu, 28 Dec ‘23 7th Match (D/N) • Alexandra, Super Smash Wellington won by 9 wickets (with 93 balls remaining)
Fri, 29 Dec ‘23 8th Match (D/N) • New Plymouth, Super Smash Match abandoned
Sat, 30 Dec ‘23 9th Match (D/N) • New Plymouth, Super Smash Canterbury won by 33 runs (DLS method)
Mon, 01 Jan ‘24 10th Match (D/N) • Alexandra, Super Smash Otago won by 3 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
Tue, 02 Jan ‘24 11th Match (D/N) • Mount Maunganui, Super Smash Wellington won by 23 runs
Wed, 03 Jan ‘24 12th Match (D/N) • Alexandra, Super Smash Canterbury won by 4 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)
Thu, 04 Jan ‘24 13th Match (D/N) • Auckland, Super Smash Auckland won by 53 runs
Fri, 05 Jan ‘24 14th Match (D/N) • Christchurch, Super Smash No result
Sat, 06 Jan ‘24 15th Match (D/N) • Hamilton, Super Smash Otago won by 8 wickets (with 18 balls remaining)
Sun, 07 Jan ‘24 16th Match (D/N) • Christchurch, Super Smash Auckland won by 8 wickets (with 28 balls remaining)
Mon, 08 Jan ‘24 17th Match • Napier, Super Smash Wellington won by 4 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
Tue, 09 Jan ‘24 18th Match (D/N) • Christchurch, Super Smash Canterbury won by 33 runs
Wed, 10 Jan ‘24 19th Match (D/N) • Napier, Super Smash Central D won by 52 runs
Thu, 11 Jan ‘24 20th Match • Christchurch, Super Smash Wellington won by 21 runs
Fri, 12 Jan ‘24 21st Match (D/N) • Mount Maunganui, Super Smash Auckland won by 8 wickets (with 21 balls remaining)
Sat, 13 Jan ‘24 22nd Match (D/N) • Wellington, Super Smash Central D won by 6 wickets (with 19 balls remaining)
Sun, 14 Jan ‘24 23rd Match • Auckland, Super Smash Auckland won by 7 wickets (with 13 balls remaining)
Mon, 15 Jan ‘24 24th Match (D/N) • Wellington, Super Smash Northern Dis won by 7 wickets (with 27 balls remaining)
Tue, 16 Jan ‘24 25th Match (D/N) • Auckland, Super Smash Central D won by 15 runs
Thu, 18 Jan ‘24 26th Match (D/N) • Hamilton, Super Smash Canterbury won by 90 runs
Fri, 19 Jan ‘24 27th Match (D/N) • Dunedin, Super Smash Match yet to begin
Sat, 20 Jan ‘24 28th Match (D/N) • Auckland, Super Smash Match yet to begin
Mon, 22 Jan ‘24 29th Match (D/N) • Wellington, Super Smash Match yet to begin
Tue, 23 Jan ‘24 30th Match (D/N) • Dunedin, Super Smash Match yet to begin
Fri, 26 Jan ‘24 Eliminator (D/N) • , Super Smash Match yet to begin
Sun, 28 Jan ‘24 Final (D/N) • , Super Smash Match yet to begin

Points Table

Auckland 9 5 2 2 24 +1.105
Wellington 9 5 3 1 22 +0.927
Canterbury 9 4 3 2 20 +0.599
Central Districts 9 4 3 2 20 +0.390
Otago 8 2 5 1 10 -1.950
Northern Knights 8 2 6 0 8 -1.101


The Super Smash is New Zealand's premier domestic Twenty20 cricket competition, featuring teams from across the country. It's known for its fast-paced and exciting matches.
Six teams compete in the Super Smash. These are the Northern Brave, Canterbury Kings, Wellington Firebirds, Auckland Aces, Central Stags, and Otago Volts.
The Super Smash 2022-2023 matches will held at various iconic cricket grounds across New Zealand, including Eden Park Outer Oval in Auckland, Hagley Oval in Christchurch, Basin Reserve in Wellington, and several others.
The Northern Brave were the winners of the Super Smash 2022-2023, beating the Canterbury Kings in the Grand Final.
The Super Smash 2023-2024 is scheduled to be played from December 2023 to February 2024.


The conclusion of the 2022-2023 Super Smash season, culminating in the Northern Brave’s exciting triumph, has generated considerable anticipation among cricket enthusiasts globally for the forthcoming 2023-2024 season. The confirmation of the official team lineup and selection of venues is currently pending, however, it is expected that the participation of the six formidable teams will be secured. Each team is renowned for possessing distinctive attributes and tactical approaches, which will undoubtedly contribute to the dynamism of the tournament.

The Super Smash tournament serves a dual purpose beyond merely determining a victor; it is an occasion for commemorating cricket and showcasing the sport’s increasing prominence in New Zealand. The cricket festival presents a platform for up-and-coming individuals to display their skills alongside longstanding figures, captivating spectators with their physical aptitude and insightful maneuvers. As we turn our gaze towards the forthcoming days, the Super Smash remains a symbol of the dynamic progression of cricket in New Zealand, heralding another season abounding in enthralling encounters and indelible instances. The aforementioned event extends beyond being a mere cricket tournament, as it represents a remarkable testament to the esteemed cricketing legacy of New Zealand and offers a glimpse into the nation’s flourishing prospects in the sport.

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