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First Tournament: 2023
Last Tournament: 2023
Last Winner: Sunrisers Eastern Cape
Best Result: MI Cape Town, who won by a margin of 8 wickets, with 27 balls remaining against Paarl Royals on 10th January 2023




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The SA20 2024, referred to as the SA20 T20 League 2024, CSA T20 League 2024, or 2024–25 SA20 in official capacities, denotes a prominent Twenty20 cricket league that takes place within the confines of South Africa. The tournament has been meticulously organized by Cricket South Africa (CSA) and was first inaugurated in the year 2023. The SA20 tournament consists of a total of six formidable teams, all of which operate from various cities located across South Africa. This arrangement serves to heighten the intra-local competition, which, in turn, yields a unique and distinguishing character to the tournament. The distinctiveness of the SA20 league lies in the fact that each team is under the ownership of franchise owners from the prominent Indian Premier League (IPL), which is acknowledged as one of the most significant cricket leagues on the global stage. The initial champions of the SA20 tournament were the Sunrisers Eastern Cape, a team that demonstrated their proficiency throughout the inaugural competition.

Rules (features) of the tournament

The SA20 tournament, which marks South Africa’s initial foray into T20 cricket, represents a noteworthy and stimulating augmentation to the cricketing schedule. The competition comprises of a grand total of 33 matches, which are held at six distinct venues, commencing from the 10th of January and concluding on the 11th of February. The roster of participating teams encompasses both local teams, namely MI Cape Town and Paarl Royals, as well as global franchises, including Durban Super Giants, Joburg Super Kings, Sunrisers Eastern Cape, and Pretoria Capitals.

The SA20 tournament presents a distinctive facet with its avant-garde playing structure. Prior to the commencement of each game, the captains possess the prerogative to designate a roster of 13 players who shall participate in the match prior to the coin toss. Subsequent to the coin toss, the team in question is endowed with the prerogative to curate a conclusive group of eleven players, with the residual two athletes assuming the role of substitutes. The aforementioned regulation introduces a compelling strategic aspect to the sport, whereby team captains may adapt their squad’s composition in accordance with prevailing circumstances and the results of the coin toss.

The tournament presents novel scoring guidelines. The victorious team is granted a total of four points, with the potential to secure an extra bonus point should they attain a run rate 1. 25 times higher than that of their opponents. If a match fails to produce a definitive outcome, each team is granted two points.

Additionally, there exist distinct regulations concerning fielding and bowling techniques. An intentional attempt to run out the batter does not result in the awarding of extra runs if a direct hit causes the ball to deflect off the stumps. In similar fashion, it is noteworthy that a bowled dismissal does not give rise to any byes in the event that the cricket ball rebounds off the stumps during a free hit.

In cases where teams conclude a competition with identical point tallies, tie-breakers are established in a precise sequence: precedence is given to the team with the greatest number of victories, followed by the team with the most bonus points, and lastly the team with the highest net run rate. In the event of a tie between teams, the team with the greatest number of victories over the other teams with identical standings will advance. In the event of a deadlocked match, the determining factor is the team displaying the most significant ratio of runs scored to wickets lost. Subsequently, if the tie continues to persist, the team with the greatest ratio of wickets taken to runs conceded across the tournament shall be declared the victor.

What is SA20 league

The SA20 cricket tournament refers to a franchise-based Twenty20 cricket tournament that is held in South Africa. The inaugural edition of the aforementioned event was convened by Cricket South Africa (CSA) in the year of 2023. The competition consists of six teams located in multiple cities across the nation. The champions of the competition’s initial edition were the Sunrisers Eastern Cape.

In 2017, Cricket South Africa established the T20 Global League as an antecedent to the SA20. The commencement of the Global League’s first season was postponed by one year owing to the absence of a partnership agreement with a broadcasting company and a primary sponsor. In June 2018, the Mzansi Super League was introduced as a professional sporting league composed of six teams under the ownership of Cricket South Africa. Regrettably, both of these leagues fell short of attaining the intended level of success. The Mzansi Super League was operational for two consecutive seasons; however, the 2020 and 2021 versions ceased due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

In the year 2022, the Cricket South Africa (CSA) organization created the SA20 league through the establishment of a novel entity known as Africa Cricket Development (Pty) Limited (ACD). The aforementioned statement elucidates the distribution of stakes in ACD, whereby CSA holds a majority stake of 50%, followed by broadcaster SuperSport with 30%, and the remaining 20% being held by Sundar Raman, erstwhile Chief Operating Officer of the Indian Premier League (IPL). It is noteworthy that each of the six teams were acquired by franchises operating within the Indian Premier League (IPL). The decision to forego the One Day International series slated between South Africa and Australia in January 2023 was made by CSA in July 2022. This resolution was reached to facilitate the undertaking of the SA20 tournament.

The appointment of Graeme Smith, a distinguished South African cricketer and former captain of the national cricket team, as the commissioner of the forthcoming SA20 tournament was officially declared in August 2022. Subsequently, within the same month, the prominent athletes selected to serve as marquee players for the inaugural season were disclosed.

Last winner of the SA20 tournament

The Sunrisers Eastern Cape team emerged as the most recent victors of the SA20 tournament in 2023. The team secured their place in the tournament’s historical record by winning the championship in a thrilling final match against the Pretoria Capitals. The championship match manifested a captivating exhibition of cricket, distinguished by remarkable demonstrations and fervent anticipation, emblematic of the T20 cricket format.

The ultimate game of the tournament was tightly contested between two teams that were evenly matched, with the Sunrisers Eastern Cape emerging victorious over the Pretoria Capitals, defeating them by a margin of four wickets. The aforementioned victory serves as not only a demonstration of the team’s aptitude in pursuing a goal amidst stressful circumstances, but also as an indication of the team’s enduring fortitude, persistence, and innate conviction in their capacity to attain success despite challenging circumstances.

The Pretoria Capitals, having successfully won the toss, opted to bat first, a strategic choice that could be attributed to their assurance in establishing a formidable score for the Sunrisers to pursue. Nonetheless, the team’s final batting display culminated in them being dismissed for a mere aggregate of 135 runs, a tally that was predominantly deemed as substandard in the context of an ultimate encounter. The batting display of the Capitals was characterized by the squandering of opportunities and a decline in momentum, whereby their batsmen failed to make the most of promising starts and construct meaningful partnerships.

The pivotal moment in the match was the outstanding display of bowling by Roelof van der Merwe representing the Sunrisers Eastern Cape. The individual’s performance caused a shift in momentum, favoring their team. Van der Merwe, an experienced player, exhibited an outstanding performance, wherein his bowling figures of 4 for 31 were particularly devastating. The effect of his enchantment resulted in a noteworthy setback in the batting lineup of the Capitals, as it penetrated the heart of their order and disrupted their strategy to establish a formidable aggregate.

The triumph of the Sunrisers epitomized a commemoration of their camaraderie, astute foresight, and the distinct accomplishments that in unison propelled their prosperous expedition. The success achieved by their team in the SA20 2023 season has established a notable standard for other competing teams in the imminent tournaments.

Venue 2024

The Southern African Twenty20 (SA20) 2024 season was held in South Africa, a nation with a wealth of cricketing heritage, during the months of January and February. The matches were conducted at several distinguished cricketing facilities throughout the nation, each hosting its distinctive pitch characteristics and ambience, thereby rendering the experience for the teams both demanding and stimulating. The Newlands Cricket Ground, situated in the Western Cape province of Cape Town, is renowned for its picturesque landscape and pitch that afford opportunities for both batsmen and bowlers. The Kingsmead Cricket Ground, located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, is renowned for its characteristic high humidity levels and the pronounced sway of the ball during evening play. The St George’s Park Cricket Ground located in Gqeberha, Eastern Cape, the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg, Gauteng, Boland Park in Paarl, Western Cape, and Centurion Park in Pretoria, Gauteng, were the alternative venues utilized for hosting several cricket matches, thus enabling a diverse spectrum of cricketing conditions to be available across South Africa.

List of teams 2024

The 2024 iteration of the SA20 event witnessed the involvement of six vibrant teams hailing from diverse urban localities across South Africa. This arrangement of teams encompasses the MI Cape Town, RPSG Durban, Sunrisers Eastern Cape, Johannesburg Super Kings, Paarl Royals, and Pretoria Capitals. Every team is intricately linked to its respective city, and has a dedicated home venue for conducting their matches. One illustrative example is the MI Cape Town cricket team, which is situated in the picturesque urban area of Cape Town and performs their matches at the Newlands Cricket Ground. The said team is owned by Reliance Industries Limited, a prominent industrial conglomerate, which also holds ownership of the Mumbai Indians team in the Indian Premier League. The RPSG Durban, a prominent team, is domiciled in the bustling metropolis of Durban and has designated the Kingsmead Cricket Ground as their abode of strength. The aforementioned organizations are under the ownership of RPSG Sports Private Limited, who also possess ownership of the Lucknow SuperGiants within the Indian Premier League. Comparable interconnections are evident among the remaining teams, each contributing a distinctive storyline to the competition and amplifying its attraction to cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

Schedule SA20 2024

The SA20 2024 event was painstakingly planned to occur during the months of January through February in the year 2024. The tournament’s framework was devised to guarantee optimal levels of competitiveness and equity, encompassing an initial round-robin phase in which all teams contend against each other, accompanied by playoffs that establish the eventual victor. During this aforementioned span of time, an aggregate of 33 contests were undertaken, affording significant prospects for respective teams to demonstrate their proficiencies and tactical maneuvers. The round-robin stage of a tournament presents a diverse range of matches and motivates teams to maintain a steady level of performance, given that each match has the potential to significantly impact their prospects of advancing to the playoffs. This represents a critical phase in which teams have the opportunity to evaluate their areas of proficiency and inadequacy vis-à-vis diverse adversaries amidst fluctuating circumstances. Subsequent to the preliminary stage, the playoffs ensue, representing a phase of elevated stakes and heightened tension. This is a critical juncture in which the competition becomes highly intense, and the endurance, capability, and strategic acumen of the teams are subjected to the most rigorous examination. Ultimately, the SA20 2024 season was deemed a riveting and fiercely competitive event for both the team members and cricket personnel involved, as well as the multitude of supporters who avidly monitored the tournament’s progression across the globe.


The SA20 T20 League, officially recognized as the SA20 T20 League 2024, CSA T20 League 2024, or 2024–25 SA20, is a notable Twenty20 cricket league held in South Africa. It was first initiated in the year 2023 by Cricket South Africa (CSA). The tournament consists of six teams, each based in different cities around South Africa.
What sets the SA20 T20 League apart is that every team in the tournament is owned by franchise owners from the Indian Premier League (IPL). The tournament also has innovative playing and scoring rules that add a strategic element to the game.
The Sunrisers Eastern Cape were the champions of the inaugural SA20 tournament in 2023.
The SA20 2024 was held from January 10 to February 11, 2024. Matches were played across six different venues in South Africa, including Cape Town, Durban, Eastern Cape, Johannesburg, Paarl, and Pretoria.
The 2024 edition of the SA20 saw the participation of six teams: MI Cape Town, RPSG Durban, Sunrisers Eastern Cape, Johannesburg Super Kings, Paarl Royals, and Pretoria Capitals.
The tournament features a round-robin stage where every team faces the others, followed by playoffs. There are a total of 33 matches played. The winning team is awarded four points and can earn an additional bonus point if they achieve a run rate 1.25 times that of the opposition. In the event of a match yielding no result, both teams are awarded two points.
Unique rules include the ability for captains to nominate 13 players to take the field ahead of the toss and then select a final XI after the toss. There are also unique fielding and bowling rules, such as no extra runs being awarded if a direct hit deflects off the stumps during an intentional run out attempt, and a bowled dismissal not leading to byes if the ball ricochets off the stumps during a free hit.
The Sunrisers Eastern Cape won the most recent SA20 tournament in 2023.
Tie-breakers for teams finishing on equal points are determined in the following order: the team with the most number of wins, the team with the highest number of bonus points, the team with the highest net run rate, the team with the most number of wins over the other equal team(s), the team with the highest runs-to-wickets ratio, and finally, the team with the highest wickets to runs ratio.
The commissioner for the SA20 tournament is Graeme Smith, a former South African cricketer and captain of the South African cricket team.


The SA20 tournament has demonstrated its noteworthy success as a remarkable initiative within South African cricket, providing an invigorating and captivating experience for both players and spectators alike. The distinct configuration of the playing structure, whereby designated captains nominate players before the coin toss and subsequently have the option to supply a final team of eleven after the toss, introduces a strategic dimension to the game, thereby intensifying the excitement and capriciousness. The tournament’s allurement is further enhanced by the implementation of novel scoring regulations, as well as the incorporation of groundbreaking fielding and bowling guidelines.

The recent iteration of the SA20 tournament has been marked by fervent competition and impressive displays of athletic aptitude, culminating in the triumph of the Sunrisers Eastern Cape as the victors of the league. The tournament is imbued with a lively atmosphere by the inclusion of six distinct teams hailing from varying cities. As the SA20 league progresses and engrosses aficionados of cricket, it has unequivocally cemented its status as a significantly prominent element in the cricketing arena, pledging to deliver greater exhilaration, prowess, and noteworthy occurrences in upcoming seasons.

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