County Championship

County Championship


First Tournament: 1890
Last Tournament: 2023
Last Winner: Surrey
Best Result: Yorkshire (32 titles + 1 shared)




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The tournament is characterized by Division One which encompasses a total of ten teams, alongside Division Two which comprises of eight teams. Consequently, this competition is anticipated to serve as a platform to exhibit a diverse range of talent and fierce rivalries. The cricket season inaugurated on April 6th and is anticipated to conclude on September 29th, affording a significant duration of captivating and stimulating cricket encounters. As various teams compete within the distinguishable cricket venues in England and Wales, spectators can anticipate the opportunity to observe the fervor, expertise, and intensity for which the County Championship has become celebrated.

Rules of the County Championship

The County Championship, regarded as the foremost domestic first-class cricket competition in England and Wales, holds a prominent position in the realm of regional cricket. This particular activity adheres to a predetermined system of regulations that are primarily centered on framework, scoring, player qualifications, and the manner in which matches are conducted. The championship is conventionally segregated into two divisions, whereby teams are elevated or demoted in accordance with their season-by-season performance. The points system plays a pivotal role in the regulations governing the championship, as it allocates points to teams based on their match outcomes and noteworthy match occurrences, such as securing wickets or accumulating a specific quantity of runs. Player eligibility rules specify the prerequisites that an individual must fulfill in order to represent a specific county, encompassing factors such as residency or birthplace criteria. Concomitantly significant to the fabric of match proceedings are the prescribed conduct rules, which govern the manner in which matches are played, encompassing equitable practices, scheduling protocols, and adjudicative determinations by umpires. The regulations described herein may be subject to modification as dictated by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), the authoritative institution presiding over cricket affairs in England and Wales.

County Championship history

The County Championship, commonly known as the LV Insurance County Championship due to sponsorship, holds the distinction of being the most ancient domestic cricket championship on a global scale. Its extensive past can be traced back to the 19th century. The establishment of the official County Championship in 1890 by the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) followed a tradition of informal county matches that had been taking place since the early 18th century. The championship commenced with a total of nine participating teams, namely Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, Kent, Lancashire, Middlesex, Nottinghamshire, Surrey, Sussex, and Yorkshire. In the year 2000, a hierarchical system composed of two divisions, incorporating both promotion and relegation, was implemented. The competition has played a crucial role in fostering the development of indigenous talent, resulting in a substantial number of players subsequently representing England in the realm of international cricket. Despite facing a range of formidable hurdles, such as the enduring impact of World Wars and the continuously evolving landscape of global cricket, the County Championship has persevered as the foundational pillar of English cricket.

Last winner of the County Championship

Surrey’s success in the 2023 County Championship exemplified a significant milestone in the realm of cricket, as they emerged victorious for a second consecutive season, demonstrating their exceptional prowess. The triumph serves as a testament to Surrey’s contemporary proficiency in cricket, while also bearing historical significance by effectively marking Surrey’s attainment of their third Championship title within the past four seasons, excluding the disrupted seasons of 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid pandemic. Moreover, this triumph signifies Surrey’s fifth championship victory since the establishment of the two-division framework, serving as evidence of their longstanding and significant contribution to the sport of cricket.

On September 28, 2023, the cricketers hailing from Surrey demonstrated their formidable strength in the County Championship, as they effectively safeguarded their championship and triumphantly secured the trophy for the third occasion within a span of six years. This victory was achieved as a result of their insurmountable advantage they had accumulated, indicating their expertise in cricket and their profound capability to sustain a competitive advantage over their opponents.

The Ageas Bowl in Southampton witnessed a manifestation of camaraderie and triumph, where Surrey’s players exulted in their achievements, immersed in the culmination of a demanding season characterized by diligent efforts and astute strategizing. The culmination of triumph experienced in this particular instance denoted not merely Surrey’s overarching dominance within the championship, but furthermore, it served as an exultant commemorating of the tenacity, ardor for rivalry, and unwavering quest for greatness that epitomizes the essence of county cricket.

One of the pivotal encounters, which played a substantial role in Surrey’s victorious expedition, witnessed the display of their prowess against Hampshire at the Kennington Oval in London spanning from April 13 to 16, 2023. Surrey triumphed with a substantial margin of 9 wickets, a victory that foreshadowed the anticipated display of exceptional cricketing skills expected throughout the season.

County Championship 2024

The forthcoming 2024 County Championship is anticipated to experience a discernible modification in its customary timetable, as a consequence of the organization of the T20 World Cup in June of the same year.

The modifications indicate that red-ball cricket, as epitomized by the County Championship, will significantly be non-existent throughout the high summer months, a timeframe historically cherished for its favorable meteorological conditions and pitch circumstances. According to the preliminary schedules for the year 2024, it is anticipated that red-ball matches will not be scheduled during the period spanning from the beginning of July to the final week of August. Contrarily, the forthcoming competition is scheduled to be focused within the months of April, May, and September. The prospective outline of the season’s comprehensive structure is expected to be as delineated below: The months of April and May are designated for the exclusive pursuit of the County Championship. In the month of June, the initiation phase of the Blast action was observed, subsequently followed by two rounds of the County Championship. In the month of July, the culmination of Blast groups is anticipated, followed by the initiation of the Hundred and the One-Day Cup. In the month of August, the Hundred tournament persisted until August 18, which coincided with the simultaneous occurrence of the One-Day Cup. Additionally, the County Championship featured one round of matches towards the end of the month. In the month of September, the conclusion of significant events in the world of cricket occurred, namely the final stages of the Blast competition, the culmination of the prestigious One-Day Cup, and the achievement of closure in the highly anticipated County Championship.

The realignment of the schedule of the County Championship exemplifies a larger transformation occurring within the domain of English cricket, while simultaneously conforming to the wider global cricket agenda. Earlier proposals were put forth regarding the restructuring of the Championship, encompassing the establishment of a top division consisting of six teams and the introduction of two lower-tier conferences. Furthermore, the number of matches would be reduced to a total of 10. Nevertheless, the forthcoming 2024 cricket season preserves the current quantity of cricket fixtures organized by counties, comprising 14 Championship matches, 14 Blast group games, and eight One-Day Cup group games. This adherence to the existing format sustains the structural coherence amidst the modifications implemented to the schedule.

The 2024 County Championship orchestrates a distinctive configuration, integrating conventional red-ball cricket with the dynamic appeal of shorter formats. Consequently, it provides a varied range of cricketing experiences to enthusiasts in England.


The 2023 County Championship season started on April 6 and is scheduled to finish on September 29.
Division One of the County Championship comprises ten teams.
Surrey is the defending champion in Division One of the County Championship.
Division Two of the County Championship consists of eight teams.
Matches in Division One will be hosted at various venues, including the County Ground in Chelmsford, Rose Bowl in Southampton, St Lawrence Ground in Canterbury, Old Trafford in Manchester, Lord's in London, Trent Bridge in Nottingham, County Ground in Taunton, The Oval in London, and Edgbaston in Birmingham, among others.
Matches in Division Two will take place at different venues, such as the County Ground in Derby, Riverside Ground in Chester-le-Street, Sophia Gardens in Cardiff, County Ground in Bristol, Grace Road in Leicester, County Ground in Hove, New Road in Worcester, and Headingley in Leeds.
The County Championship matches are scheduled to take place over several days, typically starting at 11 am. Each team will play against the others in their division, both at home and away, with the aim of accumulating enough points to secure a higher position in the standings.


The upcoming 2023 County Championship season is expected to enthrall cricket enthusiasts due to its highly competitive matches, longstanding rivalries, and renowned venues. As the teams in Division One and Division Two compete against each other, the pursuit of glory, promotion, and survival will enter a heightened state of intensity. Cricketing history will undoubtedly unfold and give rise to fresh heroes amidst the esteemed premises of Lord’s and Headingley, as well as within the charming landscapes of Taunton and Cardiff. The forthcoming County Championship cricket season is poised to exhibit an unforgettable spectacle, as Surrey endeavors to retain their Division One title while contending against opposing teams seeking to dethrone them. Therefore, take your designated seats, deeply engage with the surrounding ambiance, and prepare yourself for an upcoming summer brimming with innovative and exhilarating activities as well as compelling competitions.

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