European Cricket League T10

European Cricket League T10


First Tournament: 2019
Last Tournament: 2023
Last Winner: Dreux Ville Royale
Best Result: VOC Rotterdam, Spain Pak I Care Badalona, France Dreux Ville Royale




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The European Cricket League T10, commonly referred to as the “Champions League of European cricket,” signifies a prominent achievement in the advancement and promotion of the sport across the continent. The T10 league functions as a platform for experimenting with the integration of cricket into the European sporting landscape, a realm historically reliant on sports such as football and rugby. This league operates within a condensed, fast-paced format, characterizing a high-adrenaline experience. This pioneering enterprise endeavors to encapsulate the fundamental nature of the sport within a compressed temporal framework, thereby rendering it readily accessible and captivating for unfamiliar spectators. In pursuance of this objective, the initiative aims to establish a conducive platform for nascent cricketing nations in Europe to exhibit their aptitude and escalate their standing within the realm of international cricket.

Given its early development, the competition has already received considerable recognition due to its unsung champions and exhilarating game endings. The expeditious pace inherent to T10 cricket presents a distinct array of challenges and prospects, thereby manifesting as an environment conducive to the exhibition of tactical acumen and exceptional individual performance. In the contemporary global landscape, wherein sport is progressively acknowledged as a means to cultivate cross-border connections and facilitate cultural interchange, the European Cricket League T10 effectively navigates the convergence of longstanding customs with contemporary advancements, while simultaneously accommodating both national identities and cosmopolitan inclusivity. The ongoing evolution of cricket presents the potential to effect substantial changes within the cricketing landscape. Central to this transformation is not only the enhanced recognition of the sport in Europe but also its significant contribution to the global discourse surrounding the future and pertinence of cricket in the 21st century.

European Cricket League T10 Format, Features and Rules

The European Cricket League (ECL) constitutes a compelling initiative aimed at highlighting Ten10 cricket, an accelerated and enthralling format that effectively assesses the abilities and nimbleness of cricket teams throughout Europe. Commenced in the year 2018, this league showcases the victors of domestic cricket championships from diverse European nations.

The T-10 format implemented in the European Cricket League (ECL) exemplifies a more rapid and dynamic iteration in contrast to conventional cricket. Every participating team is granted the opportunity to bowl a limited number of ten overs, thereby placing an immense significance on each individual delivery. This not only necessitates meticulousness and strategic thinking from the participants, but also generates a heightened sense of anticipation among the observers. The introduction of this aspect to cricket presents a fresh and captivating element, which is ideally tailored to the heterogeneous and multicultural spectators in Europe.

The European Cricket League (ECL) comprises a diverse range of cricket clubs hailing from various regions across Europe. The inaugural tournament of 2019 was held at La Manga Club in Spain, encompassing a total of eight participating clubs. The team VOC Rotterdam emerged triumphant as the inaugural champions, securing a decisive victory over SG Findorff by an impressive margin of 101 runs. The tournament garnered global viewership through live television broadcasts and online streaming services, reaching audiences in over 120 countries across approximately 140 million households. This substantial reach, exemplified by participation from 40 different broadcasters, serves as a testament to the tournament’s extensive appeal.

The second edition of the tournament, hosted in 2022, witnessed a noteworthy expansion to accommodate 30 teams. This augmentation can be attributed to the burgeoning popularity of cricket in Europe and the commendable achievements of the European Cricket League (ECL). The championship was secured by the team from Pak I Care Badalona.

The ECL incorporates a collection of regulations akin to conventional cricket norms, specifically modified to adapt to the T-10 format. This proposition encapsulates the ethos of cricket by advocating for accelerated gameplay and heightened exhilaration, consequently enhancing the appeal and involvement of European spectators.

European Cricket League T10 History

In 2018, the European Cricket League was established by Daniel Weston, encompassing eight official member federations of the International Cricket Council (ICC) who participated in the inaugural tournament held in 2019. The aforementioned founding federations comprised Russia, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Denmark, Romania, Spain, and Germany. As the event gained traction, the organizers extended the pool of affiliated associations and qualified teams for the upcoming tournaments.

The 2020 iteration of the event was scheduled to be held at La Manga Club in Spain, with an increase in the number of participating teams from eight in the previous year to a total of 16. This expansion aimed to encompass national champions hailing from Belgium, England, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Romania, Scotland, and Sweden. Regrettably, the 2020 edition was cancelled in Spain as a result of the adverse effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The following edition of 2021, which was also scheduled to take place at La Manga Club, encountered a similar outcome as a consequence of the enduring health crisis.

The 2022 edition of the ECL witnessed a notable increase in participation, as it accommodated champions from an impressive array of 963 distinct club teams, in addition to its previous victors, namely VOC Rotterdam. The Title Sponsorship for Bet2Ball was implemented, accompanied by the official sponsorship of the cryptocurrency Kiba Inu, for the purpose of adorning the jerseys of all 30 participating teams.

European Cricket League T10 Latest Winner - Dreux Ville Royale

Dreux Ville Royale emerged as the victors in the European Cricket League T10 format, exhibiting a commanding display in the culmination of the tournament.

Dreux exhibited a formidable composition of batsmen, ultimately establishing a target score of 132 runs within a stipulated duration of 10 overs. Notably, the team’s captain, Mohammad Nisar, played a stellar role by achieving a remarkable total of 48 runs from a mere 23 deliveries, thus exerting a significant influence on the team’s overall batting performance.

The bowling performance exhibited commendable skills, as evidenced by the significant contributions made by Gavin Griffiths, George Hankins, and Adeel Malik, who successfully took crucial wickets and effectively limited Hornchurch’s scoring. In the cricket match, Griffiths delivered an exemplary performance, achieving notable figures of 2/19 in a brief span of 2 overs, while Hankins and Malik also made contributions by securing a wicket apiece.

Hornchurch encountered difficulties in sustaining the necessary pace of scoring, resulting in a final score of 69 runs for the loss of 8 wickets within a span of 10 overs. Harry Hankins recorded the highest individual score, amassing a total of 30 runs from 26 deliveries, thereby demonstrating exceptional batting prowess. Subsequently, Gavin Griffiths and the team’s captain, Marc Whitlock, contributed 10 runs each to the team’s overall score. The bowlers of Dreux, namely Tabish Bhatti and Usman Riaz Khan, substantially altered the course of the game in their team’s favor by successfully dismissing three players each.

The competition showcased an exemplary demonstration of proficiency and collective collaboration exhibited by Dreux Ville Royale, culminating in their successful attainment of the European Cricket League T10 championship.

European Cricket League T10 2024

The highly anticipated European Cricket League (ECL) T10 tournament in 2024 is poised to provide a captivating and immersive cricketing encounter.

The T10 format has garnered significant acclaim among European clubs due to its fast-paced nature and propensity for high-scoring matches. These esteemed clubs, triumphants in their respective domestic competitions, engage in intense competition for the highly coveted championship title. It is anticipated that the 2024 edition will uphold this prominent energetic structure, whereby every team will be allocated a mere ten overs per side to exhibit their cricketing expertise.

In past iterations of the ECL, renowned clubs such as VOC Rotterdam and Dreux Ville Royale have prevailed and achieved success. In the most recent edition, the Dreux Ville Royale garnered significant notice due to the exceptional display exhibited by their captain, Mohammad Nisar, during the concluding match. The outstanding achievements exhibited by the participants undeniably establish a high benchmark for the forthcoming 2024 contest.

The upcoming ECL 2024 has been arranged to occur at the renowned La Manga Club in Spain. The venue, renowned for its role as the host of previous tournaments, occupies a prominent position within the historical narrative of ECL. As a consequence of the global COVID-19 pandemic, several erstwhile tournaments faced cancelation. However, given the apparent containment of the situation, the forthcoming 2024 edition is anticipated to proceed as scheduled.

As the influence of ECL expands, it is accompanied by heightened endorsement from accredited federations of the International Cricket Council. The league has attracted teams hailing from a diverse array of countries, such as Russia, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Denmark, Romania, Spain, and Germany. Furthermore, an anticipation of an upsurge in the number of participating teams has been forecasted for the forthcoming 2024 iteration. Moreover, partnerships with diverse sponsors significantly amplify the expansion and prominence of the tournament.

The European Cricket League T10 2024 is highly anticipated by cricket enthusiasts worldwide. There is an optimistic outlook regarding the upcoming event, given the high standards established by previous editions, with anticipation that it will maintain an exceptional display of cricketing brilliance.


The ECL is a Ten10 cricket league contested by cricket clubs from European countries. It was established to develop and popularize cricket in Europe.
The European Cricket League was founded in 2018.
The European Cricket League was founded by Daniel Weston.
The European Cricket League is played in a T10 format, where each team is allotted ten overs.
The league includes clubs from all over Europe that have been champions in their respective domestic tournaments.
Matches have typically been held at the La Manga Club in Spain.
The inaugural tournament in 2019 was won by VOC Rotterdam. Dreux Ville Royale is the most recent champion.
While the exact number of participating teams has not been confirmed, the ECL has seen a trend of increasing participation with each edition.
Yes, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 editions, scheduled to be held at the La Manga Club in Spain, were cancelled.
Teams from several nations including Russia, Netherlands, France, Italy, Denmark, Romania, Spain, and Germany have participated in the past. The number of participating nations is expected to increase in the forthcoming 2024 edition.


To conclude, the European Cricket League T10 (ECL) represents an innovative venture within European cricket, gathering teams from various regions of the continent to engage in a dynamic and fast-paced iteration of the sport. The ECL, an initiative conceived by Daniel Weston, has played a pivotal role in enhancing the prominence of cricket in regions where the sport had previously witnessed less popularity.

Despite the formidable challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in the cancellation of two consecutive editions, the European Championship League (ECL) perseveres and showcases its resilience. In light of this adversity, efforts are currently in progress to organize an enhanced and extended tournament for the year 2024. The competition is anticipated to elevate in intensity as the tournament gains participation from numerous teams hailing from diverse countries, a legacy reminiscent of the celebrated predecessors such as VOC Rotterdam and Dreux Ville Royale.

The efficacy of the ECL T10 is not merely contingent upon the enthralling contests and proficient displays, but also on its ability to cultivate amity and reciprocal esteem among European nations. The European Cricket League (ECL) exhibits itself to be more than a mere cricket tournament; instead, it presents a profound celebration of sportsmanship, unity, and the collective adoration for the sport of cricket.

Anticipating the forthcoming ECL T10 2024, it is expected that this event will diligently uphold its tradition of nurturing sportsmanship, advancing the sport of cricket throughout Europe, and presenting captivating cricketing performances. The aforementioned entity serves as a symbol of advancement and propagation of cricket within the European region, attesting to the widespread captivation evoked by this particular sport.

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