Who are the gods of cricket - let's look at the top three

Cricket is a game often called the “gentlemans game” with countless incredible players emerging throughout history. However only certain individuals possess a godly aura that leaves their followers in awe. These players aren’t simply admired for their outstanding skills or records - rather its the profound impact they’ve made on the sport and its fandom that has led them to achieve this remarkable status within cricketing circles. Known collectively as “gods of cricket”. Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli. And Rohit Sharma have earned that extraordinary title through exceptional careers filled with records. Influence within the sport and unbridled fandom. In this article we dive deep into examining what makes these three such powerful beings in the pantheon that is Indian Cricket League whilst examining some of their most iconic moments on their way to achieving highest standard of excellence attainable within cricket culture: godhood amongst peers both on field or off.

First cricket god Sanchin Tendulkar

The epithet “god of cricket” is a distinction bestowed upon an individual who has substantially influenced the realm of cricket and rewritten its history through phenomenal performance. Such a title is not given lightly, and it is presently associated with the legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. Tendulkar’s influence extends beyond his myriad records in the cricketing world; he has also cultivated an immense and devoted fan base, particularly in his home country, India. These factors have earned him an enduring legacy as a deity of the cricketing world, a status reinforced by the release of the 2021 biographical film, “God of Cricket,” which celebrated Tendulkar’s extraordinary 24-year contribution to Indian cricket.

Second cricket god Virat Kohli

Heralded as the second “God of Cricket”, Virat Kohli stands tall as a contemporary legend of the sport, avidly shattering previously established benchmarks, including those set by the venerable Sachin Tendulkar. The cricketing fraternity has been ignited by the prospect of witnessing one sporting deity supersede the records of another, ushering in an unprecedented era of thrill and anticipation. Within a remarkably short span of time, Kohli has stormed past numerous milestones, poised on the brink of surpassing the most illustrious record of all: the highest number of centuries across all formats. The looming question, however, is whether Kohli can truly surpass the elevated stature of Tendulkar. When one considers the caliber and diversity of bowling adversaries that Tendulkar had to face during his career, the scale of his accomplishments can place him perennially at the forefront of this illustrious competition.

Why is Virat Kohli the second god of cricket?

With an impact as profound as Virat Kohli’s on the landscape of international cricket, it is no surprise that he has been anointed as the second “God of Cricket”. His salient contributions, marked by dynamic leadership and batting prowess, have propelled India to the apex of test rankings. Kohli’s role in navigating India to their inaugural test series victory over Australia, complemented by a remarkable batting average, encapsulates the magnitude of his cricketing achievements.

Kohli’s cricketing excellence is not solely encapsulated in his leadership. The myriad of accolades and records in his name underpin his illustrious career. He has consistently outshone his peers, holding the most Player of the Series awards across all formats and setting the record for the fastest achievement of 12,000 ODI runs. In the arena of T20I cricket, he has charted new heights with records such as the most runs, the most fifties, and the fastest to reach 3,500 runs. Kohli’s commitment and performance have earned him the most Player of the Match awards in T20I, and he continues to hold the highest T20I career batting average.

Kohli’s cricketing statistics across all formats eloquently narrate his extraordinary journey. As it stands, his test cricket record boasts an average of 48 runs over 177 innings with 27 centuries. In ODIs, he has amassed a commendable 12,809 runs with an average of 57, notching up 46 centuries. T20Is have witnessed him accumulating 4,008 runs at an average of 52, including one century. His contribution to the Indian Premier League is equally significant, racking up 6,624 runs with an average of 33.

When we consider these astounding statistics, it unequivocally confirms that Virat Kohli’s towering career, underscored by a consistent run of record-breaking performances and influential leadership, warrants his status as the second “God of Cricket”.

Third cricket god, aka the new cricket god Rohit Sharma

Being christened as the third or the new “God of Cricket”, Rohit Sharma has managed to etch his name in the annals of cricket history. Primarily, his extraordinary exploits in One Day Internationals (ODI) for India have significantly contributed to his elevated status, thereby earning him the title of the new Greatest of All Time (GOAT) in ODI cricket.

Irrespective of one’s loyalties to either Virat Kohli or Sachin Tendulkar, it’s impossible to overlook the supremacy Rohit Sharma commands in the ODI arena. His record-setting performances, especially the unparalleled number of double centuries he has scored, have unquestionably engraved his name in the pantheon of ODI greats. Witnessing the caliber of his centuries, Indian fans were moved to refer to him as the “God of ODI Cricket”.


To encapsulate, the pantheon of “Gods of Cricket” comprises of three distinctive individuals - Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, and Rohit Sharma - each contributing their unique prowess and shaping the trajectory of Indian cricket in remarkable ways. As Sachin Tendulkar laid the foundation with his colossal career, he established a precedent that was admirably upheld by Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. Kohli, with his uncanny knack for breaking records, and Sharma, with his dominating presence in ODIs, have both carved their own niche within the sport. Not merely Gods in their homeland, they have transcended geographical boundaries, earning the reverence and admiration of cricket enthusiasts worldwide. The legacy they continue to build, underscored by their relentless pursuit of excellence, will indubitably inspire generations of cricketers to come.

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