Highest Test Cricket Wicket Results in History?

In the captivating arena of test cricket, the bowler’s role stands unparalleled. Their craft, a vital ingredient in the recipe for victory, accentuates the beauty of the game. Striking down 20 wickets is the gateway to a test match win, a feat that hovers like an Everest over the bowlers. The ebbs and flows of a match, often, rest on the knack of the bowlers to dismiss opponents. Numerous instances are testimony to bowlers’ resplendent prowess, commandeering their team single-handedly to the shores of victory.

Top 10 players by number of test wickets in a career - Player list

Sri Lanka’s prodigal son, M. Muralitharan, with his enigmatic right-arm spin, has etched his name at the pinnacle of wicket-taking in test cricket’s annals. He’s bagged an astounding 800 wickets across 133 face-offs. His achievements also sprawl to a record number of 5-wicket hauls (67) and 10-wicket hauls (22) in Test cricket.

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Now, let’s cast our gaze on the top 10 wicket-taking magicians in the chronicles of test cricket.

Player Country Matches Wickets Bowling Average 5W 10W
Muttiah Muralitharan Sri Lanka 133 800 22.72 67 22
Shane Warne Australia 145 708 25.41 37 10
James Anderson England 179 685 25.99 32 3
Anil Kumble India 132 619 29.65 35 8
Stuart Broad England 161 576 27.74 19 3
Glenn McGrath Australia 124 563 21.64 29 3
Courtney Walsh West Indies 132 519 24.44 22 3
Nathan Lyon Australia 119 482 31.23 23 3
Ravi Ashwin India 92 474 23.93 32 7
Dale Steyn South Africa 93 439 22.95 26 5

Muttiah Muralitharan | 800 wickets in 133 matches

Muttiah Muralitharan’s name is carved in golden letters in the realm of test cricket - his status as the topmost wicket-taker is beyond any shadow of doubt. Boasting a monumental collection of 800 wickets, Muralitharan’s prowess on the pitch remains unparalleled. His exceptional cricketing journey extends to ODIs as well, where he’s claimed a staggering 534 wickets. To label Muralitharan as the deity of bowling wouldn’t be a hyperbole. His swansong in Test cricket was played against India in Galle in 2010, where he claimed eight wickets, achieving the magical milestone of 800 wickets.

Shane Warne | 708 wickets in 145 games

A testament to the enchanting art of leg-spin bowling, Shane Warne graces the annals of cricket history as the second most prolific wicket-taker in test matches. The Australian sorcerer of spin mesmerized the cricketing world in 145 matches, bagging a jaw-dropping 708 wickets with a strike rate of 57.4. Warne’s leg-break repertoire kept batters perpetually on their toes, as if he possessed the ability to converse with the cricket ball anywhere on the globe. His farewell test performance was against England in 2007.

James Anderson | 685 wickets in 179 matches

James Anderson, the “Swing King” of England, is globally recognized as the supreme master of swing bowling. Since his Test debut in 2003, Anderson’s ability to veer the ball both ways at a substantial pace has bewildered batters. His record in 179 matches is astounding, with 685 wickets and 32 5-wicket hauls to his name. This feat positions him as the third-highest wicket-taker in Test history, and the only pace bowler with a tally exceeding 600 test wickets.

Anil Kumble | 619 wickets in 132 matches

Anil Kumble, India’s foremost wicket hunter in Test cricket, sits comfortably at the 4th spot in the all-time list of wicket takers. Kumble’s stint in Test cricket spanned over 18 years, during which he took 619 wickets in 132 matches. A peculiar trait about Kumble’s bowling was his minimal use of spin, coupled with an impressive ball speed that often clocked around 100 km/hr.

Stuart Broad | 576 wickets in 161 matches

Stuart Broad, the offspring of ex-English cricketer and current match referee Chris Broad, graced England’s cricket team with his debut in 2007. Standing tall, literally and figuratively, Broad’s expertise with the red ball has consistently shone through his performances. With 576 wickets to his name in 161 Test matches, Broad holds the 5th position in the roster of highest test wicket-takers.


Today, we reaffirmed the sheer brilliance of Muttiah Muralitharan, who continues to reign supreme as the most prodigious wicket-taker in the history of Test cricket. His record stands as an insurmountable mountain, a testament to a career laden with dedication, skill, and unrivaled mastery. The players trailing him, while exceptional in their own right, still find themselves in the chase, attempting to inch closer to his monumental feat. Shane Warne’s wizardry, James Anderson’s mastery of swing, Anil Kumble’s relentless precision, and Stuart Broad’s potent medium pace have all sculpted cricket’s rich tapestry, yet Muralitharan’s mark stands peerless. So, as we traverse the annals of cricket, it’s the spinning maestro from Sri Lanka who holds the beacon high, illuminating the path for future aspirants.

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