The World's Best Cricket Players in History - Top 10

Navigating through the expansive universe of cricket to single out the best players is no small feat. The globe has been graced by numerous extraordinary talents, each excelling across varying formats under an exceedingly demanding schedule. The ICC rankings, while insightful, only scratch the surface of the full picture. Our quest to curate a list of the top ten cricket players in history is much like balancing on a tightrope, a delicate dance of distinguishing T20 specialists from Test cricket stalwarts and measuring remarkable current form against an illustrious career trajectory. We delve deeper, raising questions about the inherent advantage of all-rounders, or the potential rewards for multi-format virtuosos versus the specialists of Test or limited-overs cricket.

List of the Best Cricket Players in the World - The Best Batsmen

List of the Best Cricket Players in the World - The Best Batsmen The construction of a list such as this demands an exploration that goes beyond the boundaries of statistical analysis. Though we are blessed with a wealth of data to dissect the performances of modern cricketers, the final list inevitably carries a flavour of subjectivity. Every cricket enthusiast around the world holds their own unique perspective on who the true champions of the game are and where they belong on the ladder of greatness. In this light, takes on the mantle of presenting our interpretation of the current top ten cricketers. This list will not just be a roll-call of names, but a tribute to those who, with their bats and balls, have captivated millions and left an indelible imprint on the grand tapestry of cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar (India)

Ever since his first appearance on the international stage as a young prodigy for Pakistan, Shaheen Shah Afridi has made rapid strides, emerging as a formidable force in global cricket. Thanks to his towering 6-foot-6 stature, Afridi hurls the ball with searing speed, defying the placid wickets in Pakistan and the UAE to produce unpredictable bounce.

Afridi has proven himself to be a true cricketing polymath, a consummate performer across all three formats of the game. In the long-form Test cricket, his mastery of swing and control applies the brakes on run-flow, relentlessly squeezing the opposing batters. On the other hand, in the realm of white-ball cricket, Afridi is an intimidating adversary. His capacity to skillfully alternate between unplayable yorkers and aggressive short balls makes him a formidable presence, both when he opens the bowling and during the tension-filled final overs.

Sachin’s Batting Stats

Format Matches Runs Highest Average 100s 50s
Test 200 15,921 248* 53.78 51 68
ODI 463 18,426 200* 44.83 49 96
T20I 1 10 10 10 0 0
T20 League 78 2334 100 33.83 1 13

Sir Vivian Richards (West Indies)

By delving deeply into the illustrious chronicles of cricket, we are confronted with the formidable presence of Sir Vivian Richards. An exceptional career narrative of triumphs across diverse formats is encapsulated in the professional trajectory of a formidable individual hailing from the West Indies. Having played 200 Test matches, the individual in question accrued an impressive total of 15,921 runs, and achieved an unparalleled triumph by acquiring an unbeaten 248 as his highest score. With an impressive average run score of 53. 78, he amassed an outstanding tally of 51 centuries and 68 half-centuries in cricket, highlighting his extraordinary consistency and exceptional performance on the field.

Within the realm of One Day Internationals (ODIs), the renowned Sir Vivian Richards persistently displayed his remarkable talent, having participated in a total of 463 matches and amassing an impressive sum of 18,426 runs. The individual’s most commendable achievement in said format showcased an unparalleled score of 200, a remarkable accomplishment analogous to the stature of the individual. Richard’s exceptional performance in cricket, marked by an average of 44. 83 runs and 49 centuries, rendered him an eminent and formidable figure in the field. The account of his cricketing performances in the Twenty20 Internationals (T20I) and T20 League, though not of considerable length, exhibited his versatility and proficiency, thus carving an enduring niche in the annals of cricket history.

Vivian Richards’ Batting Stats

Format Matches Runs Highest Average 100s 50s
Test 200 15,921 248* 53.78 51 68
ODI 463 18,426 200* 44.83 49 96
T20I 1 10 10 10 0 0
T20 League 78 2334 100 33.83 1 13

Brian Lara (West Indies)

Brian Lara’s Batting Stats

Format Matches Runs Highest Average 100s 50s
Tests 131 11,953 400 52.89 34 48
ODI 299 10,405 169 40.17 19 63

Virat Kohli (India)

Exploring the chronicles of modern-day cricket, one is introduced to the captivating storyline of Virat Kohli. Renowned for his unyielding pursuit of excellence, the Indian cricket legend’s achievements serve as a testament to his exceptional aptitude and unfaltering perseverance. Kohli has exhibited his prowess in Test cricket over the course of 108 games, accumulating a notable aggregate of 8,416 runs and registering a personal best score of 254. The player’s mean score of 48. 93, coupled with the achievement of 28 centuries and an equivalent quantity of half-centuries, serves as a testament to his ability to maintain a harmonious equilibrium between steady performance and dynamic scoring.

When considering One Day Internationals (ODIs), it is evident that Kohli possesses a remarkable level of skill and expertise. The individual’s cricketing odyssey spans across 274 matches, wherein he has amassed a remarkable total of 12,844 runs, with an exceptional highest score of 183. This statement highlights the outstanding ODI performance of the individual in question, who boasts an impressive average of 57. 34 accompanied by an impressive track record of securing 46 centuries and 64 half-centuries. Such accomplishments serve to epitomize the individual’s remarkable skill and proficiency in the field of ODI. Although Kohli’s T20 International and T20 League records may not be as extensive as his other career accomplishments, they nevertheless demonstrate his versatility and exceptional abilities, affirming his indisputable status as a prominent figure in contemporary cricket.

Virat Kohli’s Batting Stats

Format Matches Runs Highest Average 100s 50s
Test 108 8,416 254 48.93 28 28
ODI 274 12,844 183 57.34 46 64
T20I 115 4,008 122 52.74 1 37
T20 League 223 6,624 113 36.2 5 44

Ricky Ponting (Australia)

The historical records of cricket would be deemed inadequate without incorporating the captivating story of Ricky Ponting. The outstanding aptitude of this Australian cricket icon, as both a proficient batsman and a commanding figure, is enshrined in the chronicles of the sport. In the realm of Test cricket, Ponting demonstrated his expertise through participation in 168 matches, amassing an impressive record of 13,378 runs with a noteworthy individual high score of 257. The individual in question attained a remarkable batting average of 51. 85 during his tenure as a cricketer. This impressive feat was accompanied by the successful completion of 41 centuries and 62 half-centuries, highlighting his unwavering consistency and sustained excellence in the sport.

Ponting’s record in One Day International (ODI) is remarkable, comprising 375 matches and an impressive total of 13,704 runs, with an exceptional high score of 164. The individual’s formidable mean score of 42. 04 in conjunction with 30 centuries and 82 half-centuries serves to ratify their dominant status in One Day International cricket. In the condensed T20 International and T20 League match categories, Ponting’s contributions, albeit not as extensive, remained highly influential. The eminently successful trajectory of Ricky Ponting’s professional life, punctuated with exceptional feats, firmly establishes his esteemed position as one of the foremost luminaries in the domain of cricket.

Ricky Ponting’s Batting Stats

Format Matches Runs Highest Average 100s 50s
Test 168 13,378 257 51.85 41 62
ODI 375 13,704 164 42.04 30 82
T20I 17 401 98 28.64 0 2
T20 League 10 91 28 10.11 0 0

Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)

Kumar Sangakkara, the highly accomplished Sri Lankan cricketer, crafted a remarkable narrative of exceptional skill and expertise, igniting the arena with his flamboyant technique and unwavering accuracy. The odyssey of his performance in the Test cricket arena is punctuated with significant accomplishments, as evidenced by his substantial accumulation of 12,400 runs across 134 matches participating therein. Sangakkara’s distinguished performance in this esteemed format, evidenced by his astounding achievement of a highest individual score of 319, is indicative of his exceptional ability to sustain long periods of concentration and endurance. With an impressive average score of 57. 14, the athlete recorded a total of 38 centuries and 52 half-centuries, showcasing exceptional consistency and versatility while facing diverse playing circumstances and opponents. The individual’s adept maneuverability, keen cognitive abilities, and unmatched refinement distinguish him as an expert artisan within the realm of cricket.

Sangakkara’s contributions to One Day International (ODI) cricket were laudable. Over the course of a significant and expansive corpus of 404 matches, the player amassed a remarkable total of 14,234 runs, notably achieving a distinguished individual score of 169. The individual under discussion has demonstrated impressive athletic ability and prompt decision-making skills in the faster-paced variant of the sport, as evidenced by his batting average of 41. 99, 25 centuries, and an exceptional 93 half-centuries. In the domain of T20 Internationals and T20 League formats, despite the relatively limited magnitude of his contributions, the dynamic performance of Sangakkara persistently enhanced the sport. This narrative acts as a guiding light for prospective cricketers on a global scale, emphasizing the ideal combination of unwavering resolve, innate aptitude, and an insatiable ambition to achieve excellence. The mentioned individual’s appellation continues to be firmly ingrained in the annals of cricket history as a radiant representation of the game’s essence and capabilities.

Kumar Sangakkara’s Batting Stats

Format Matches Runs Highest Average 100s 50s
Test 134 12,400 319 57.14 38 52
ODI 404 14,234 169 41.99 25 93
T20I 56 1,382 78 31.41 0 8
T20 League 71 1,687 94 25.95 0 10

Sunil Gavaskar (India)

Imbued within the lively fabric of cricketing chronicles lies the compelling story of Sunil Gavaskar, a revered figurehead whose unmatched contributions to Indian cricket endure. The subject’s exploits on the cricket pitch evoke grandeur comparable to that of an epic, particularly in the context of Test cricket, in which he participated in 125 matches and achieved a remarkable total of 10,122 runs. The apogee of his personal accomplishments looms grandiosely at a staggering total of 236 runs, serving as evidence of his resolute perseverance and exceptional proficiency. The tale of Gavaskar’s accomplishments in Test cricket is noteworthy, as evidenced by his commendable average of 51. 12 runs, and an remarkable aggregation of 34 centuries and 45 half-centuries. The individual’s deft proficiency, composed disposition, and discerning comprehension of the sport established him as a virtuoso in the conventional format of cricket.

Gavaskar exhibited his adaptability and astute cricketing acumen as he ventured into the dynamic realm of One Day International (ODI) cricket. Throughout his odyssey spanning 108 matches, he amassed a total of 3,092 runs, achieving a personal best of 103 runs. The cricketer in question boasts an ODI batting average of 35. 14, additionally supported by an individual century and a significant number of 27 half-centuries. This impressive record serves to bolster his status as a highly capable opponent within the sport. Despite the comparatively subdued nature of his contributions to One Day International (ODI) cricket when viewed in the context of his outstanding achievements in the Test format, Sunil Gavaskar’s impact on the Indian team during the course of his career was unquestionably significant. The bequest imparted by this individual serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path for successive cohorts of cricket players to comprehend the significant equilibrium between audacity and prudence, along with the insatiable quest for superior performance.

Sunil Gavaskar’s Batting Stats

Format Matches Runs Highest Average 100s 50s
Tests 125 10,122 236 51.12 34 45
ODI 108 3,092 103 35.14 1 27

Sir Jack Hobbs (England)

The annals of cricketing lore are replete with legendary narratives of Sir Jack Hobbs, the renowned English cricketer whose unwavering determination and exceptional proficiency persistently resonate throughout the sanctified passageways of cricketing chronicles. Hobbs’ remarkable contribution to the realm of Test cricket is regarded with utmost reverence, and has become a lasting legacy through the course of an illustrious career spanning 61 matches. Throughout the given athletic games, the individual in question successfully accumulated a noteworthy total of 5,410 runs. Furthermore, the individual’s most noteworthy individual score, namely 211, is particularly commendable. The cricketer’s Test career is distinguished by a noteworthy mean of 56. 95 runs, signifying his unwavering performance and continued aptitude as a batsman.

Hobbs made a significant contribution to cricket not solely in terms of the quantity of runs he scored. Rather, the considerable influence of his 15 centuries and 28 half-centuries often served as pivotal moments in numerous matches. The aforementioned milestones serve as tacit witnesses to the exceptional ascendancy and unparalleled proficiency of the individual in question, depicting a sportsman who exhibited considerable fearlessness in his endeavors to overcome unexplored domains. The narrative of Sir Jack Hobbs, enriched with a plethora of accolades and accomplishments, stands as a shining example of motivation and determination. It represents a compelling account of an individual’s relentless pursuit of distinction despite fierce rivalry. A genuine aficionado of the sport, his lasting influence serves as a model for subsequent generations, embodying the ageless allure and unyielding determination of cricket.

Sir Jack Hobbs’s Batting Stats

Format Matches Runs Highest Average 100s 50s
Tests 61 5,410 211 56.95 15 28

Sir Wally Hammond (England)

The historical records of cricket chronicle the celebrated account of Sir Wally Hammond, an esteemed English cricketer whose accomplishments on the pitch endure as permanent marks in the annals of the sport. The illustrious tenure of his Test cricket profession encompasses 85 matches, replete with captivating anecdotes of fortitude, tenacity, and unparalleled mastery. Throughout the trajectory of his professional tenure, Hammond accumulated a remarkable aggregate of 7,249 runs. The player’s personal best score achieved a remarkable total of 336, indicating the significant level of power and control he exerted over the game field. With a remarkable batting average of 58. 4, this individual’s cricketing career is characterized by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a consistent performance record that is truly awe-inspiring.

Hammond’s expedition, however, is not merely a numerical account but encompasses a more comprehensive storyline. This narrative is imbued with the vibrant history of the 22 centuries and 24 half-centuries that were executed amidst a fiercely competitive atmosphere, ultimately underscoring the prominent standing of the individual as one of cricket’s preeminent performers. Each significant achievement served as evidence of his outstanding capabilities and served as a symbol of his unconquerable determination. In the course of his illustrious career, Sir Wally Hammond crafted an indelible tapestry of accomplishments, thereby establishing a prominent position within the annals of cricket history. The account is persistently eliciting inspiration, evoking reminiscence of a period in which the athletic endeavor was characterized by personal excellence and propelled forward by cooperative fervor.

Sir Wally Hammond’s Batting Stats

Format Matches Runs Highest Average 100s 50s
Tests 85 7,249 336 58.4 22 24

Sir Donald Bradman (Australia)

Within the esteemed realm of cricket, there are only a handful of tales that possess a comparable degree of significance when compared to the fabled account of Sir Donald Bradman. This notable Australian cricketer skillfully demonstrated an exceptional combination of success, innovation, and unmatched prowess, thereby leaving an enduring mark in the history of the sport. The noteworthy progression of his career within the realm of Test cricket transpired throughout a span of 52 matches, resulting in an outstanding accumulation of 6,996 runs, a veritable demonstration of his dependable excellence and unwavering commitment.

However, the depiction of Bradman transcends mere enumeration of numerical data. With a remarkable score of 334, the individual has demonstrated a remarkable ability to not only participate in competitive settings, but to decisively conquer opponents, thus underscoring the pinnacle of their illustrious career. However, the most remarkable figure attributed to Bradman is his remarkable average of 99. 94, which remains an unparalleled achievement in the realm of cricket. Sir Donald Bradman’s remarkable career spanning twenty-nine centuries and thirteen half-centuries stands as a symbol of unparalleled excellence, unyielding determination, and unwavering devotion to the sport. The account presented is not simply a recording of cricket-related events, but rather an inheritance of extraordinary skill that surpasses numerical data and resonates throughout the annals of cricketing tradition.

Sir Donald Bradman’s Batting Stats

Format Matches Runs Highest Average 100s 50s
Tests 52 6,996 334 99.94 29 13


In the rich fabric of cricket, we have undertaken an expressive inquiry into the legendary figures of the game, dissecting the exceptional abilities of each athlete akin to the interwoven strands that comprise the beloved story of this sport. Throughout the course of our journey highlighting the illustrious careers of these exceptional cricketers, we have been granted access to unparalleled accounts of talent perpetuated by their stellar records of runs and unwavering averages that continue to radiate upon the scoreboards long after they have retired from the pitch.

The exhibition of skill by athletes during a competitive match transcends the numerical data recorded on a scoreboard. Rather, it serves as a demonstration of their unwavering dedication, fervent enthusiasm, and the aesthetic allure intrinsic to the sport.

As the present inquiry draws to a conclusion, it is with a deep and persistent reverence for these emblematic cricketers who have played an instrumental and formative role in defining the patrimony of cricket.

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