The longest six in cricket history - who hit it?

This discourse endeavors to undertake an enthralling scrutiny of one of the most riveting accomplishments in cricket: the attainment of six runs. The enthralling spectacle of a batter propelling the ball high and far beyond the boundary, eliciting a sense of anticipation and excitement among spectators and viewers, is a remarkable phenomenon worthy of admiration. Within the vast repository of sixes struck in the annals of cricket, there exists one that particularly distinguishes itself through its remarkable magnitude and boldness. The present discourse endeavors to re-examine the renowned stroke in cricket lore, uncover the identity of the athlete who executed it, and probe into the enthralling tale of the most extended six in the annals of the sport. Therefore, please assume a composed position and mentally prepare yourself for a review of a remarkable occurrence that made an enduring impact on the records of cricket.

Shahid Afridi - scored the world’s longest six

Shahid Afridi, commonly recognized by the moniker ‘Boom Boom’ Afridi, has become renowned for his dynamic batting style in the sport of cricket. Afridi, hailing from Pakistan and having been born in 1980, made a noteworthy entry into the global cricket arena in 1996. His flamboyant style of batting proved to be his distinctive characteristic and facilitated his prosperous recognition. The confluence of his inherent proficiency in hitting the cricket ball with remarkable force and his unbridled courage exhibited while standing at the wicket has resulted in innumerable instances of noteworthy achievements on the cricket pitch.

A noteworthy instance occurred during the third one-day international cricket match of the Mobilink Jazz Cup tournament in 2013, in which South Africa and Pakistan faced each other. During his tenure as Pakistan’s leader, Afridi executed an exceptional display of skill, thereby securing a lasting legacy within the cricketing fraternity. Ryan McLaren, the bowler hailing from South Africa, executed a length delivery during the cricket match. In a customary fashion, Afridi unleashed a forceful launch of the ball, characterized by his unique style. The spherical object ascended upwards, traversing beyond the boundaries of the stadium, eventually disappearing from sight. The awe-inspiring sight left the audience in a state of shock, and the announcers rendered speechless.

Subsequent reports indicated that the cricket ball had traversed an extraordinary distance of 158 meters, thereby establishing it as the most considerable six ever registered in the annals of cricket. The remarkable feat accomplished by Afridi not only exemplified his daring style of play but also his audacious spirit, rendering it as one of the most widely discussed moments in the cricketing world. The remarkable six achieved by Afridi constitutes a testament to his exceptional proficiency in the art of power-hitting, thereby serving as a thrilling pinnacle in a career distinguished by a multitude of spectacular instances. The profound impact of Shahid Afridi’s bat, exemplified by the record-breaking feat of hitting the world’s longest six, remains a source of inspiration for both cricket professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.

Albert Trott is the author of the world’s longest unregistered six

Albert Trott, a cricketer of Australian origin who also competed on behalf of England, is frequently cited as being associated with one of the most iconic accomplishments in the sport of cricket. Born in 1873, the cricketing trajectory of Trott was marked by both intriguing highs of extraordinary performances and personal battles that resulted in lows throughout his career. There exists a point within his professional journey that has achieved a level of transcendence that has endured over time. Within the circles of cricket historians, this particular moment is considered a mystical element within the sport’s cultural legacy.

The historic occurrence transpired in 1899 amidst a cricket game held at the renowned Lord’s Cricket Ground. During his appearance for the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) against the visiting Australian team, Trott successfully achieved an unparalleled accomplishment that, up until now, has not been duplicated by any other cricketer. The batsman successfully struck a delivery made by Monty Noble, an Australian bowler, with enough force that it sailed smoothly beyond the pavilion located at Lord’s. The exceptional six in question not only managed to surpass the boundary, but it also soared above the top of the pavilion, a feat deemed arduous owing to the substantial dimensions and elevation of the renowned edifice.

The precise measurement of the distance that the ball covered has not been documented, consequently, it has not attained official recognition. Given the physical characteristics and geographical position of the pavilion, experts in the field of cricket postulate that the distance it covers exceeds 160 meters, rendering it the most prolonged six ever struck in the annals of cricket.

Top 10 biggest sixes in international cricket

1 Shahid Afridi (Pakistan) 153 meters South Africa 2013
2 Brett Lee (Australia) 130 meters England 2005
3 Martin Guptill (New Zealand) 127 meters South Africa 2012
4 Liam Livingstone (England) 122 meters Pakistan 2021
5 Corey Anderson (New Zealand) 122 meters India 2014
6 Mark Waugh (Australia) 120 meters New Zealand 1997
7 Yuvraj Singh (India) 119 meters Australia 2007
8 MS Dhoni (India) 118 meters New Zealand 2009
9 Shahid Afridi (Pakistan) 118 meters) Australia 2005
10 Chris Gayle (West Indies) 116 meters India 2010


Ultimately, the exceptional ability and skill of distinguished cricket batters, such as Shahid Afridi and Albert Trott, have made an enduring impact on the annals of the sport. Although Afridi’s longest authorized six serves as a testimony to the development of contemporary cricket and the amplified stress on power-hitting, the apocryphal account of Trott’s colossal hit beyond the Lord’s pavilion epitomizes an enduring folklore extolled by cricket aficionados across the globe. The remarkable accomplishments exemplify the essence of cricket, a game that magnificently amalgamates power, expertise, and tactics. The remarkable advancements within the sport of cricket evoke curiosity regarding the potential for further extraordinary achievements in this constantly developing and endlessly captivating athletic pursuit.

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