What is 'Bio-secure bubbles'?

A bio-secure bubble refers to a contained environment that is effectively secured and separated from external surrounding elements. All individuals participating in the tournament, comprising of players, support staff, and match officials, are restricted to limited designated locations. The aforementioned measure aims to markedly diminish the likelihood of infection by curtailing contact with the external environment.

Eoin Morgan, the leader of the England cricket squad that achieved victory in the 2019 Cricket World Cup, is advocating for other cricket-playing nations to replicate the effective execution of their seasonal itinerary. In the interim, Shikhar Dhawan, an Indian cricket team opener, draws a comparison between abiding within a bio-secure environment and dwelling in the abode of the popular reality television show “Big Boss”. The utilization of bio-secure bubbles shall be implemented as the customary protocol during the inauguration of the Indian Premier League in the United Arab Emirates on the 19th of September.

No going out, no friends - cricket bio bubbles

One of the cardinal features of a bio-secure bubble pertains to its rigorous control on individual interactions. During the duration of a competitive event, athletes are strictly prohibited from engaging in any form of communication or interaction with their respective acquaintances, family members, guests, or associates. The aforementioned constraint transcends the proximal surroundings of the delimited area and consequently, forbids cricketers from departing the bio-secure confines of their team in order to socialize with relatives or acquaintances.

The overarching goal of these rigorous measures is to uphold the sanctity of the controlled environment and to mitigate the likelihood of virus dissemination. The present approach to isolation is of great significance in contemporary times where rapid dissemination of diseases can potentially result in the annulment of prominent athletic gatherings, thereby affecting not only the athletes and facilitators, but also the multitudes of supporters across the globe. The utilization of a bio-secure bubble as a strategy for safeguarding the uninterrupted flow of the sport while prioritizing the wellbeing and welfare of all participants, therefore, emerges as a critical mechanism in this context.

Bio-bubble disorder

The significance of complying with the biosecure bubble regulations was accentuated by the exclusion of English cricketer Jofra Archer from the second Test. The aforementioned occurrence can be attributed to Archer’s contravention of the bio-security guidelines by deviating from his intended route to visit his apartment en route to his scheduled destinations. The occurrence of the aforementioned breach necessitated a mandatory period during which the individual was subjected to quarantine measures. The purpose of this quarantine period was to ascertain that the individual posed no risk of contracting or transmitting the virus, thereby safeguarding the integrity of the controlled environment.

In a similar vein, the noted cricket luminary of Pakistan, Mohammed Hafeez, faced the negative consequences of violating the protocols set forth to maintain a secure bio-bubble. Following an interaction with a family situated beyond the designated safe zone, Hafeez was compelled to observe a period of self-isolation lasting five days. This occurrence served as a clear indication of the rigorous procedures implemented to protect the wellbeing of all individuals situated within the confined environment.

These occurrences not only emphasize the demanding protocols that must be adhered to within a bio-secure environment, but also accentuate the dedication necessary from both players and personnel to uphold these safety norms. The sport of cricket is undergoing a developmental transformation in response to the prevailing global health climate, aiming to sustain the conduct of matches and simultaneously placing paramount emphasis on the safety and well-being of all stakeholders involved.


In sum, the notion of bio-secure bubbles has arisen as a meaningful strategy within the realm of cricket, intended to decrease the likelihood of COVID-19 dissemination among players, support personnel, and officials. The implementation of this measure guarantees that the sport of cricket is sustained and enjoyed in a manner that prioritizes the preservation of the physical well-being of all involved parties. The efficacy of these bio-secure bubbles is heavily contingent upon strict compliance with the implemented protocols. The instances of Jofra Archer and Mohammed Hafeez exemplify the gravity of violations, which may entail extended periods of segregation and impede the uninterrupted flow of the sport. Hence, it is imperative that all individuals involved in the sport demonstrate due deference and conformity to the stated measures in order to ensure optimal progression of the game during this unprecedented period.

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