India Cricket Team Upcoming Matches Schedule: An Exciting Year Ahead

As the calendar turns to 2024, both the India Men’s and Women’s Cricket Teams are gearing up for a year filled with high-profile competitions, challenging series, and international tournaments that promise to test their mettle, strategy, and team cohesion. From the historic pitches of England to the vibrant stadiums of the West Indies and the competitive arenas of Bangladesh, Indian cricket is set to showcase its talent, adaptability, and passion for the game on a global scale.

For the Men’s Team, the year is packed with a variety of formats that span the strategic depths of Test cricket to the high-octane excitement of T20 Internationals, not forgetting the much-anticipated Indian Premier League (IPL). Each match, series, and tournament presents an opportunity to reinforce their dominance, adapt strategies, and nurture new talent on the international stage.

The Women’s Team, on the other hand, faces its own set of challenges and milestones, including high-stakes series against formidable teams like Australia and participation in the Women’s T20 World Cup. These engagements are not just tests of skill but also platforms for the team to make significant strides in women’s international cricket, showcasing the depth and talent that the Indian cricket ecosystem has to offer.

As fans around the world look forward to a year of compelling cricket, this article provides a detailed look at the schedules, venues, and potential challenges that lie ahead for India’s cricketing titans. It’s a narrative of anticipation, preparation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence as the Men’s and Women’s Teams embark on their 2024 journeys.

India Men Cricket Team Upcoming Matches

Date Match Details Time Venue
January 3-7 3rd Test vs South Africa 1:30 PM IST Cape Town
January 11-7 3-match T20I series vs Afghanistan 7:00 PM IST Home
January 19-February 11 ICC U19 World Cup in South Africa - South Africa
January 25-March 11 5-match Test series vs England 9:30 AM IST Hyderabad, Vizag, Rajkot, Ranchi, Dharamsala
March-June IPL 2024 - India
June 4-30 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in West Indies/USA - West Indies/USA
July 3 ODIs and 3 T20I vs Sri Lanka - Away
September 2 Tests and 3 T20I vs Bangladesh - Home
October 3-match Test series vs New Zealand - Home
November-December 5-match Test series vs Australia - Away

The India Men’s Cricket Team has an eventful schedule ahead, showcasing their versatility and endurance in various formats of the game. This lineup reflects a mix of traditional test matches, dynamic T20 internationals, and the excitement of the Indian Premier League (IPL), as well as involvement in major international tournaments.

Starting with the 3rd Test against South Africa on January 3-7 in Cape Town, the team faces a challenging start to the year. Test cricket, known for its strategic depth and endurance, will be a test of skill and patience for the team in the picturesque but potentially challenging conditions of Cape Town.

Following this, the team will host a 3-match T20I series against Afghanistan from January 11-17. T20 cricket, known for its fast-paced and high-energy gameplay, will require a different set of strategies and adaptability from the players. The home advantage might play a significant role here, giving the Indian team a comfortable environment to showcase their skills.

The ICC U19 World Cup in South Africa, spanning from January 19 to February 11, presents an opportunity for the younger talent to shine on an international stage. Though this event involves the U19 team, it’s crucial for the overall development of cricket in India, as it nurtures the future stars of the senior team.

The team then embarks on a challenging 5-match Test series against England from January 25 to March 11, spanning across various venues in India. This series is particularly significant, considering the historic rivalry and the skill level of both teams. The choice of venues – Hyderabad, Vizag, Rajkot, Ranchi, and Dharamsala – offers a variety of conditions and challenges for both teams.

From March to June, the focus shifts to the IPL 2024, a marquee event in the T20 cricket calendar. The IPL not only brings together international stars in a festive atmosphere but also serves as a platform for emerging players to make their mark.

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, scheduled to be held in West Indies/USA from June 4-30, is another major highlight. The global event will test India’s adaptability and strategy in the shortest format of the game, against the backdrop of diverse playing conditions and international competition.

In July, the team travels for 3 ODIs and 3 T20Is against Sri Lanka. Playing away from home requires adaptability to different pitches and conditions, adding another layer of challenge.

September sees the team back home for 2 Tests and 3 T20Is against Bangladesh. This series provides an opportunity to consolidate their strategy and teamwork, especially in the longer format of the game.

October’s 3-match Test series against New Zealand at home is another chance to dominate in the test format, while the November-December 5-match Test series against Australia, away, will arguably be one of the most challenging series, given the strength and competitive history of the Australian team.

This schedule reflects a rigorous and diverse set of challenges for the India Men’s Cricket Team, encompassing different formats, venues, and competitors. It will be a test of their skill, adaptability, and endurance, offering cricket fans a series of compelling matches to look forward to.

Indian Women’s Cricket Team Schedule 2024

Date Match Details Time Venue
January 2 3rd ODI vs Australia - Mumbai
January 5-9 3-match T20I series vs Australia - Home
September Women’s T20 World Cup in Bangladesh - Bangladesh
December 3-match ODI series vs Australia (home) - Home
December 3 ODIs and 3 T20Is vs West Indies - Home

Venues India Cricket Upcoming Matches

The Indian Women’s Cricket Team has an engaging schedule for 2024, with several important matches lined up. Here’s a breakdown of the venues for these matches:

3rd ODI vs Australia on January 2: This match is scheduled to be held at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. The Wankhede Stadium is a prominent cricket venue in India, known for hosting significant matches including the famous 2011 Cricket World Cup Final.

3-match T20I series vs Australia from January 5-9: All three T20I matches against Australia will take place at the Dr. DY Patil Sports Academy in Navi Mumbai. This academy is a well-equipped sports facility, regularly hosting important cricket matches.

Women’s T20 World Cup in September: The venue for this event is in Bangladesh. Specific stadiums in Bangladesh were not mentioned for the T20 World Cup, but it’s a significant international tournament involving multiple venues across the host nation.

3-match ODI series vs Australia in December (home): The venues for this series are yet to be announced. However, given the importance of the series, it’s likely to be held at major cricket stadiums in India.

3 ODIs and 3 T20Is vs West Indies in December (home): Similarly, the specific venues for these matches against the West Indies have not been detailed at this stage.

It’s important to note that these schedules and venues are subject to change based on various factors like team arrangements and logistical considerations. The Indian Women’s Cricket Team will be playing in some of the most renowned cricket venues, providing exciting opportunities for fans to witness high-level cricket​​​​.


In conclusion, the Indian Women’s Cricket Team’s schedule for 2024 presents an array of compelling and challenging matches across different formats and locations. The year will kick off with a high-profile series against Australia, including an ODI and a T20I series, with matches held at significant venues like the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai and the Dr. DY Patil Sports Academy in Navi Mumbai. These matches not only offer the team an opportunity to compete against one of the strongest teams in women’s cricket but also allow them to showcase their talent on home ground.

The highlight of the year will undoubtedly be the Women’s T20 World Cup in Bangladesh, a tournament that will test the team’s skills and strategies against the best international sides. The venues in Bangladesh, although not specified, are expected to provide diverse playing conditions that will challenge the team.

Towards the end of the year, the team will face Australia and the West Indies in ODI and T20I series. While the venues for these series have not been announced, they are likely to be held at major cricket stadiums in India, offering more opportunities for the team to excel in front of a home crowd.

Overall, the 2024 schedule for the Indian Women’s Cricket Team is packed with opportunities to demonstrate their prowess in international cricket. It will be a year where the team can further establish itself as a formidable force in women’s cricket, both at home and on the international stage​​​​.

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