ICC Women's t20 World Cup 2023

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Women's t20 World Cup 2023



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South Africa,



Tournament Winner: Australia

How Many Runs: Laura Wolvaardt (230)

How Many Wickets: Sophie Ecclestone (11)​

The Women’s T20 World Cup 2023, which transpired from February 10th to February 26th, epitomized an exceptionally momentous occasion that assumed a paramount position within the realm of cricket. The highly acclaimed tournament, in its eighth edition, was gracefully hosted by South Africa, featuring a remarkable display of skill and talent as top-notch female cricketers from various countries competed fiercely in pursuit of the esteemed championship. This tournament not only showcased the remarkable prowess, dexterity, and perseverance of these exceptional sportswomen, but also presented a formidable platform for the progression and advocacy of women’s cricket at a global level.

Taking place amidst the awe-inspiring South African landscapes, the tournament was structured into two exhilarating phases: the initial group stage and the subsequent knockout stage. The aforementioned phases encompassed a notable assemblage of ten teams that participated, each harboring distinctive aptitudes and tactics, thus imparting a captivating facet of intricacy to the contest. The assemblage consisted of some of the most prestigious and fiercely competitive teams in the realm of women’s cricket, bringing together long-standing adversaries and paving the way for novel competitive storylines to unfold.

The tournament was conducted across three distinct and equally captivating venues. The historically significant Newlands Cricket Ground, situated in Cape Town, South Africa, served as the primary venue for a majority of matches, including the highly captivating final encounter. St George’s Park in Gqeberha and Boland Park in Paarl constituted the remaining two venues, individually boasting distinctive atmospheres and storied cricket traditions. These exceptional venues, with their varied allure and captivating charm, offered an ideal backdrop for the awe-inspiring cricket matches, enhancing the overall experience for spectators and introducing an exhilarating element to the tournament.

From the commencement of the tournament, an undeniable atmosphere of eager anticipation and exhilaration reverberated. Every match presented a unique array of potential outcomes, thereby showcasing the capricious and captivating essence of T20 cricket. Amidst a context of significant stakes and intense competition, notable individual performances emerged that surpassed constraints and made a lasting impact on the illustrious history of cricket. Laura Wolvaardt of South Africa excelled as the leading run-scorer throughout the tournament, accumulating a notable total of 230 runs. Conversely, Sophie Ecclestone of England proved her prowess as the highest wicket-taker, impressively amassing a total of 11 wickets.

Location of the Women’s t20 World Cup 2023

The eighth edition of the esteemed ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, which occurred from February 10th to February 26th, 2023, showcased a remarkable spectacle in South Africa. This tournament firmly established itself as a significant event in the recorded chronicles of cricket, as Australia emerged triumphant in their quest for their sixth overall and third consecutive championship. The thrilling final contest against the hosts, South Africa, held in Cape Town, ultimately saw Australia claim victory by a margin of 19 runs.

In August 2022, the International Cricket Council (ICC) made a formal declaration regarding the allocation of matches to three separate venues in three distinct cities, thereby intensifying the prevailing levels of excitement and anticipation surrounding the forthcoming tournament. The Newlands Cricket Ground located in Cape Town, South Africa, is a substantial stadium boasting a considerable seating capacity of 25,000 individuals. Notably, this esteemed venue stands out for having facilitated the highest tally of matches, amounting to a total of 12 contests. The urban center of Gqeberha was the location of St George’s Park, the second venue that hosted five matches, boasting a seating capacity of 19,000. Boland Park in Paarl served as the third venue, accommodating six matches. With a marginally smaller capacity of 10,000, this arena provided an alternative setting for the sporting events.

These venues, encompassing distinctive allure and ambience, attracted cricket aficionados from across the globe, providing them with an indelible encounter. The auditory experience of enthusiastic spectators resonated throughout the stadiums, while a tangible sense of anticipation permeated the atmosphere. The level of excitement gradually escalated with the progression of each match, reaching a climactic zenith during a thrilling culminating event in Cape Town. This tournament not only served as a medium for exhibition of cricketing expertise, but also played a substantial role in stimulating local economies and bolstering the prominence of cities and their diverse cultural heritage on the international platform.

Women’s t20 World Cup List of teams 2023

The Women’s T20 World Cup in 2023 showcased the remarkable cricketing prowess of ten participating teams, set against the picturesque backdrop of South Africa’s stunning landscapes. The tournament commenced on a dynamic note, with Sri Lanka securing a closely contested triumph against South Africa by a margin of three runs, thus establishing a precedent for a captivating sequence of encounters. The teams were partitioned into two distinct groups, namely Group 1 consisting of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, and Group 2 comprising England, India, West Indies, Pakistan, and Ireland.

The matches exhibited a highly adversarial nature, wherein teams exerted maximum effort to attain qualification for the subsequent knockout stage. In Group 1, Australia demonstrated considerable prowess, exemplified by an exceptional 97-run triumph over New Zealand and an impressive eight-wicket victory against Bangladesh. South Africa displayed exceptional performance in their group stage matches, most notably securing a commanding victory over New Zealand with a margin of 65 runs. Sri Lanka achieved a remarkable victory over Bangladesh, prevailing by a margin of seven wickets.

In the second group, both England and India displayed commendable achievements. England achieved a victory over West Indies by a margin of seven wickets and India by a differential of 11 runs. On the other hand, India emerged victorious in their matches against Pakistan by a margin of seven wickets and West Indies by a margin of six wickets. Pakistan demonstrated their capabilities by achieving victory over Ireland with a commanding 70-run margin.

As the tournament advanced, the level of intensity exhibited in the matches correspondingly heightened. During the knockout stage of the tournament, Australia engaged in a tense encounter with India in the inaugural semi-final, ultimately prevailing with a slender advantage of five runs. In an intense display of skill and determination, South Africa emerged triumphant by a slim margin of six runs over England in the second semi-final, setting the stage for a clash with Australia in the forthcoming final matchup.

Ultimately, the Australian team demonstrated their superiority by defeating South Africa by a margin of 19 runs in the final match, effectively securing their triumph in the Women’s T20 World Cup of 2023 in a thoroughly proficient manner. This tournament served as a manifestation of the elevated benchmarks in women’s cricket, showcasing the adeptness, resolve, and camaraderie exhibited by each of the participating teams.

Women’s t20 World Cup schedule and score 2023

Date Match Details Result
Feb 10, Fri South Africa Women vs Sri Lanka Women, 1st Match, Group A Sri Lanka Women won by 3 runs
Feb 11, Sat West Indies Women vs England Women, 2nd Match, Group B England Women won by 7 wickets
Feb 11, Sat Australia Women vs New Zealand Women, 3rd Match, Group A Australia Women won by 97 runs
Feb 12, Sun India Women vs Pakistan Women, 4th Match, Group B India Women won by 7 wickets
Feb 12, Sun Bangladesh Women vs Sri Lanka Women, 5th Match, Group A Sri Lanka Women won by 7 wickets
Feb 13, Mon Ireland Women vs England Women, 6th Match, Group B England Women won by 4 wickets
Feb 13, Mon South Africa Women vs New Zealand Women, 7th Match, Group A South Africa Women won by 65 runs
Feb 14, Tue Australia Women vs Bangladesh Women, 8th Match, Group A Australia Women won by 8 wickets
Feb 15, Wed India Women vs West Indies Women, 9th Match, Group B India Women won by 6 wickets
Feb 15, Wed Pakistan Women vs Ireland Women, 10th Match, Group B Pakistan Women won by 70 runs
Feb 16, Thu Sri Lanka Women vs Australia Women, 11th Match, Group A Australia Women won by 10 wickets
Feb 17, Fri New Zealand Women vs Bangladesh Women, 12th Match, Group A New Zealand Women won by 71 runs
Feb 17, Fri West Indies Women vs Ireland Women, 13th Match, Group B West Indies Women won by 6 wickets
Feb 18, Sat England Women vs India Women, 14th Match, Group B England Women won by 11 runs
Feb 18, Sat South Africa Women vs Australia Women, 15th Match, Group A Australia Women won by 6 wickets
Feb 19, Sun Pakistan Women vs West Indies Women, 16th Match, Group B West Indies Women won by 3 runs
Feb 19, Sun New Zealand Women vs Sri Lanka Women, 17th Match, Group A New Zealand Women won by 102 runs
Feb 20, Mon India Women vs Ireland Women, 18th Match, Group B IND-W won by 5 runs (DLS Method)
Feb 21, Tue England Women vs Pakistan Women, 19th Match, Group B England Women won by 114 runs
Feb 21, Tue South Africa Women vs Bangladesh Women, 20th Match, Group A South Africa Women won by 10 wickets
Feb 23, Thu Australia Women vs India Women, 1st Semi-Final Australia Women won by 5 runs
Feb 24, Fri England Women vs South Africa Women, 2nd Semi-Final South Africa Women won by 6 runs
Feb 26, Sun Australia Women vs South Africa Women, Final Australia Women won by 19 runs


Australia emerged victorious in the Women's T20 World Cup 2023, claiming their sixth overall and third consecutive title.
Laura Wolvaardt from South Africa was the highest run-scorer in the tournament, racking up a total of 230 runs.
Sophie Ecclestone, representing England, secured the highest number of wickets in the tournament, claiming 11 wickets in total.
The tournament took place in South Africa, with matches played at three different venues - Newlands Cricket Ground in Cape Town, St George's Park in Gqeberha, and Boland Park in Paarl.
A total of ten teams participated in the tournament, divided into two groups. Group 1 consisted of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, and Group 2 included England, India, West Indies, Pakistan, and Ireland.
The final match of the tournament was played between Australia and South Africa, with Australia winning by 19 runs.
Laura Wolvaardt was the top performer for South Africa, scoring the most runs in the tournament (230 runs).


The culmination of the Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 signified the conclusion of an elaborate cricketing event that united nations, commended exceptional sporting prowess, and propelled women’s cricket to unprecedented achievements. The competition reached its apex with an exhilarating final confrontation featuring Australia and South Africa, serving as a testament to the enthralling and fiercely competitive essence of T20 cricket. Australia emerged as the unquestionably deserving champions, once again showcasing their unparalleled dominance in the realm of women’s cricket, thereby securing their enviable third consecutive championship title, and an impressive tally of six prestigious crowns overall.

This tournament encompassed more than the mere sport of cricket. The event served as a commemoration of the unwavering dedication to sportsmanship, exceptional personal aptitude, and commendable group accomplishments. The aforementioned display epitomized the exceptional physical prowess, tenacity, and elegance demonstrated by female athletes and contributed significantly to the advancement of women’s cricket at an international level. The participants who emerged as heroes in this tournament, demonstrating outstanding athletic prowess, served as inspirational figures for upcoming cricket aficionados, motivating them to aspire towards monumental achievements and surpass various limitations.

Moreover, the tournament played a paramount role in catalyzing economic expansion and nurturing a collective feeling of patriotism within the host nation, South Africa. The internationally broadcasted spectacle directed attention towards the hosting cities as well as their profound cultural legacy, captivating cricket aficionados worldwide and imparting a noteworthy impetus to local enterprises and the tourism industry. The effective organization and implementation of the event contributed to the enhancement of South Africa’s global standing as a premier host for international sporting occasions.

The Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 represented a significant milestone in the display of exceptional prowess in women’s cricket. The platform provided an avenue for athletes to showcase their aptitudes, characterized by a multitude of noteworthy instances and exceptional demonstrations. This observation served as a poignant reminder of the abundant talent, unwavering determination, and exceptional prowess prevalent in contemporary women’s cricket. As the conclusion of the 2023 edition neared, global enthusiasts fervently look forward to what the forthcoming iteration of the Women’s T20 World Cup will offer. The enduring impact of this tournament persists, serving as a catalyst for upcoming generations to adopt the sport and propelling the advent of the subsequent phase in women’s cricket.