Lanka Premier League 2023

Lanka Premier League 2023



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Tournament Winner: B-Love Kandy

How Many Runs: 7503 ( PWH de Silva (BLK 279 runs, Babar Azam (CLS) 261 runs, LD Chandimal (BLK) 259 runs)

How Many Wickets: 304 ( PWH de Silva (BLK) 19 wickets, N Pradeep (BLK) 14 wickets, Noor Ahmad (DBA) 12 wickets)

The Lanka Premier League 2023 was notably distinguished as a robust chapter within the timeless saga of cricket. This renowned occasion facilitated the convergence of skill, tactics, and enthusiasm, situated amidst the scenic ambiance of Sri Lanka’s emblematic cricket arenas. Teams from various parts of the island congregated, showcasing their impressive cricketing skills, thereby presenting the spectators with a remarkable exhibition of T20 cricket. Featuring a synergistic amalgamation of experienced professionals and promising novices, the league assured an exceptional tournament replete with latent opportunities and an exhilarating quest for the highly coveted championship. As we explore the noteworthy facets and narratives that characterized the present season, we observe the unfolding of a cricketing spectacle that enthralled the imagination of both supporters and participants.

Lanka Premier League 2023 Venues

Stadium Location Capacity
R. Premadasa Stadium Colombo 35,000
Pallekele International Cricket Stadium Kandy 35,000

The 2023 iteration of the Lanka Premier League demonstrated the profound enthusiasm for cricket in Sri Lanka, exhibited through events held at two predominant venues. In the realm of literary considerations, one can discern the thematic motif referred to as the “R. " The Premadasa Stadium, located in Colombo, has gained a reputation for its vibrant ambiance and substantial seating capacity of 35,000 spectators. Over the years, it has served as the venue for a multitude of thrilling and intense sporting contests. The Pallekele International Cricket Stadium in Kandy, akin to its Colombo counterpart, exhibited commensurate capacity and exhilaration, providing enthusiastic cricket spectators in the Central Province with an electrifying live match encounter.


Team City Debut Owner Captain Coach
Colombo Strikers Colombo, Western Province 2023 Sagar Khanna Niroshan Dickwella Simon Helmot
Dambulla Aura Dambulla, Central Province 2022 Viranjith Thambugala Kusal Mendis Avishka Gunawardene
Galle Titans Galle, Southern Province 2023 Nayana Wasalathilaka Dasun Shanaka Chamara Kapugedara
Jaffna Kings Jaffna, Northern Province 2021 Subaskaran Allirajah Thisara Perera Thilina Kandamby
B-Love Kandy Kandy, Central Province 2023 Omar Khan Wanindu Hasaranga Mushtaq Ahmed

During the current sporting season, the Colombo Strikers, a team newly established in 2023, participated in competitive matches under the astute leadership of Niroshan Dickwella as the team’s strategic captain, complemented by the seasoned coaching expertise of Simon Helmot. In conjunction with them, the Dambulla Aura, spearheaded by Kusal Mendis and guided by Avishka Gunawardene in a coaching capacity, endeavored to establish a noteworthy presence, while the Galle Titans, captained by Dasun Shanaka, aspired to commemorate the Southern Province with esteemed accolades. The Jaffna Kings, under the leadership of Thisara Perera, and B-Love Kandy, captained by Wanindu Hasaranga, made valuable contributions to enhance the competitive nature of the league.

Sri Lanka Premier League (LPL) 2023 Squads

Colombo Strikers

Dambulla Aura

Galle Titans

Jaffna Kings

B-Love Kandy

Upon reflection, the roster of the Colombo Strikers during the 2023 season encompassed a fusion of eminent domestic players and renowned international athletes, among whom the noteworthy inclusion of Babar Azam and Naseem Shah contributed significantly to augmenting the team’s overall prowess and ability. The squad of Dambulla Aura demonstrated a remarkable level of consistency through the exceptional performances of Kusal Mendis, who was adeptly supported by Avishka Fernando and Dhananjaya de Silva. The Galle Titans demonstrated a versatile squad, supported by the multifaceted abilities of Dasun Shanaka and Shakib Al Hasan. The Jaffna Kings, known for their experienced players such as David Miller and Shoaib Malik, demonstrated their exceptional capabilities as potential champions. Throughout the tournament, B-Love Kandy demonstrated a fusion of experience embodied by Angelo Mathews and the exuberant energy of Wanindu Hasaranga, culminating in a narrative that encapsulated their ambitious aspirations and inherent potential.

Player Auction

Each of the five franchises was assigned a disbursement limit of US$500,000. Renowned cricket figures such as Wasim Akram and Angelo Mathews comprised the pool of players accessible for bidding during this auction, while Charu Sharma, a highly esteemed cricket commentator hailing from India, served as the principal auctioneer.

The composition of each team’s roster was intended to encompass a range of 20 to 24 players. The stipulation entailed a compulsory inclusion of a total of six foreign players, in conjunction with a range of 14 to 19 domestic players. The allocation of funds for pre-signing players was non-transferrable to the auction, with any financial backing for right-to-match options for players required to be derived from the auction budget.

The auction utilized a bidding structure in which, at any given moment, only two teams engaged in a bidding war. A third party could solely participate in the bidding process once either of the two initial teams withdrew. Following the presentation of the initial 70 names eligible for bidding, an “accelerated” auction phase was initiated. During this phase, the franchises were granted the autonomy to select a range of 15 to 20 players, comprising both those who were unsold previously and new prospects, to participate in the bidding process.

The participants were divided into two clearly defined groups - those who had reached the maximum number of playing appearances (capped players) and those who had not yet achieved this milestone (uncapped players). The capped players were provided with the opportunity to register their services at specified minimum prices, encompassing a spectrum ranging from $10,000 to $50,000, with uniform steps of $10,000. Conversely, a minimum price of $20,000 was established for uncapped players boasting a record of at least 50 first-class matches. Similarly, players with a minimum of either 25 first-class matches or 18 matches in the LPL or a comparable T20 franchise league were subject to a base price of $10,000. Finally, individuals failing to meet any of the aforementioned criteria were afforded a base price of $5,000.

A noteworthy aspect of the auction was the bidding process for Dilshan Madushanka, who garnered the highest valuation among the players, ultimately securing a bid of $92,000 from the Jaffna Kings. Chad Bowes of New Zealand attracted considerable attention in the realm of international cricket as he emerged as the most valuable overseas player in the auction, commanding a bid of $58,000. This bid sparked discussions due to Bowes’ limited track record on the international stage which remains untested.

Furthermore, it has been observed that specific esteemed international players such as Rassie van der Dussen were disregarded by the proprietors of the franchise. This situation can be ascribed to their involvements in various T20 leagues such as the Global T20 Canada, where the timing of events coincided with the schedule of the Lanka Premier League, thus resulting in a conflict in terms of player availability.

LPL 2023 Fixtures & Schedule

Date Match Teams Score Result
Sun, 30 Jul 1st Match (N) JK vs. CLS JK: 173/5, CLS: 152 Kings won by 21 runs
Mon, 31 Jul 2nd Match GT vs. DBA GT: 180/5, DBA: 180/7 (T: 181) Match tied (Titans won the one-over eliminator)
Mon, 31 Jul 3rd Match (N) CLS vs. BLK CLS: 157/6, BLK: 130/8 (T: 158) Strikers won by 27 runs
Tue, 01 Aug 4th Match JK vs. DBA JK: 129/7, DBA: 132/2 (T: 130) Aura won by 8 wickets (with 22 balls remaining)
Tue, 01 Aug 5th Match (N) GT vs. BLK GT: 180/5, BLK: 97 (T: 181) Titans won by 83 runs
Fri, 04 Aug 6th Match DBA vs. BLK DBA: 156/6, BLK: 160/3 (T: 157) Kandy won by 7 wickets (with 9 balls remaining)
Fri, 04 Aug 7th Match (N) GT vs. JK GT: 117/9, JK: 120/2 (T: 118) Kings won by 8 wickets (with 44 balls remaining)
Sat, 05 Aug 8th Match DBA vs. CLS DBA: 192/6, CLS: 182/4 (T: 193) Aura won by 10 runs
Sat, 05 Aug 9th Match (N) JK vs. BLK JK: 117/9, BLK: 118/2 (T: 118) Kandy won by 8 wickets (with 42 balls remaining)
Mon, 07 Aug 10th Match GT vs. CLS GT: 188/3, CLS: 189/3 (T: 189) Strikers won by 7 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)
Mon, 07 Aug 11th Match (N) DBA vs. JK DBA: 134/8, JK: 125/7 (T: 135) Aura won by 9 runs
Tue, 08 Aug 12th Match BLK vs. GT BLK: 203/5, GT: 114 (T: 204) Kandy won by 89 runs
Tue, 08 Aug 13th Match (N) CLS vs. JK CLS: 146/8, JK: 150/4 (T: 147) Kings won by 6 wickets (with 33 balls remaining)
Fri, 11 Aug 14th Match (N) GT vs. DBA GT: 133/9, DBA: 134/3 (T: 134) Aura won by 7 wickets (with 14 balls remaining)
Sat, 12 Aug 15th Match BLK vs. JK BLK: 178/8, JK: 170/6 (T: 179) Kandy won by 8 runs
Sat, 12 Aug 16th Match (N) DBA vs. CLS DBA: 166/5, CLS: 116 (T: 167) Aura won by 50 runs
Sun, 13 Aug 17th Match JK vs. GT JK: 89, GT: 90/3 (T: 90) Titans won by 7 wickets (with 39 balls remaining)
Sun, 13 Aug 18th Match (N) CLS vs. BLK CLS: 169/9, BLK: 160/8 (T: 170) Strikers won by 9 runs
Mon, 14 Aug 19th Match (N) DBA vs. BLK DBA: 162/7, BLK: 142 (T: 163) Aura won by 20 runs
Tue, 15 Aug 20th Match (N) CLS vs. GT CLS: 74, GT: 75/2 (T: 75) Titans won by 8 wickets (with 69 balls remaining)
Thu, 17 Aug Qualifier 1 GT vs. DBA GT: 146, DBA: 147/4 (T: 147) Aura won by 6 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
Thu, 17 Aug Eliminator (N) BLK vs. JK BLK: 188/8, JK: 127 (T: 189) Kandy won by 61 runs
Sat, 19 Aug Qualifier 2 (N) BLK vs. GT BLK: 157/7, GT: 123/8 (T: 158) Kandy won by 34 runs
Sun, 20 Aug Final DBA vs. BLK DBA: 147/4, BLK: 151/5 (T: 148) Kandy won by 5 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)

Points Table

Pos Team Pld W L NR Pts NRR
1 Dambulla Aura (R) 8 6 2 0 12 0.793
2 Galle Titans (3rd) 8 4 4 0 8 0.353
3 B-Love Kandy (C) 8 4 4 0 8 0.185
4 Jaffna Kings (4th) 8 3 5 0 6 -0.179
5 Colombo Strikers 8 3 5 0 6 -1.215


The LPL in 2023 was hosted by Sri Lanka, with matches played across various renowned cricket stadiums in the country.
The LPL 2023 had five teams competing for the title: Jaffna Kings, Colombo Strikers, B-Lo Kandy, Dambulla Aura, and Galle Titans.
The LPL 2023 consisted of 23 T20 matches, which included the final, and took place in the mid-year months.
LPL stands for Lanka Premier League, which is a professional T20 cricket league in Sri Lanka.


The conclusion of the Lanka Premier League 2023 brought forth an array of captivating cricket matches, which served as a platform to exhibit both local and international players’ exceptional abilities on the Sri Lankan terrain. The aforementioned event, whose duration extended over several weeks, not only served as an avenue for domestic players to exhibit their talent but also introduced the captivating presence of renowned international cricket icons. Every individual match added to the intricate fabric of the tournament’s historical narrative, providing fans with notable occurrences and fervent competition in the realm of cricket. The culmination of exceptional skill and sportsmanship witnessed during the finale resulted in one team achieving ultimate success, thereby leaving the remaining teams with anticipation and aspiration for future endeavors. The Sri Lankan Premier League (LPL) in 2023 serves as a vivid illustration of the profound affection Sri Lanka holds for the sport of cricket, resonating within arenas, residences, and the devotion of innumerable supporters. With a mounting sense of anticipation surrounding the upcoming season, the LPL assures a resumption characterized by heightened enthusiasm and thrill.