Lanka Premier League 2020

Lanka Premier League 2020



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Tournament Winner: Jaffna Stallions

How Many Runs: 11244 (D Gunathilaka (GG) 476, LJ Evans (CK) 289, MD Shanaka (DV) 278)

How Many Wickets: 368 (PWH de Silva (JS) 17, D Lakshan (GG) 13, Qais Ahmad (CK) 12)

The commencement of the 2020 edition of the Lanka Premier League constituted a pivotal juncture in the cricketing chronicle of Sri Lanka. In the context of the worldwide disruption instigated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the commencement of this first season assumed a meaningful role as emblematic of unwavering determination and aspirational endeavor, thereby providing a highly coveted respite for fervent followers of sporting pursuits. The inauguration of this event not only illustrated the proficiency of Sri Lanka in organizing a prominent T20 league but also highlighted the country’s abundant reservoir of skilled players, amalgamating experienced international athletes with promising local talents in a distinctive amalgamation that captivated the attention of the cricket world.

The Lanka Premier League 2020 overcame a multitude of obstacles, encompassing logistical complexities and the establishment of bio-secure environments, to curate an enthralling spectacle of cricket. The successful implementation of the tournament received acclaim and enticed an international viewership, thereby establishing a commendable standard for future iterations. The continuous capture of audiences worldwide by T20 cricket has prompted the emergence of the inaugural Lanka Premier League. This event serves as a promising commencement, unveiling valuable perspectives on the league’s prospective role as a fundamental entity within the progressively expanding domain of global T20 cricket.

Lanka Premier League 2020 Venues

The Lanka Premier League 2020 was originally scheduled to be held in Kandy, Dambulla, and Hambantota. There were deliberations regarding the possibility of relocating the tournament to Malaysia or the United Arab Emirates in order to circumvent the 14-day quarantine mandates, owing to particular considerations. In due course, health authorities reached a consensus to reduce the duration of the quarantine period for foreign athletes from 14 days to 7 days. In adherence to the recommendations of health officials, all 23 matches of the tournament were centralized and hosted solely in Hambantota. The present decision was made with the objective of guaranteeing the safety and welfare of all individuals engaged in the competition.

Lanka Premier League 2020 Team List

Team Captain
Colombo Kings Angelo Mathews
Dambulla Viiking Dasun Shanaka
Galle Gladiators Shahid Afridi
Jaffna Stallions Thisara Perera
Kandy Tuskers Kusal Perera

The Lanka Premier League 2020 provided a platform for the manifestation of skill and expertise from five noteworthy teams, namely the Colombo Kings, Dambulla Viiking, Galle Gladiators, Jaffna Stallions, and Kandy Tuskers. Each team was assigned a competent captain, responsible for leading their respective squads with proficiency and resolve.

Angelo Mathews, serving as an astute leader, effectively guided the Colombo Kings to showcase their exceptional abilities on the field. Through the integration of strategic approaches and cohesive teamwork, they succeeded in establishing a prominent presence throughout the tournament. In the interim, Dasun Shanaka assumed the role of leadership for the Dambulla Viiking team, serving as a source of inspiration for his teammates, fostering the development of their latent abilities, and encouraging their pursuit of triumph.

Bhanuka Rajapaksa exemplified leadership and composure as he steered the Galle Gladiators team towards success in his role as captain. The leader demonstrated evident leadership skills, as he successfully motivated his team members to surmount obstacles and exhibit their competitive drive.

The Jaffna Stallions were fortunate to discover a dependable figurehead in Thisara Perera, whose wealth of expertise and strategic prowess proved invaluable to the team. Under the mentorship of their leader, the group demonstrated camaraderie and persistence, consistently prepared to meet any challenges that came their way.

Kusal Perera, the esteemed leader of the Kandy Tuskers, prominently exhibited resolute determination and captivating charisma. The team’s unified work, accompanied by the exhibition of their skills, allowed for the resounding impact of his influence, positioning them as formidable adversaries to their opponents.

During the Lanka Premier League 2020, the captains of the participating teams assumed a crucial role, not only in guiding their respective squads, but also in providing a source of motivation for their fellow players. The tournament was enhanced by their astute strategic decisions, remarkable ability to motivate, and unwavering dedication to achieving success.

Lanka Premier League 2020 Schedule and Results

Date Match Details Results
26 November Kandy Tuskers vs Colombo Kings Match tied (Colombo Kings won Super Over)
27 November Galle Gladiators vs Jaffna Stallions Jaffna Stallions won by 8 wickets
28 November Dambulla Viiking vs Kandy Tuskers Dambulla Viiking won by 4 runs (DLS method)
28 November Colombo Kings vs Galle Gladiators Colombo Kings won by 34 runs
30 November Jaffna Stallions vs Dambulla Viiking Jaffna Stallions won by 66 runs
30 November Kandy Tuskers vs Galle Gladiators Kandy Tuskers won by 25 runs
1 December Dambulla Viiking vs Colombo Kings Dambulla Viiking won by 28 runs
1 December Jaffna Stallions vs Kandy Tuskers Jaffna Stallions won by 54 runs
3 December Galle Gladiators vs Jaffna Stallions Jaffna Stallions won by 5 wickets
3 December Kandy Tuskers vs Dambulla Viiking Dambulla Viiking won by 5 wickets
4 December Jaffna Stallions vs Colombo Kings Colombo Kings won by 6 wickets
5 December Dambulla Viiking vs Galle Gladiators Dambulla Viiking won by 9 runs
5 December Kandy Tuskers vs Colombo Kings Colombo Kings won by 7 wickets
7 December Colombo Kings vs Galle Gladiators Galle Gladiators won by 8 wickets
7 December Dambulla Viiking vs Jaffna Stallions No result (Match abandoned due to rain)
9 December Jaffna Stallions vs Kandy Tuskers Kandy Tuskers won by 6 wickets
9 December Galle Gladiators vs Dambulla Viiking Dambulla Viiking won by 4 wickets
10 December Colombo Kings vs Jaffna Stallions Colombo Kings won by 6 runs
10 December Galle Gladiators vs Kandy Tuskers Galle Gladiators won by 9 wickets
11 December Dambulla Viiking vs Colombo Kings Colombo Kings won by 6 wickets
13 December Colombo Kings vs Galle Gladiators (Semi-final) Galle Gladiators won by 2 wickets
14 December Jaffna Stallions vs Dambulla Viiking (Semi-final) Jaffna Stallions won by 37 runs
16 December Jaffna Stallions vs Galle Gladiators (Final) Jaffna Stallions won by 53 runs

Points Table

Pos Team Pld W L NR Pts NRR
1 Colombo Kings 8 6 2 0 12 0.448
2 Dambulla Viiking 8 5 2 1 11 -0.087
3 Jaffna Stallions (C) 8 4 3 1 9 0.788
4 Galle Gladiators (R) 8 2 6 0 4 -0.203
5 Kandy Tuskers 8 2 6 0 4 -0.890


The Lanka Premier League 2020 was held from 26th November to 16th December 2020.
Five teams participated in the Lanka Premier League 2020. The teams were Colombo Kings, Dambulla Viiking, Jaffna Stallions, Galle Gladiators, and Kandy Tuskers.
Jaffna Stallions emerged as the champions of the Lanka Premier League 2020.
Several players showcased exceptional performances throughout the tournament. Some notable performers include Dinesh Chandimal (Colombo Kings), Avishka Fernando (Jaffna Stallions), Danushka Gunathilaka (Galle Gladiators), and Kusal Mendis (Kandy Tuskers).
The teams were ranked based on the number of points earned during the group stage matches. Points were awarded for wins, losses, and no-results. Net Run Rate (NRR) was used as a tiebreaker if teams had equal points.
The Lanka Premier League 2020 followed a round-robin format, where each team played against the other teams twice. The top four teams advanced to the playoffs, consisting of two semifinals and a final.
The top run-scorer of the tournament was Laurie Evans (Colombo Kings), while the leading wicket-taker was Dhananjaya Lakshan (Galle Gladiators).
All the matches of the Lanka Premier League 2020 were held at the Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium in Hambantota, Sri Lanka.
The Lanka Premier League is expected to continue as an annual tournament, providing exciting cricketing action in the future. Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming editions.


The Lanka Premier League 2020 concluded with great enthusiasm and captivated the interest of cricket aficionados, who were left eager for future events. The current iteration of the tournament exhibited the utmost excellence of Sri Lankan cricket, as five teams engaged in a fervent competition, presenting a captivating exhibition of prowess and unwavering dedication.

The Jaffna Stallions emerged as victors, demonstrating notable consistency and effective teamwork throughout the entirety of the tournament. Under the guidance of their charismatic leader, they embodied the principles of cohesion and tenacity, surmounting all challenges encountered along their journey. The ultimate contest presented a remarkable spectacle, as the Jaffna Stallions emerged victorious, thereby leaving an enduring mark in the chronicles of cricketing history.

The tournament not only exemplified the collective excellence exhibited by the teams, but it also served as a platform for the manifestation of individual brilliance among the players. The awe-inspiring display of batting prowess by Dinesh Chandimal, Avishka Fernando, and Danushka Gunathilaka, coupled with the flawlessness exhibited in bowling by Dhananjaya Lakshan, showcased the players’ remarkable artistry, captivating spectators in the process.

The triumph of the Lanka Premier League 2020 has established a platform for forthcoming iterations, foreshadowing a wealth of even more thrilling instances and indelible confrontations. The aforementioned tournament has firmly established its stature as a pivotal platform for the cultivation of talent and the promotion of cricket’s development within Sri Lanka. The enduring influence of the LPL will persist as it invigorates a revived enthusiasm for the sport and enthralls cricket aficionados throughout the country.