Big Bash League 2024/2025

Big Bash League 2024/2025


First Tournament: 2011
Last Tournament: 2024
Last Winner: Brisbane Heat (2nd Title)
Best Result: Perth Scooters (5 Titles)




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The thirteenth season of the Big Bash League, which took place from December 7, 2023, to January 24, 2024, was a testament to the enduring appeal and competitive spirit of Australian T20 cricket. Throughout the season, eight teams, including the Adelaide Strikers, Brisbane Heat, Hobart Hurricanes, Melbourne Renegades, Melbourne Stars, Perth Scorchers, Sydney Sixers, and Sydney Thunder, vied for supremacy in a total of 59 matches, each contributing to a narrative of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship.

The season commenced with a match between Brisbane Heat and Melbourne Stars, where Brisbane Heat set the tone with a commanding victory. The competition saw its share of weather disruptions, with matches being abandoned or affected by rain, yet the teams persevered, showcasing their adaptability and dedication to the game. Notable performances were seen throughout the tournament, with teams like the Sydney Sixers, Perth Scorchers, and Brisbane Heat frequently emerging victorious, further adding to the anticipation and excitement of each encounter.

The climax of the season was the final match where Brisbane Heat triumphed over the Sydney Sixers, marking a significant victory for Brisbane Heat. This victory was not just a testament to their exceptional performance throughout the season but also marked a memorable moment in the tournament’s history, crowning them as champions of this prestigious cricketing event.

The Big Bash League’s 2023/2024 season was more than just a series of cricket matches; it was a celebration of talent, teamwork, and the spirit of cricket in Australia. Each game, from the initial matches to the thrilling final, contributed to the rich tapestry of the tournament’s narrative, leaving fans and players alike eager for the next season​​​​.

Rules (features) of the Big Bash League

The Big Bash League, commonly referred to as BBL, is a well-established professional cricket league in Australia, specifically catering to the Twenty20 format. It has successfully garnered significant attention and captivated audiences since its commencement in the year 2011. The format of the BBL is characterized by a notable feature, whereby it is structured around a double round-robin format, supplemented by subsequent knockout playoffs. This framework guarantees that every team engages in at least two matches against each of the other teams, with one match hosted by the home team and the other taking place at the away team’s venue, thus fostering a palpable atmosphere of competitiveness and rivalry amongst the teams and effectively sustaining the enthusiasm and involvement of spectators over the course of the season.

A distinctive feature associated with the BBL is the implementation of a salary cap to govern team rosters. This regulation serves to maintain fair competition among teams by prohibiting the accumulation of an unjust advantage through the utilization of financial resources. In adherence to regulatory policies, every team is permitted to enlist a total of 18 players, where a cap of two overseas players is placed. This provision effectively fosters the cultivation of native aptitude within the team.

In regards to gameplay, the Big Bash League (BBL) conforms to the conventional regulations of Twenty20 cricket, whereby every team is allocated a maximum of 20 overs with the objective of accumulating the highest possible number of runs. Moreover, the Big Bash League (BBL) has implemented numerous distinctive advancements within the sport. One example of an innovation is known as the “Bash Boost,” which involves the allocation of bonus points to the team achieving the highest score during the middle point of the second innings. This regulation introduces an additional strategic element to the game, as teams are compelled to deliberate on whether to give precedence to securing a rapid initial advantage or conserving their resources for the subsequent stages.

The Big Bash League (BBL) is characterized by the implementation of the “Power Surge,” an allocated period of two overs in which the fielding team is permitted to position only two fielders outside the inner ring. The batting team has the discretion to determine the timing of activating the powerplay, thereby introducing an additional strategic component to the game. Moreover, the Big Bash League (BBL) implements a “X-Factor Player” regulation that permits teams to replace one player following the completion of the 10th over of the initial innings. This regulation grants teams the opportunity to modify their strategies in accordance with the ongoing development of the match.

In addition to its on-field activities, the Big Bash League (BBL) is renowned for its convivial ambience, characterized by a pronounced emphasis on recreational pursuits and fostering active participation from enthusiastic supporters. Sporting events frequently include musical performances, pyrotechnic displays, and various forms of amusement, thereby rendering them a delightful occasion for individuals of all ages within a familial setting. The league also underscores the significance of community engagement, as evidenced by the regular participation of teams in charitable endeavors and other societal initiatives.

Big Bash League history

The Big Bash League, colloquially referred to as the BBL, possesses a robust and dynamic past that has notably influenced the panorama of Australian cricket. The inception of the league occurred in 2011 when Cricket Australia introduced it as a substitute for the erstwhile KFC Twenty20 Big Bash tournament. The primary objective entailed the revival of the abbreviated version of the sport at the national level, thereby prompting the genesis of the BBL, a strategic endeavor intended to allure a fresh demographic of youthful spectators to engage with cricket. This initiative specifically emphasized the provision of amusement and involvement for fans.

The commencement of the first season of the Big Bash League (BBL) transpired during the summer of 2011-12, showcasing eight franchises situated in metropolitan areas, which deviated from the customary setup of state-based teams. The aforementioned teams include the Adelaide Strikers, Brisbane Heat, Hobart Hurricanes, Melbourne Renegades, Melbourne Stars, Perth Scorchers, Sydney Sixers, and Sydney Thunder. The inaugural Big Bash League (BBL) final witnessed a highly anticipated clash between the Perth Scorchers and the Sydney Sixers. Ultimately, it was the Sixers who triumphed and secured their status as the first-ever champions of the BBL.

In recent years, the popularity of the BBL has witnessed a significant upsurge, both within the national borders and across international arenas. The league has successfully attracted prominent figures in the sport of cricket, encompassing not only renowned Australian players such as Shane Warne and Ricky Ponting, but also globally acclaimed individuals such as Chris Gayle and AB de Villiers. The Big Bash League (BBL) has asserted its significance in fostering the advancement of Australian cricket by offering an invaluable avenue for emerging talents to exhibit their abilities at a nationwide level. Several cricketers, including renowned figures like Chris Lynn and D’Arcy Short, have effectively utilized the Big Bash League (BBL) as a platform to advance their careers to the international level.

The BBL has displayed pioneering efforts in innovating the game, by introducing multiple novel regulations. These distinctive features, namely the “Bash Boost,” the “Power Surge,” and the “X-Factor Player,” have substantially contributed to the game by introducing novel aspects of strategy and generating heightened levels of excitement. The amalgamation of these advancements, coupled with the league’s steadfast dedication to amusement, has constituted a catalyst for the Australian BBL’s ascendancy as one of the most extensively viewed sporting leagues within the nation.

The league has also experienced a plethora of noteworthy occurrences, ranging from exhilarating conclusions to surpassing previous performance records. One notable occurrence was the 2015-16 final, during which the Sydney Thunder emerged victorious in their pursuit of the BBL championship against the Melbourne Stars in a captivating match. One instance of noteworthy significance pertains to the 2016-17 season, during which Travis Head of the Adelaide Strikers exhibited exceptional performance by achieving a century on New Year’s Eve, an accomplishment that continues to elicit discussions in present times.

Big Bash League all season winners list

Edition Winner Runner-up
2011-12 Sydney Sixers Perth Scorchers
2012-13 Brisbane Heat Perth Scorchers
2013-14 Perth Scorchers Hobart Hurricanes
2014-15 Perth Scorchers Sydney Sixers
2015-16 Sydney Thunder Melbourne Stars
2016-17 Perth Scorchers Sydney Sixers
2017-18 Adelaide Strikers Hobart Hurricanes
2018-19 Melbourne Renegades Melbourne Stars
2019-20 Sydney Sixers Melbourne Stars
2020-21 Sydney Sixers Perth Scorchers
2021-22 Perth Scorchers Sydney Sixers
2022-23 Perth Scorchers Brisbane Heat

Most runs Big Bash League

The dynamic milieu of the Big Bash League encompasses a myriad of compelling storylines derived from exceptional individual displays, thus serving to enhance its enthralling appeal. Among these accomplishments, one notable aspect is the saga of the individuals who have achieved the highest number of runs. Among the aforementioned individuals, Chris Lynn has emerged as the most prolific, displaying outstanding levels of consistency and skillful power-hitting capabilities. Lynn, while representing the Strikers and the Heat, has obtained a remarkable total of 3421 runs in 111 innings during the period spanning from 2011 to 2023. This achievement sets a formidable standard for fellow competitors to strive towards. The dynamic and impressive skill set showcased by the individual in question has solidified his position as one of the most influential batsmen in the esteemed chronicles of the Big Bash League.

Lynn’s nearest counterpart, Aaron Finch, an esteemed player for the Renegades, additionally exhibited his impact within the league. Throughout a span of 100 innings, Finch accumulated a substantial total of 3245 runs, showcasing a remarkable combination of boldness and strategic assertiveness. His adeptness in overpowering bowling attacks and single-handedly altering the outcome of matches elevated his reputation to one of great reverence among the league’s preeminent batsmen.

Jonathan Wells stands out as a noteworthy performer in the run-scoring charts. Throughout his Big Bash career, Wells has accumulated a cumulative sum of 2797 runs across 116 innings, having played for the Strikers, Hurricanes, and Renegades. The individual’s ability to effectively adjust to varying teams and conditions demonstrates their proficient technique and resilient temperament.

In a comparable vein, D’Arcy Short has fulfilled a pivotal role as a prominent member of the Hobart Hurricanes’ batting order. In spite of having participated in a lesser number of innings as compared to his counterparts, Short demonstrated commendable prowess by accumulating an astonishing total of 2706 runs within a mere 82 innings. This achievement serves as a testament to his aptitude for swiftly accumulating runs. The remarkable displays of his aptitude have significantly impacted and shaped the Big Bash League in a lasting manner.

Furthermore, in the realm of the Big Bash League, Glenn Maxwell has exerted a considerable influence through his avant-garde batting technique and assertive approach. Maxwell, as a representative of both the Renegades and the Stars, has demonstrated a remarkable performance by accumulating a total of 2673 runs across 95 innings. This notable achievement has positioned him as an indispensable figure within the league’s overarching storyline. The introduction of his capacity to generate pivotal innings has endowed the Big Bash League’s extensive chronicles with an extraordinary essence.

Longest six in Big Bash League

The Big Bash League has served as a platform for the exhibition of exceptionally dynamic performances that have captivated audiences with their unprecedented power and impact in the realm of cricket. Within the landscape of these batting accomplishments, the colossal distance achieved by the longest sixes in the tournament’s history has acquired its own meaningful importance. Pioneering this remarkable achievement is none other than Shahid Afridi, the eminent figure from Pakistan. In a remarkable display of skill in 2013, Afridi delivered a powerful strike that propelled the ball an extraordinary distance of 153 meters. The formidable strike he executed continues to stand as an unparalleled spectacle in the historical records of the Big Bash League.

Brett Lee of Australia emerges as a prominent figure in close pursuit of Afridi’s record-setting feat. The fast bowler, renowned for his aptitude in bowling, astonishingly captivated all in 2005 with an impactful delivery. Lee forcefully struck the ball with great enthusiasm, resulting in an estimated displacement of approximately 130 to 135 meters. This exceptional feat solidified his status as one of the league’s premier long-distance hitters of all time.

Martin Guptill of New Zealand, attaining the third position, exhibited his eminent combination of precise timing and forcefulness, thereby securing his noteworthy place in the records in the year 2012. Guptill’s exceptional display of skill led to a monumental six, spanning a remarkable distance of 127 meters, showcasing his formidable batting ability.

The fourth rank is held by Liam Livingstone of England, who garnered attention during the 2021 season with an impressive six that spanned 122 meters. Livingstone’s exemplary execution exhibited not only his physical prowess, but also his dauntless approach to the sport.

Mark Waugh, a renowned athlete hailing from Australia, established his eminent position within this domain in 1999 as well. In demonstrating his innate capability to surpass the boundary ropes, the individual in question phenomenally propelled the ball a distance of 120 meters through a precisely executed strike, resulting in the attainment of a six.

Among the distinguished individuals featured on this esteemed roster, Yuvraj Singh of India deserves mention for his remarkable power-hitting prowess, as evidenced by his astonishing 119-meter six in 2007. Moreover, it should be noted that MS Dhoni, a notable Indian cricketer, exhibited his remarkable ability to hit the ball forcefully by executing a six that covered a considerable distance of 118 meters during the year 2009. Remarkably, Shahid Afridi once again garners attention in this compilation by successfully propelling the ball a considerable distance, achieving a six of equivalent range in the year 2005.

Finally, it is noteworthy that Chris Gayle from the West Indies, acclaimed for his ruthless batting prowess, has left an indelible mark on the annals of the Big Bash tournament with his prodigious 116-meter six achieved in 2010. The remarkable capacity to generate substantial force and propel the ball significantly into the stands serves as evidence of his exceptional skill.

The significant impact of these awe-inspiring instances emanates from a remarkable combination of exceptional physical prowess, meticulous synchronization, and exceptional skill. Consequently, these monumental sixes not only infuse thrilling exhilaration into matches within the Big Bash League, but also etch indelible memories in the minds of devoted fans for the foreseeable future.

Big Bash League 2024/2025

The Big Bash League (BBL) for the 2024-2025 season is set to undergo significant changes, most notably in the reduction of the number of games. The season will feature 43 matches, down from the 61 matches of previous seasons. This decision is part of a broader strategy by Cricket Australia, following an extension of their broadcast partnership deal with the Foxtel Group and Seven West Media. The new broadcast rights deal, valued at $1.512 billion and extending from 2024 to 2031, aims to accommodate more prime-time clashes and better manage the workload of the players​​​​.

The reduction in matches is also seen as a response to challenges related to viewership and the participation of international players. The BBL has struggled with maintaining high viewership numbers and securing the involvement of top international talent due to scheduling conflicts with international cricket, especially with the Australian team’s commitments. By reducing the number of games, the league aims to enhance the quality of competition and make it more attractive for both players and viewers. The last time the BBL had 43 games in a season was in the 2017-18 edition, and the move back to this format is expected to revitalize the league​​.

The revamped structure of the BBL is part of Cricket Australia’s broader strategy to promote and grow cricket in Australia. The deal includes broadcasting rights not only for the BBL but also for Australia’s home Test matches and women’s international games. It’s a comprehensive effort to enhance the reach and quality of cricket broadcasting in the country, ensuring that fans have access to top-tier cricket content. Cricket Australia and its broadcast partners have expressed their commitment to improving the league and the overall cricketing experience for fans and players alike​​​​.


The thirteenth season of the Big Bash League is scheduled from 07 December 2023 to 24 January 2024.
The Big Bash League 2023/2024 season is expected to host 59 matches.
The Perth Scorchers are expected to be strong contenders for the title.
Ashton Turner and Matthew Short are anticipated to be key players in the upcoming season.
The matches will be hosted in various stadiums across Australia, including the Adelaide Oval, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Sydney Cricket Ground, the Gabba in Brisbane, Optus Stadium in Perth, and the Bellerive Oval in Hobart.
Eight teams will be participating in the upcoming season. These are the Adelaide Strikers, Brisbane Heat, Hobart Hurricanes, Melbourne Renegades, Melbourne Stars, Perth Scorchers, Sydney Sixers, and Sydney Thunder.


The anticipation for the 2023/2024 Big Bash League season reached its zenith as cricket enthusiasts eagerly awaited the commencement of this distinguished event. The tournament, culminating on January 24, 2024, left behind a plethora of unforgettable moments that enriched the storied history of this celebrated cricket competition. The BBL 2023/2024 season was more than just a contest; it was a celebration of cricketing spirit, marked by thrilling matches, stellar performances, and the joy of witnessing cricket played at its finest.

This season, like its predecessors, was a testament to the enduring appeal of the Big Bash League as a premier T20 competition on the global stage. It brought together a blend of exceptional talent, technical skill, strategic thinking, and an element of unpredictability that only T20 cricket can offer. The cricketers, through their performances, not only vied for the coveted trophy but also served as beacons of inspiration for aspiring cricketers around the world. Their dedication, prowess, and sportsmanship were a sight to behold, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of fans.

The fans, with their unwavering support and enthusiasm, played a pivotal role in highlighting the essence of this sporting spectacle. Their cheers and encouragement amplified the excitement and intensity of the competition, showcasing the deep connection between the game and its followers. The BBL 2023/2024 season demonstrated the league’s status as a cradle of cricketing excellence, where talent and passion converge to create a rich tapestry of sporting drama.

As the dust settled and the echoes of victory chants faded, the legacy of this season continued to resonate, contributing to the evolving narrative of the Big Bash League. The memories forged during this season will serve as a foundation for future editions, where new stories will be written, and new champions will emerge, further enriching the league’s illustrious history. The Big Bash League’s 2023/2024 season was a vivid reminder of cricket’s power to unite, inspire, and entertain, setting the stage for the next chapter in this enthralling cricket saga.

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