ICC Champions Trophy 2017

ICC Champions Trophy 2017



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England & Wales,


One-Day International,

Tournament Winner: Pakistan

How Many Runs: 13442 (S Dhawan (IND) 338, RG Sharma (IND) 304, Tamim Iqbal (BAN) 293)

How Many Wickets: 173 (Hasan Ali (PAK) 13, JR Hazlewood (AUS) 9, Junaid Khan (PAK) 8)

The ICC Champions Trophy held in 2017 bore great significance in the realm of cricket, unfolding over a span of seventeen days from June 1 to June 18 at three renowned English stadiums: The Oval in London, Edgbaston in Birmingham, and Sophia Gardens in Cardiff. The tournament adhered to its revised structure, showcasing the foremost eight teams according to the ODI rankings. This particular iteration of the event distinguished itself not only for the high caliber of competition exhibited but also for the unexpected developments that transpired, serving to enhance the Champions Trophy’s enduring reputation as a fiercely contested tournament that frequently confounds prognostications.

Pakistan’s victory in the 2017 tournament was characterized by a narrative of grand and remarkable proportions. Commencing as disadvantaged competitors, they experienced a substantial loss against India in their initial match, merely to orchestrate an extraordinary reversal and ultimately triumph in the championship by overcoming the same adversary in the concluding encounter. The formidable trajectory of Pakistan towards the championship served as a testament to the capricious and exhilarating essence inherent to the cricket domain. Moreover, India’s sustained performance throughout the tournament has contributed an additional dimension to its intricacy, manifesting the subtle differentials crucial in determining outcomes within these esteemed competitions. The 2017 iteration not only accentuated individual performances but also emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts and strategic decision-making in the abbreviated version of the sport. These factors, when combined, significantly contribute to the ongoing fascination surrounding the ICC Champions Trophy.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Venues

City Venue Capacity
London The Oval 26,000
Birmingham Edgbaston Cricket Ground 23,500
Cardiff Sophia Gardens 15,643

The ICC Champions Trophy held in 2017 garnered considerable interest from the cricketing community as it showcased three prominent venues in the United Kingdom: The Oval in London, the Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham, and Sophia Gardens in Cardiff. With respective capacities of 26,000, 23,500, and 15,643 spectators, these venues provided an optimal setting for a riveting competition among the foremost cricketing nations in the world.

The announcement concerning the venues for the tournament was made by the International Cricket Council (ICC) on 1 June 2016, which was notably more than one year prior to the event, thereby affording a substantial duration for adequate preparation. On the 18th of May 2017, the International Cricket Council (ICC) affirmed the appointment of umpires for all matches and venues, in order to uphold utmost standards of officiating. The proficient coordination of the tournament held at these renowned venues exemplified the United Kingdom’s aptitude for hosting cricket events of international caliber, affording spectators with electrifying matches set against a fervent ambiance.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Team List

The 2017 ICC Champions Trophy featured the top eight teams in the ICC ODI Rankings as of the cut-off date, which was six months before the tournament. The teams that participated in the 2017 edition of the tournament were:

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Schedule and Results

Date Match Details Results
1 June 2017 Bangladesh 305/6 (50 overs) v England 308/2 (47.2 overs) England won by 8 wickets
2 June 2017 New Zealand 291 (45 overs) v Australia 53/3 (9 overs) No result
5 June 2017 Bangladesh 182 (44.3 overs) v Australia 83/1 (16 overs) No result
6 June 2017 England 310 (49.3 overs) v New Zealand 223 (44.3 overs) England won by 87 runs
9 June 2017 New Zealand 265/8 (50 overs) v Bangladesh 268/5 (47.2 overs) Bangladesh won by 5 wickets
10 June 2017 Australia 277/9 (50 overs) v England 240/4 (40.2 overs) England won by 40 runs (DLS method)
3 June 2017 South Africa 299/6 (50 overs) v Sri Lanka 203 (41.3 overs) South Africa won by 96 runs
4 June 2017 India 319/3 (48 overs) v Pakistan 164 (33.4 overs) India won by 124 runs (DLS method)
7 June 2017 South Africa 219/8 (50 overs) v Pakistan 119/3 (27 overs) Pakistan won by 19 runs (DLS method)
8 June 2017 India 321/6 (50 overs) v Sri Lanka 322/3 (48.4 overs) Sri Lanka won by 7 wickets
11 June 2017 South Africa 191 (44.3 overs) v India 193/2 (38 overs) India won by 8 wickets
12 June 2017 Sri Lanka 236 (49.2 overs) v Pakistan 237/7 (44.5 overs) Pakistan won by 3 wickets
14 June 2017 England 211 (49.5 overs) v Pakistan 215/2 (37.1 overs) Pakistan won by 8 wickets
15 June 2017 Bangladesh 264/7 (50 overs) v India 265/1 (40.1 overs) India won by 9 wickets
18 June 2017 Pakistan 338/4 (50 overs) v India 158 (30.3 overs) Pakistan won by 180 runs


The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 was the eighth edition of the ICC Champions Trophy, a cricket tournament organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC).
The 2017 edition of the ICC Champions Trophy was won by Pakistan, who defeated India in the final.
The 2017 ICC Champions Trophy was held in the United Kingdom, across three venues: The Oval in London, Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham, and Sophia Gardens in Cardiff.
Eight teams participated in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. The teams were the top eight from the ICC ODI Rankings as of six months prior to the tournament.
The 'Player of the Match' in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy final was Fakhar Zaman from Pakistan, who scored his first ODI century in the match.
Several records were set during the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. It was the first time that Pakistan won the Champions Trophy. Their victory by 180 runs in the final marked the largest margin of victory in any ICC ODI tournament final in terms of runs.
The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 is remembered for Pakistan's remarkable victory, setting several records along the way. It demonstrated the unpredictable and competitive nature of cricket, providing a platform for cricketing excellence and memorable moments.


The 2017 ICC Champions Trophy witnessed a moment of significant importance in the annals of cricket, as Pakistan emerged triumphant over India in a memorable final.

The multi-venue event, hosted at three esteemed locations within the United Kingdom, served as a testament to the worldwide allure and fiercely competitive nature of the sport of cricket.

The exemplary displays exhibited throughout the tournament, culminating in an unprecedented final outcome, emphasised the distinctive allure of the Champions Trophy. The aforementioned event served as a platform for both burgeoning talents and accomplished participants to showcase their aptitude for the sport of cricket. The noteworthy development of Fakhar Zaman as a pivotal contributor to Pakistan’s triumph constituted a prominent aspect of the tournament.

To conclude, the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy served as an epitome of cricket’s commemoration, fostering a gathering of elite teams from various regions across the globe to engage in an exhilarating competition.