ICC Champions Trophy 2009

ICC Champions Trophy 2009



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South Africa,


One-Day International,

Tournament Winner: South Africa

How Many Runs: 10241 (RT Ponting (AUS) 288, SR Watson (AUS) 265, GC Smith (SA) 206)

How Many Wickets: 236 (WD Parnell (SA) 11, SCJ Broad (ENG) 10, KD Mills (NZ) 9)

The 2009 edition of the ICC Champions Trophy represents a significant and noteworthy milestone in the tournament’s historical progression. The competition, which took place between September 22 and October 5, was hosted by South Africa. It is worthy to note that the event experienced a change in location from the initially intended Pakistan due to concerns regarding security. A total of eight nations, having undergone a reduction from the previous edition’s ten participants, engaged in the competition held at the prestigious Wanderers and Centurion venues. Australia effectively defended their championship, an accomplishment that greatly enhanced their status within the realm of cricket. The tournament structure comprised of two groups, each consisting of four teams, which adhered to a round-robin format within their respective groups. This structure ultimately led to the semi-finals and the grand finale.

The 2009 Champions Trophy showcased the fusion of long-standing cricket dominance alongside emerging forces in the sport. Australia maintained their hegemony on the global stage, while New Zealand’s unexpected advancement to the finals captivated attention, thereby indicating the tournament’s capacity to cultivate narratives of teams considered less favored. Individual performances were also noteworthy, particularly those exhibited by prominent players such as Ricky Ponting and Shane Watson, who left a lasting impression on the game. In addition, the tournament received esteemed praise for the exceptional level of organization demonstrated, despite the unavoidable circumstance of a sudden alteration in venue. This event acted as an evaluative gauge for South Africa’s aptitude in hosting international events, a responsibility which it successfully fulfilled with remarkable proficiency, consequently enhancing the international prestige of the ICC Champions Trophy.

ICC Champions Trophy 2009 Venues

The 2009 edition of the ICC Champions Trophy took place at two prestigious locations in the Johannesburg region, South Africa: The Wanderers Stadium and Centurion Park.

City Venue
Johannesburg Wanderers Stadium
Johannesburg Centurion Park

Both of these venues occupy a prominent position within the realm of cricket. The Wanderers Stadium, commonly referred to as “The Wanderers,” is an esteemed cricket venue in South Africa, celebrated for its vibrant ambiance and a playing field that provides an equitable competition for both batsmen and bowlers.

Centurion Park, alternatively referred to as SuperSport Park, is a highly renowned establishment in South Africa that has served as the backdrop for numerous significant cricket matches. The venue is highly commended for its exceptional amenities and vibrant audience.

Hosting the ICC Champions Trophy at the distinguished locales of Johannesburg served to bolster South Africa’s aptitude for accommodating significant international cricket tournaments.

ICC Champions Trophy 2009 Team List

Team Captain
Australia Ricky Ponting
England Andrew Strauss
India Mahendra Singh Dhoni
New Zealand Daniel Vettori
Pakistan Younis Khan
South Africa Graeme Smith
Sri Lanka Kumar Sangakkara
West Indies Floyd Reifer

The 2009 ICC Champions Trophy comprised a lineup of exceptional teams, each commanded by noteworthy captains. Each team consisted of a total of fifteen individuals encompassing batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders, and wicket-keepers. The teams comprised a diverse spectrum of cricket expertise, encompassing squads from the continents of Asia, Oceania, Europe, and Africa.

Australia, under the influence of the compellingly charismatic Ricky Ponting, was widely acknowledged as a formidable contender owing to its illustrious and longstanding reign in the realm of cricket. Under the guidance of Andrew Strauss, England displayed a formidable team composition that combined seasoned players with promising talents, thus accentuating their strength.

India, led by the prominent captain, MS Dhoni, emerged as a highly formidable team due to its optimal combination of proficient batsmen and skillful bowlers. Moreover, to augment the amalgamation of top-tier rivalry, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies, under the captaincy of Daniel Vettori, Younis Khan, Graeme Smith, Kumar Sangakkara, and Floyd Reifer respectively, made notable contributions.

The 2009 ICC Champions Trophy witnessed a compelling competition, as each participating team showcased unique playing styles and exhibited distinct strengths.

ICC Champions Trophy 2009 Schedule and Results

Date Match Details Results
23 September 2009 14:30 West Indies 133 (34.3 overs) v Pakistan 134/5 (30.3 overs) Pakistan won by 5 wickets
26 September 2009 09:30 Australia 275/8 (50 overs) v West Indies 225 (46.5 overs) Australia won by 50 runs
26 September 2009 14:30 Pakistan 302/9 (50 overs) v India 248 (44.5 overs) Pakistan won by 54 runs
28 September 2009 14:30 Australia 234/4 (42.3 overs) v India No result Match abandoned due to rain
30 September 2009 09:30 Pakistan 205/6 (50 overs) v Australia 206/8 (50 overs) Australia won by 2 wickets
30 September 2009 14:30 West Indies 129 (36 overs) v India 130/3 (32.1 overs) India won by 7 wickets
22 September 2009 14:30 Sri Lanka 319/8 (50 overs) v South Africa 206/7 (37.4 overs) Sri Lanka won by 55 runs
24 September 2009 09:30 New Zealand 214 (47.5 overs) v South Africa 217/5 (41.1 overs) South Africa won by 5 wickets
25 September 2009 14:30 Sri Lanka 212 (47.3 overs) v England 213/4 (45 overs) England won by 6 wickets
27 September 2009 09:30 New Zealand 315/7 (50 overs) v Sri Lanka 277 (46.4 overs) New Zealand won by 38 runs
27 September 2009 14:30 England 323/8 (50 overs) v South Africa 301/9 (50 overs) England won by 22 runs
29 September 2009 14:30 England 146 (43.1 overs) v New Zealand 147/6 (27.1 overs) New Zealand won by 4 wickets
2 October 2009 14:30 England 257 (47.4 overs) v Australia 258/1 (41.5 overs) Australia won by 9 wickets
3 October 2009 14:30 Pakistan 233/9 (50 overs) v New Zealand 234/5 (47.5 overs) New Zealand won by 5 wickets
5 October 2009 14:30 New Zealand 200/9 (50 overs) v Australia 206/4 (45.2 overs) Australia won by 6 wickets


The ICC Champions Trophy is a one-day international (ODI) cricket tournament organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC).
The ICC Champions Trophy 2009 took place from 22 September to 5 October 2009.
The tournament was held in South Africa. The venues for the tournament were Wanderers Stadium and Centurion Park, both in the Johannesburg area.
Eight teams participated in the tournament: Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies.
The team captains were Ricky Ponting (Australia), Andrew Strauss (England), Mahendra Singh Dhoni (India), Daniel Vettori (New Zealand), Younis Khan (Pakistan), Graeme Smith (South Africa), Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka), and Floyd Reifer (West Indies).
Each country's cricket board selected a 15-man squad for the tournament. The teams were composed of batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders, and wicket-keepers.
Yes, there were a few player replacements due to injuries. For instance, Brad Haddin of Australia was replaced by Tim Paine following finger surgery.
Australia won the ICC Champions Trophy 2009 by defeating New Zealand in the final.
The coaches of the respective teams were Tim Nielsen (Australia), Andy Flower (England), Gary Kirsten (India), Andy Moles (New Zealand), Intikhab Alam (Pakistan), Mickey Arthur (South Africa), (Sri Lanka did not specify a coach), and (West Indies did not specify a coach).
Detailed scorecards and match statistics can be found on the official ICC website, as well as various sports news and cricket-specific websites.


The ICC Champions Trophy 2009 proved to be a captivating and fiercely contested tournament, wherein eight of the most prominent cricketing nations globally fervently competed for the esteemed championship accolade. The tournament, which took place at the Wanderers Stadium and Centurion Park in South Africa, showcased remarkable performances and indelible matches.

Australia was able to establish itself as the preeminent champions, thereby demonstrating their superior cricketing abilities as well as the multitude of skilled players within their team. The progression was arduous due to the relentless opposition displayed by each participating team. England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and West Indies exhibited formidable teams, which engendered an array of riveting encounters.

The tournament encountered its fair share of challenges and setbacks, as a result of several crucial players having to withdraw due to injuries. Nevertheless, this development provided an opportunity for emerging individuals to attain widespread recognition and exhibit their talents on a global stage, thereby enhancing the cricketing domain with their remarkable achievements.

The ICC Champions Trophy 2009 stands as a testament to the widespread appeal and fervor exhibited in one-day international cricket. The tournament, through its fluctuating and intricate dynamics, underscored the unpredictable and captivating essence of the sport, consequently fostering heightened anticipation among fans for forthcoming iterations.