Commonwealth Games Cricket

Commonwealth Games Cricket


First Tournament: 1998
Last Tournament: 2022
Last Winner: Woman Australian Cricket Team
Best Result: Beth Mooney (179 runs), Renuka Singh (11 wickets)


Women's Twenty20 International,


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The Commonwealth Games, a transnational multi-sport event aimed at fostering competition among the member nations of the Commonwealth of Nations, demonstrates occasional inclusion of cricket—a sport deeply intertwined with the historical connections of the British Empire. The Commonwealth Games, typically linked to athletics, swimming, and gymnastics, incorporates cricket as a testament not only to the sport’s prevalence in multiple Commonwealth nations but also to its cultural and historical importance in relation to the colonial heritage and post-colonial identity.

Cricket’s inclusion in the Commonwealth Games transcends its status as a mere participant in the sporting event, embodying a fusion of age-old customs, fierce competition, and diplomatic exchanges. This collaboration results in a distinctive narrative, wherein participants hailing from nations with interconnected pasts but varying trajectories convene within an environment that accentuates both solidarity and competition. The backdrop of the Commonwealth Games provides an intriguing framework for evaluating the changing role of cricket in contemporary geopolitics and cultural interchanges.

Commonwealth games cricket rules

The sport of cricket has not been included in the traditional format of the Commonwealth Games. Cricket was indeed part of the sporting lineup in the 1998 Commonwealth Games held in Malaysia, specifically contested in the men’s 50-over format. Moreover, plans were made to incorporate women’s T20 cricket into the upcoming 2022 Commonwealth Games taking place in Birmingham.

The upcoming 2022 games will witness the application of the ICC Women’s T20 cricket regulations, which closely adhere to the conventional principles, albeit incorporating certain noteworthy adaptations to suit the abbreviated style of gameplay.

Key rules that are likely to be applicable are:

The duration of a T20 cricket match is typically demarcated by a fixed quantity known as the number of overs, whereby each side is granted a maximum allotment of 20 overs. An over, in the context of cricket, encompasses a set of six deliveries (balls).

The stipulated time allotted for the completion of each innings is 75 minutes.

Fielding restrictions are enforced during the initial 6 overs of each innings, commonly referred to as the ‘Powerplay’. In this phase, no more than two fielders are permitted to position themselves beyond the 30-yard circumference. Following the conclusion of the powerplay phase, it is permissible to have a maximum of five fielders positioned beyond the boundary of the fielding circle.

In the event of a bowler delivering a no ball, which is deemed an illicit delivery in cricket, a free hit is provided as a penalty. During a free hit, the female batsman can solely be expelled from further participation via the act of being run out.

In the event of a tied match, the utilization of a Super Over is employed as a means of ascertaining the victor. In the aforementioned scenario, an additional over is played by both teams, and the triumphant team is determined by the total number of runs scored during this over.

The Decision Review System (DRS) enables teams to contest the judgments made by on-field umpires through the utilization of technological assistance. In each inning, every team is allocated a singular review opportunity.

The manner in which players conduct themselves during a cricket match is of utmost importance, as sportsmanship is highly valued in this sport. Consequently, players may face penalties or be subject to disciplinary actions if their behavior is deemed poor or if they express dissatisfaction with an umpire’s ruling.

The Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) Method is employed as a mathematical means of determining the target score for the team batting second in cases where the game is influenced by weather or other disruptions.

The ensuing guidelines delineate the overarching principles governing the conduct of T20 cricket in the Commonwealth Games; however, it should be acknowledged that the particulars are susceptible to modification contingent upon agreements forged between the International Cricket Council and the Commonwealth Games Federation. To acquire the most current and reliable information, it is highly advised to consult the official websites of the Commonwealth Games and the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Commonwealth games cricket history

Cricket, while not considered a fundamental sport, has been featured in the Commonwealth Games, a quadrennial multi-sport event. The inaugural instance of this occasion occurred in 1998, during which South Africa emerged victorious over Australia by a margin of four wickets in the final match of the Men’s Tournament. The tournament’s matches exceeded a duration of 50 overs, thereby conferring upon them an esteemed status comparable to A-list matches, as opposed to being regarded as comprehensive One Day International (ODI) tournaments.

Following a period of interruption, cricket made a comeback in the Commonwealth Games held in 2022, presenting a women’s tournament on this occasion. The format was modified to Twenty20, featuring a maximum of 20 overs per side and a usual duration of approximately three hours. Australia emerged triumphant in this women’s T20 tournament, substantiating their expertise in this condensed, more dynamic iteration of the sport.

In light of future prospects, the sport of cricket is poised to reemerge in the upcoming 2026 Commonwealth Games with an inclusion of a women’s Twenty20 tournament. Cricket enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly anticipating further information about the forthcoming event.

The Caribbean countries, typically represented by a united West Indies team in international cricket, exhibit a distinctive characteristic specific to multi-sport events like the Commonwealth Games. Instead, these nations engage in individual participation, affording them the opportunity to demonstrate their respective prowess in the field of cricket. In a departure from the customary inclusive representation of England and Wales in international cricket, the England cricket team currently safeguards exclusive representation solely for England.

In the scope of the Commonwealth Games, these delineations serve to enhance the allure of cricket, deviating from the conventional team formations typically observed in international competitions and providing a novel outlook on this time-honored pastime.

Commonwealth games cricket - last winner

Women’s Twenty20 Internationals (WT20Is) in cricket were prominently included as a sport in the prestigious 2022 Commonwealth Games held in Birmingham, England. The tournament occurred during the months of July and August, signifying a noteworthy reintroduction of the sport into the program of the Commonwealth Games.

The competition was characterized by its intense and heated nature, as it solely consisted of a women’s tournament. Australia swiftly gained an initial advantage by emerging victorious in their first two matches of Group A, consequently earning the distinction of being the foremost team to secure a coveted position in the semifinals.

The triumph of New Zealand over Sri Lanka guaranteed the advancement of both New Zealand and England to the semifinals. India became a member subsequent to attaining a resounding triumph against Barbados in the ultimate group match.

In the semifinals, India and Australia emerged as the triumphant teams. India emerged victorious over England by a margin of 4 runs in a captivating encounter, while Australia solidified their position in the final through a 5-wicket triumph over New Zealand.

In the pursuit of securing the third position, New Zealand claimed the bronze medal, surpassing England with a notable victory of 8 wickets in the bronze medal match.

The conclusive competition featured a tension-filled confrontation between the national cricket teams of Australia and India. In a noteworthy demonstration of cricket proficiency, Australia emerged victorious, securing the gold medal, in a closely contested match which saw them overcome India by a margin of 9 runs, relegating the latter to the silver medal position.

Throughout the tournament in Australia, Beth Mooney demonstrated her prowess, emerging as the top scorer with a remarkable achievement of accumulating 179 runs.

In summation, Australia emerged as the ultimate victor in the Commonwealth Games cricket tournament, securing the gold medal in the Women’s Twenty20 competition during the 2022 Games held in Birmingham.

Commonwealth games cricket 2026

The upcoming multi-sport event, referred to as Victoria 2026 or the 2026 Commonwealth Games, is planned to be held across four regional locations within the state of Victoria, Australia. These sites include Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, and Gippsland, with the event scheduled to span from the 17th to the 29th of March in 2026. The inaugural ceremony is slated to take place in Melbourne at the esteemed Melbourne Cricket Ground, while the culminating ceremony is scheduled to be held at Kardinia Park in Geelong​1​.

The forthcoming Commonwealth Games represent the inaugural event following the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and the subsequent ascension of King Charles III in his role as the Head of the Commonwealth on the significant date of September 8th, 2022. Australia has hosted the Commonwealth Games on five occasions in the past, specifically in the years 1938, 1962, 1982, 2006, and 2018.

Commonwealth games cricket 2026 venue

On 12 April 2022, Victoria was officially designated as the host following an intricate two-month dialogue process with the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF). The decision to host the games across various cities in Victoria was undertaken with the intention of highlighting the significance of the state’s regional centers, in juxtaposition to the Melbourne-centric 2006 Commonwealth Games​​. The Victorian State Government has designated a sum of $2. 6 billion for the purpose of executing the Commonwealth Games. This allocation will be utilized for the construction of residential units, establishment of infrastructure, and creation of athlete hubs in all four regional locations​1​.

Cricket T20 is a notable sporting discipline scheduled to be contested within the Commonwealth Games. The preliminary matches will be conducted at diverse locations, whereas the finals will take place at Kardinia Park, situated in South Geelong​1​. Regrettably, the precise venues for the preliminary cricket matches are not enumerated in the accessible resources, necessitating further investigation to furnish said information.


Cricket first appeared on the Commonwealth Games in 1998 in Malaysia.
In the 1998 video games, a 50-over layout changed into used. However, inside the 2022 video games, the Women's Twenty20 format turned into used.
No, the Caribbean countries participate in my view in the Commonwealth Games, now not as a combined West Indies group, that is their traditional illustration in global cricket.
No, the England team most effective represents England, now not Wales, opposite to their common blended representation in international cricket.
Australia won the gold medal in the Women's Twenty20 tournament on the 2022 Commonwealth Games. India took the silver, and New Zealand won the bronze.
Australia's Beth Mooney was the event's main scorer with 179 runs, and Renuka Singh of India turned into the main wicket-taker with eleven wickets.
Yes, the suits are diagnosed by way of the ICC. In the 2022 Commonwealth Games, the suits have been played as Women's Twenty20 Internationals (WT20Is).


The incorporation of cricket into the Commonwealth Games has bestowed a captivating facet upon the event, accentuating the sport’s widespread appeal and the exhilaration stemming from the competitive nature it exhibits. The inclusion of cricket in the 1998 Games held in Malaysia represented a noteworthy achievement, demonstrating the sport’s enduring allure. The subsequent reemergence of cricket in the 2022 Games, albeit within the Women’s Twenty20 format, further reinforces its lasting significance.

The event witnessed noteworthy displays of skill by notable players, namely Beth Mooney from Australia and Renuka Singh from India, which contributed to enhancing the overall excitement. These performances served as a remarkable testament to the considerable level of expertise characteristic of international women’s cricket.

The inclusion of individual Caribbean countries and England in the Commonwealth Games, as opposed to their customary united representation in international cricket, showcases a distinctive facet. This divergence permits the introduction of a novel outlook and heightened rivalry within the domain of athletics.

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